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Thursday 17 January 2013

Cooking Up a Storm in Sydney - Slim vs Curvy?

Unlike most girls who are extremely conscious about their weight and image, I enjoy food. I love trying different types of food and I cannot imagine eating just "One spoon of rice" like some of my slim girlfriends. Some of them even starve and skipped meals in order to stay slim. I admire their discipline and sometimes wondered if I should learn from them? I do wonder if  men are to blame for such extreme measures that women take in order to look attractive to men. The media portrayal of being "slim is beautiful" plays a major role in this body dissatisfaction among women but honestly, do men really prefer a slim to a curvy woman? I guess its up to each individual own preference.

Personally, I am not attracted to a man based on his muscles and physique. I consider a whole list of factors and I believe "chemistry" is the key ingredient. I have never ever considered myself to be slim and I thank God that there are men who still find me attractive! In general, I feel confident about myself because I know my ideal man should love me beyond my looks as looks will fade over time. I strongly believe that beauty is subjective and that there will always be someone out there who is meant for you :)

At a young age, my mum has always told me that "there are no ugly women just lazy women" therefore, I have always taken pride in how I dress and look. I have never ever looked sloppy! It gives me the confidence to face the world especially when people tend to judge you based on first impressions! The good thing about myself is that I take about half an hour to shower, put on my outfit and make-up before I head out everyday. Unlike some girls who try many outfits before deciding on one, I tend to plan what to wear and just put it on and "go". This saves time and I do not make anyone wait too long. I tend to be always on time whenever I meet my friends too! I'm quite sensitive to the concept of time and always aim to be on time. I believe time is precious and I always felt bad if I am slightly late. My friends would have realized this by now as I do get upset if they are more than 1 hour late! We should all learn how to respect each other's time.

No matter how you resist the superficial world that we live in, you can't change the fact that people are naturally drawn to good looking and confident people. I guess that's how the term "POWER DRESSING" came about... I used to work in Human Resource and I must confess that my bosses do hire better looking people by looking at their photos on resumes especially in client-facing roles or sales positions. So make sure you put the "best" photo on your resume!

Ever since I moved to Sydney, I have picked up cooking by reading cook books, online recipes and watching Youtube videos. It is impossible to eat out everyday as it can be expensive and boring. An average simple meal in Sydney cost around Aud15 without any drink. A casual restaurant meal can cost around Aud20+ and a more luxurious meal in nice restaurants can cost easily Aud50+ per person. I personally avoid eating Fast food but a Macdonald's meal cost approximately around Aud8.

I cook on a daily basis in order to pack lunch box to school and sometimes for work. I am working on a casual basis in order to gain some work experience and to learn new things. I even babysit children sometimes! The casual pay in Sydney is attractive at around Aud20 an hour. I still remember I only got paid around Sgd5-7 an hour when I worked part-time in Singapore. However, even though salaries are higher in Australia, the tax here is much higher. Despite living in Sydney for more than 1 year, I still prefer Singapore as my family and friends are all there. I also miss working for Standard Chartered Bank Singapore as my colleagues are the best people I've ever worked with in my entire life! They are like family to me and the work environment was the best among all the 20 companies I've ever worked for. I guess I am hardworking from young as I was not born with a silver spoon. I came from a humble background and I always thank God for giving me a wonderful life and have never taken things for granted. I believed God has always watched over me and given me great blessings!

For those who know me well, I enjoy working and I'm kinda a workaholic. I started working at the age of 16, working part-time in different companies and giving tuition to young children. I went for many job interviews and also applied for many internships. Altogether, I have worked in more than 20 companies such as Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, American Express Bank, Citibank, Citigold, OCBC Bank, Recruit Express, Raffles Hotel Group, Shangri-La Hotel, The Fullerton Hotel, The Capital Group Companies, SONY Wisma Atria etc. I must say I have learned a great deal of new knowledge, skills and most importantly, social skills. While most people enjoyed their holidays, I was working hard and I benefited greatly. After graduating from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a degree in Sociology and New Media & Communications in 2008, most fresh graduates were unable to get a job but I was offered several jobs due to previous work experience and excellent relationships with previous employers. My advice to young students, be pro-active and look for internships during your holidays.

I never thought I could cook or bake as I hardly cooked in Singapore. It was just too convenient to eat out and my parents usually cook for my family. My parents are excellent cooks! Below are some amazing dishes I have cooked so far. If I can cook so can you! Cooking is not difficult but it can be rather tiring and tedious. Chopping up ingredients can take up a lot of time especially the peeling of carrots, potatoes etc.  I love Asian cuisine above all types of food and I also baked cute little cupcakes on special occasions! I enjoy cooking and love baking especially when those who consume my food sing praises on how delicious they taste! I am confident to say that I can cook now!!! :)

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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