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Friday 4 January 2013

Angela Deng's Birthday Dinner cooked by Langding Ding

It was Angela Deng's birthday and I woke up early to bake her some cute little cupcakes made from scratch. I made blueberry and chocolate cupcakes frosted with white and pink icing. I also bought her a sexy light pink tube dress from Block Out! which she loved so much. Angela has been the best girlfriend I made in University of Sydney. She's been a wonderful friend and I hope she finds happiness! Langding Ding has been kind enough to offer his place for a dinner gathering and he proved to be an amazing chef who cooked very delicious chinese cuisine for us!

I arrived late as the wheels on the Ferrari F360 ran out of air and we had to get to the nearest petrol station to pump the tyres. When I arrived, I was surprised by everyone as they waited by the road with a big bouquet of flowers and a birthday gift - J'adore perfume from DIOR! Such a wonderful surprise! I was very touched as I did not expect them to celebrate my birthday together with Angela's. It was a cosy dinner gathering with lovely friends from University of Sydney and I'm glad to have met them in the same Business Class as me! 

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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