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Wednesday 16 January 2013

TRAVEL - Sara Shantelle Lim Flying BUSINESS CLASS on Singapore Airlines to Bali, Alila Villas Uluwatu, Infinity Pool, Ku De Ta Bali, Potato Head.

Sara Shantelle Lim Flying BUSINESS CLASS on Singapore Airlines 
to Bali, Alila Villas Uluwatu, Infinity Pool, Ku De Ta Bali, Potato Head
Flying Business Class to BALI, Indonesia - A Relaxing Retreat :)

As a striving entrepreneur, my hours are hectic and my work load is over whelming. Being a workaholic, I constantly work from around 10am to 3am for a period of around 1 year. It was tiring, but I was passionate to build my beauty business and I enjoyed every single bit! 

My best girlfriends - Cindy Li, Karen Gian and I decided to head to Bali to recuperate and find inner peace away from the bustling Singapore city. Within 24 hours, I planned and book my flights and hotel stay. I was really happy that both my girlfriends were able to agree to go on a last minute trip to Bali, which was decided within 24 hours which was so random!

We took a direct flight on Singapore Airlines to Bali. It was a short and sweet flight. Singapore Airlines only have Business and Economy Class seats to Bali. We took Business Class, and we were lucky that we managed to sit altogether, although we booked our tickets so last minute. A Businesss Class air ticket on Singapore Airlines cost about SGD1300.

We were invited to the Kris Flyer Business Class Lounge. The lounge was beautiful and the food was served in a buffet style. There were plenty of food and drinks at the buffet counter. There were quite a lot of variety of food and drinks, there were mainly Chinese and Western food, and there was both Hot and Cold Beverages. They also serve all the different types of alcohol - Red and White Wine, Gin, Whiskey, Vodka, Baileys, Beer, etc. As a typical workaholic, I took out my most trusted Sony laptop and worked with my PA while we waited for the Boarding Gate to open.

The flight was really comfortable as my precious girlfriends took care of me really well! They were wrapping me up with countless of blankets and pillows as I was afraid of the cold. We had a lot of fun on board the flight and Business Class seats were very comfortable!

Alila Villas Uluwatu Bali 

We stayed at Alila Villas Uluwatu, it was recommended by my girlie, Cindy~ It was heavenly! It was one of the best villas to stay in Bali! Everything was elegantly designed in Zen style with many white and woody furnishings. Poised on an elevated plateau that meets with limestone cliff sweeping down to the ocean, the view from the Alila Villas is nothing less than picture-picture. This is exactly what I needed! Thanks Cindy, for the fantastic recommendation! It was a luxury villa stay to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility!

Below are their seasonal rates for this particular 1 bedroom villa that we stayed in, it is a MUST-GO for Honeymoon or couples who seek Romance! Book a room: We paid about USD1400 a night for this villa stay. Expensive but it was worth it!!!

We booked 2 Villa rooms: 1 Bedroom Villa with Pool. The land space of this Hotel is pretty huge, a "Buggy ride" was needed to get us to our villa rooms. When we stepped into our villa room, we were amazed! We found 1 king size sleeping bed, 1 king size window bed, 1 sun bed outside by the poolside. In total - 3 huge beds! Then I thought to myself, "Wow! This 1 bedroom villa can actually fit 6 adults and they can still sleep super comfortably!"

The Toilet is amazingly HUGE too! With 2 sinks, 2 showers: 1 indoor shower and 1 open air shower, 1 bath tub, 2 closets. I love it!

We arrived at Bali pretty late, so we decided to stay in for the night. We ordered room service with Champagne. The food was good, we ordered chicken curry, pizza, salad, etc. We had a hearty meal before we slept.

The next morning, while Cindy and I were waiting for Karen to wake up, we lazed by our villa's pool. We chilled at the Sun Bed just outside our villa. There, Cindy did her power Yoga moves, while I took photos of her in her sexy bikini. 

Suddenly, a strange intruder - Monkey appeared! We screamed and scrambled back into our villa. Locked every windows and doors as quickly as we could. City girls - would never get used to wild monkeys running among us. But that monkey meant no harm. I guess just he was just thirsty. He sat there for awhile, looking around, ate my biscuits and drank our pool water. Hope the monkey does not get a tummy ache after drinking the chlorine water!

