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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Amsterdam - The Capital of Netherlands

Amsterdam is the largest city with a population of more than 750,000 people and it is the capital of the Netherlands. Its principal language is Dutch. It is the most visited city in Netherlands with over 3.5 million foreign visitors annually.

When visiting The Netherlands, it is highly recommended to visit the only public windmill originated in 1847 - The Sloten Windmill

I love Amsterdam! It is such a colorful and vibrant city. The buildings there are multi-coloured, painted in Pink, Blue, Yellow, etc. The place almost look like a cartoon being brought to life! Amsterdam has 8 precious windmills, and I visited their famous Sloten Windmill. The olden wood cracked as I walked up to the roof to see the vast of countryside view with sheeps roaming around freely. It was a beautiful view and a relaxing one too!

The Netherlands is synonymous for its windmills, clogs, tulips, canals, cheese markets, etc. And I was lucky enough to covered almost everything I needed to visit there. I went for their cheese tour and my favourite was their "SMOKED CHEESE". It was easy to eat. Really, even if you hate cheese, you have to try this! "Asking a Chinese man to eat Blue Cheese is just like asking a Caucasian man to eat Durians". I also managed to take their ferry from their countryside back to their city area.

A visit to Amsterdam's SEX MUSEUM is a MUST! Gosh~ Their pictures, sex toys, films, etc.. are reallllyyyy.... EXTREMELY CRAZY!!!! Look at the above photo CAREFULLY. Do you see many dicks? That's what they call, ART. It was my first time seeing photos of people literally PEE-ING on each other during sex.: The Amsterdam Sex Museum also known as "The Temple of Venus"  features erotic paintings, recordings and objects and it is conveniently located just 2 mins walk from the Central Station or 5 mins walk from Dam Square right in the bustling Amsterdam city.

 The drug policy of the Netherlands officially has 4 major objectives:
- To prevent recreational drug use, to treat and rehabilitate recreational drug users.
- To reduce harm to users.
- To diminish public nuisance by drug users.
- To combat the production of trafficking of recreational drugs.

But despite all these policies, coffeeshops in Amsterdam where smoking Marijuana is accepted. On top of that, they even use weed in their pastries, called "SPACE CAKES". They call them space cakes as you would really just space out in a daze. It also makes you really hungry so do not try with an empty stomach unless you want to get gastric pain. As space cakes take quite a long time to hit you, beware of the dangers of getting overdosed by consuming too many "space cakes". Some tourists tend to consume too many and end up in the hospital.

I also visited the Amsterdam Dungeon: which features 500 years of dark history in 11 shows with the use of 7 actors to produce an extremely terrifying experience. Watching people getting tortured was rather horrifying but I shut my eyes most of the time! I can't bear the sight of blood, gore and extreme horror!

Another interesting thing about Amsterdam is that they have earth eco friendly - "SOLAR Powered Rickshaw". We should really have this in Singapore where it is hot and sunny! They provide 30 minutes city tour around the city covering major tourist attractions and historical sites. It's a very interesting mode of transport in Amsterdam city and they help to paint the city bright Red to bring the city to much life!

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