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Thursday 10 January 2013

Visiting England - London & Brighton during Mardi Gras: Gays & Lesbians Event

Visiting England during Mardi Gras (Gays & Lesbian Event)

I love musicals! Whenever I travel to London or New York, I look forward to catch one of their musicals. I watched Billy Elliot the musical. It was extremely good and touching. The little boy was a great actor and talented dancer. Tickets pricing start from 19.50 pounds, and the most expensive is selling at 85 pounds.

I visited the London Eye, Big Ben, London Dungeons, Buckingham Palace, and some of their local markets and cafes. Now, I wouldn't want to blog about those places, I think that blogging about their Gay events are much more interesting. 

My favourite restaurant is L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. It is a 2 Michelin Stars restaurant located at London's - Covent Garden. This award winning restaurant offers a choice of counter or table seating. Simplicity, imagination and unrivaled quality top the bill. I really love the idea that every single Joel Robuchon restaurant has the same Red & Black themed concept and design. They are my favourite colours. The restaurant had dim lightings to create a relaxing atmosphere for the comfort of all their guests. 

My girlfriend, decided to take me there! We chose to sit at the counter top so that we can enjoy watching the cute French chefs work on their master piece. They were really friendly, they gave us quite a few complimentary side dishes, and even gave us a tour of their kitchen. Aren't we lucky?

Our favourite dish was their ice cream which was served in a "Glass Ball". But fact is, it isn't glass, but it looks like one. It was actually a layer of shiny sweet covering that looks like glass, but it is edible. I think it might be made of caramel. 

I also met my other very close girlfriend, Nicole, to catch another musical in London. It was my second time watching Wicked The Musical and it was probably her third time. We absolutely loveeeee Musicals! Wicked was very entertaining. Their Green costumes, voices and dance moves were amazing. We also had our portrait drawn at the Madison Square in London. That was where we managed to grab really Cheap Last Minute musical tickets at a really Low Price.

My girlfriend Rachel and I went to a London Gay Club and tried a shot of Absinthe, also commonly known as the "Green Fairy". It is referred to in historical literature as "la fée verte". Absinthe has often been portrayed as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug. The chemical compound thujone, although present in the spirit in only trace amounts, was often blamed for its harmful effects. By 1915, absinthe had been banned in USA, Europe, France, Netherlands, etc.

A lot of people have the misconception that Absinthe is banned or illegal in Singapore due to its high alcohol content. But I have found 5 Bars in Singapore whereby you may try this drink. It is distasteful, but many people still enjoy drinking it. There is even a bar in Singapore named after this drink: Absinthe Bar.
List of the 5 Bars that carries Absinthe:

The streets of London are constantly filled with carnivals and parties. One of my favourite was their GAY & LESBIANS Mardi Gras Event. The streets were filled with colours and people dressing up in all kinds of costumes. People were dressed in bright neon colours and many were dancing on their roof tops. The whole experience was refreshing as everyone was merry and in high spirits. Rachel and I continued Gay Club Hopping for the rest of our day. I must say, Gay Clubs are way more happening than the usual straight clubs. It was an exciting and interesting club hopping experience.

Brighton is known as the GAY Capital of England. The little shops and houses there are brightly painted in many different bright neon colours. They have the highest gay and lesbians population. It is a very colourful neighborhood with many interesting Sex Shops and Sex Cafes. 

Mardi Gras events promote their pride in their choice of sexuality. Mardi Gras events have 3 main premises.
1. Gay people should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity.
2. Their sexuality is a Gift.
3. Their gender identity are inherent and cannot be intentionally altered by social expectations. 

In our globalized world, many societies are becoming more and more open/liberal. Mardi Gras events have been celebrated in many other countries such as in Sydney etc.

London is my favourite city to watch musicals and plays. Another thing that I love about England is that, the men there speaks with the Queen's English. Men who speak perfect English in British accent are simply charming to the ladies...what do you think?

Little Sister - Sara Shantelle Lim.

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