When it was time for lunch, Cindy and I decided to check out the Hotel's restaurants, while Karen went for a SPA treat. At Spa Alila, the path to well being is holistic and intuitive. Trained in anatomical physiology, massage, mediation, and service, their local therapist combines the latest organic nutrition and health knowledg with warm and genuine care. Karen loved her Alila Spa experience!
Book Alila Spa:

We went to The Warung for lunch. The Warung presents wholesome traditional Indonesian and Balinese fare. Indoor and outdoor dining is provided in this sophisticated space. The friendly and convivial atmosphere allows us to have a casual and laid back experience. We chose to settle at an outdoor hut, whereby our food was served to us, by their friendly waiter in full Balinese costume. Every hut includes a thoughtful set of skincare products. The one that I liked best was their Mosqitoe Repellent cream, it smells really nice. It was made of Citronella plants. Citronella plant is a Natural Insect Repellant.
The Warung:

After our sumptuous meal, we decided to have a little dip in the Alila Main Pool that was facing the open sea. The view was amazing. Hotel service was excellent. The moment we settled down at the poolside beds, COLD towels, chilled bottled water and dry towels were served by a hotel staff with a huge wooden basket.

We went to the famous KU DE TA for dinner in the evening. The Alila Hotel butler arranged and made all reservations for us. The Taxi ride there was only around 15 minutes.

The place was fairly nice. They played good music. We were seated quite far away from the beach, as our reservation was pretty last minute. It was sheltered, but not air conditioned. So it was a little warm for us. Service was pretty okay, but could use a slight improvement. Business was good for them, as it is one of the most famous place known to tourists. Karen order curry fish for dinner, while I ordered squid ink pasta and Cindy settled for a mixed seafood dish! Food was average.  

After dinner, we moved on to the beach to have enjoy some sea breeze. It was definitely way cooler here as there was no blockage from the walls of the restaurant. Karen and Cindy enjoyed their 3 bottles of Champagne while I detox-ed with some Hot Water with Honey. Cindy and I decided to go barefoot at the beach, the sand was soft and nice. Running around the sand, gave us an instant and effective foot exfoliation  That is a little beauty secret to have a nice soft feet!

The next day, we tried another highly recommended place: THE POTATO HEAD. Now, this is what I call a REAL Beach front restaurant and chill out place. It is new, fresh and hip! The place is extremely well designed. The building is circular, whereby the east and west side diners would face the POOL in the middle that is facing the sea front. We were lucky to have a seat closest to the sandy beach. The view was amazing, the food and drinks were fantastic!


Cindy and I arranged a mini surprised for Karen's Birthday. She was so touched she teared a little. Before I knew it, Champagne bottles kept coming as my 2 girlies were in high spirits. I continued with my Hot Honey, determined to detox. hehe~ Pretty and well prepared Cindy, was smart~ She even brought light sticks to party with! Goodie!!

After 3 bottles for Champagne, we decided to head back to our Hotel Villa. There, Cindy and I arranged another birthday surprise for Karen. Karen's dining table was filled with roses and strawberries and Champagne. But due to the first 3 bottles they had at Potato Head, Karen took at least 10 seconds to notice and react to the surprise. Haha~ She was so touched, she literally cried and fell down to her knees. Lovely Cindy, bought her a Hermes Twilly scarf. Karen loves Hermes!!!

There we continued party at our Villa Pool. We threw all the rose petals into the pool and danced our way through the night. The next morning, rose petals were still found in the pool water. We had fun!

The next day, it was time to pack up and leave for home. It was a really amazing time for us! It was also flattering that some people came up to us to compliment how beautiful 3 of us looked together in our long beach dresses! We will do this again soon! It was fun to hang out just 3 of us girlfriends together in Bali. Away from the city, Bali Indonesia provides peace, tranquility and romance for couples! Bali is so beautiful indeed and a highly recommended place for a short getaway or retreat!

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Sara Shantelle's Birthday Bash 2014
worth more than SGD$40,000 of sponsorship
Club Altimate @ 1-Altitude (1 Raffles Place)
8-10PM. Cut Cake 9.30PM. 


Blogger Sara Shantelle Lim's S$40,000 Birthday Bash
Club Altimate at 1-Altitude
Featured on 2 June 2014

Thank you!! YAHOO! NEWS SINGAPORE, for covering my Birthday Party!
This video looks damn awesome!! Cheers!!

Sara Shantelle Lim's SGD$40,000 Birthday Bash
Club Altimate at 1-Altitude

This video is made by Billy Yuen by Vzuall Studio Productions
Billy Yuen -

Thank you to my talented Friend - Billy Yuen for creating and sponsoring this cool and amazing video taken on the night of my Birthday Party held at Club Altimate. It is definitely an excellent video to capture the wonderful memories I had with all my family, relatives, friends and sponsors. If any of you need videos for events,corporate,campaigns,viral videos or wedding, I would highly recommend that you contact Billy Yuen :)

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Little Sister - Sara Shantelle Lim.


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