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Tuesday 8 January 2013

The Victoria Room Tea Salon - Westfield Pitt Street Mall

My girlfriend Stefanie Lin introduced me this lovely new high-tea place at Westfield Pitt Street Mall called The Victoria Room Tea Salon ( conveniently located on the 4th level Designer Gallery. The tables were filled with pretty ladies relaxing over a fragrant cup of tea after retail therapy! It's such a beautiful tea room to hang out with girlfriends! I ordered a China Sencha tea and it was served in a very pretty teapot! If you don't feel like having tea, you can order a sparkling glass of Champagne or Rosé instead :)

The English inspired luxurious tea salon was elegantly decorated with parisian furniture and they featured a menu filled with decadent selection of teas and sweet delicacies. Chef Joe Gambacorta's menu featured light lunch bites, scones selection, specialty teas and even oysters! Stefanie recommended that we tried the Rose Scone out of the 10 different scone selection and my my, it tasted heavenly! It was baked to perfection as it simply melts in your mouth. A highly recommended place to unwind after a busy day of shopping at Westfield especially for fashion enthusiasts!

Special thanks to Stefanie Lin who has been an awesome girlfriend who treated me to lunch and high-tea as my belated birthday present! Love you to bits :) The next treat is on me!!!

Some interesting facts about drinking tea:
1. Oolong tea is effective in preventing aging
2. Green tea being rich in anti-oxidants helps to prevent allergies, arthritis, reduce risk of strokes, tooth decay, diabetes, depression, bad cholesterol levels and even weight loss!
3. Black tea lowers risk of heart disease by preventing blood clots
4. Loose tea leaves are better than tea bags with higher anti-oxidants
5. White tea has the best anti-cancer properties

Guess which is my favorite??? It's GREEN TEA!!!

Before we went for tea, we had a quick lunch at Yama Japanese Cafe located at Queen Victoria Building. They served interesting food such as Green Tea Fish and Chips but I still prefer the traditional sushi lunch sets. I love the Queen Victoria Building and I frequent there for the lovely cafes and shopping! They have beautiful big clocks with interesting clock works too! It's a must visit in Sydney City.

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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