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Tuesday 15 January 2013

TRAVEL - Sara Shantelle Lim Flying FIRST CLASS on Singapore Airlines to San Francisco America - The Private Room at Singapore Airlines & St Regis Hotel San Francisco

TRAVEL - Sara Shantelle Lim Flying FIRST CLASS on Singapore Airlines 
to San Francisco America 
 The Private Room at Singapore Airlines & St Regis Hotel San Francisco

I would like to share my Singapore Airlines First Class Experience with my friends and loved ones. A First Class ticket from Singapore to San Francisco cost around SGD15,000. Expensive but highly memorable! The Singapore Airlines First Class service was immaculate from the moment I stepped out of my car till I landed. Most Singapore Airlines flight leaves from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

Gate 1 is specially designed and reserved for First Class ticket holders. The moment I stepped out of the car, the Concierge Service rolled a trolley towards my car without any delay. The Bell Boy picked up all my bags and guided me to their exclusive First Class Check In Lounge. The baggage counter officer tagged my checked in luggages with a PRIORITY TAG. This is special First Class Passengers' privilege to be able to retrieve their bags before others traveling on the same flight. This saves precious time as I do not need to wait very long to collect my bags after landing.

There is also a separate Passport and Customs channel that is only reserved for the First Class passengers to go into the Departure Hall. It is situated at the end of Terminal 3 just right across the First Class Check In Lounge, nearer to Gate 1 and the Coffee Club Cafe. 

As a First Class Passenger, I was invited to Singapore Airlines Lounge. There are 2 separate lounges for the VIPs of the airlines: First Class and Business Class Passengers. The First Class Passengers would be invited to Singapore Airlines: THE PRIVATE ROOM. It is definitely exclusive and the VIP treatment was highly enjoyable! When I walked into The Private Room, the door lady who viewed my ticket, greeted me by Miss Lim

The Private Room is huge, spacious, and filled with many Computers, Magazines, Newspapers, etc. Unlike the Business Class Lounge where there would be a buffet spread for Business Class passengers to take their own food and drinks, The Private Room has a certain level of class, whereby a butler would greet, serve you and attend to your needs in a very polite manner. I was given a choice to sit in the lounge area or the fine dining area. I chose to have some fruits and coffee at the dining area before my flight. I was able to relaxed and get served by a butler in pure comfort and bliss.

Time passed really quickly when you are enjoying the great service and ambience of the Private Room. When it was time for boarding, I was informed by an officer that my "BUGGY RIDE" was here and was ready to send me to the Boarding Gate. It was a fun experience as the cold wind blew against my face as we zoomed passed all the other passengers walking to their gates. I enjoyed the buggy ride to my gate and like the fact that I did not have to walk instead.

When I reached the Gate, the First Class passengers were invited to board the plane before the rest of the Passengers, next it was the Business Class passengers, then the PPS - Priority Passenger Service, then the Economy passengers. So everything ran really smoothly, without much time wasted.

The moment I stepped into the Plane, the IFS - In Flight Supervisor greeted me by Miss Lim. It is a form of recognition, which is only done in First Class and Business Class. The great news about taking First Class is that we not NOT limited to just 1 cabin bag. First Class passengers are allowed 2 Cabin Bags, 1 Handbag and 1 Computer Bag. And the best thing was, I was able to put these bags under my seats. It was easy for me to retrieve my items during the flight. Most Business Class seats on Singapore Airlines, do not have such leg room for passengers to sit comfortably if they were to put their bags under the seat, there was Limited LEG ROOM.

The moment I settled down, Champagne, newspapers and magazines were served and a sleeping GIVENCHY "PYJAMAS" and Bedroom Slippers were given. I was also given a personal KIEHL'S Toiletries Bag, which includes a body lotion, lip gloss, facial foam, facial toner, etc.

Before the plane took off, the pretty stewardess asked me for my Supper choice.

The food served was delicious. I choose to have their beef served medium rare. The rest of the food was really delicious too! Cheese and Desert was served as well. I chose to have Red Wine to complement my Beef and Port to together with my cheeses. Somehow, no matter how much I drink, the glass would never go empty. That was because the attentive cabin crew would always top up my wine glass each time they serve a new dish and take time to check whether my glass was empty.

First Class Service was at its optimum level. I watched endless amount of movies in that extremely long flight, that includes a short 1 hour Transit in Hong Kong before we moved on to San Francisco. This is when the ground staff would clean and vacuum the plane back to its pristine order before more passengers board the plane from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

For breakfast, I choose to have their Oriental DIM SUM Meal. It tasted delicious too! There were not many passengers in First Class. I noticed the old man seated beside me had 2 little stuffed toys to accompany him through the flight. Pretty strange but very cute right? :)

Before I landed into San Francisco, I handed out a Token of Appreciation for their service to the whole set of Singapore Airlines cabin crew. It is a Tradition that cabin crew usually practice when we are being served as passengers by other fellow colleagues.

I gave each of them my SaraShantelle Black Bamboo Bar - which is a unisex product suitable for both men and women. It is retailing at S$29 at Clariancy Outlets,, SASA Cosmetics & It maybe used for ultra sensitive skin, and even Eczema skin. Babies may also use this bar of soap. It may be used as a Head to Toe - Hair, Face and Body wash. People with pigmentation skin, may also reduce their freckles, as this magical bar of soap lightens scars and old age spots too. Of course, like all my other beauty products, it smells deliciously good!

When I arrived at San Francisco, I stayed at The St Regis Hotel Suite. The room had a paranomic view. It was spacious and elegantly designed. There was a walkway to enter to the private suite, a dining area, the living area, a huge bedroom and a huge bathroom with 2 sinks, 1 big bathtub and 1 shower area. It was cozy and I felt comfortable having such a lovely hotel suite to myself. I was able to lounge around the spacious suite and work on my laptop comfortably. 

Soon, it was time for me to return to Singapore! The San Francisco Airport lounge is NOTHING compared to Singapore Airlines First Class and Business Class lounges. It was just a STAR Alliance lounge whereby the food and drinks were pretty limited. On the way back, the IFS was really kind to help me take a photo that I needed to submit to (WTF) for the "Who's that Hottie?" interview article. 

Overall, traveling First Class on Singapore Airlines was the ultimate VIP experience that is truly memorable! This short business trip has been a rather fruitful one as well :) Visit for more information about my own company today!

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