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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Why I LOVE my Job: The Official Making of SaraShantelle SkinCare Photos and Videos (behind the scenes & hilarious video bloopers)


A lot of my friends wonder, why am I such a workaholic? Well, the honest truth is that I love my job! It is really fun and exciting, and I get to work with my close friends. Being an entrepreneur, it means that I have to do almost everything on my own. This includes choosing my own Models and Brand Ambassadors, arranging and organising their Photoshoots and Videoshoots. These photos and videos are then edited and officially used on websites and magazines advertisements. 

DAY 1 
Official Photo & Video Venue - Tanglin Home

We also took quite a few videos, this Hilarious Blooper Cut was one of them. 

A big thank you to my "brother" - Timothy Yap and his friend Kin, for taking all these photos for me. Their hard work and dedication really helped me out a lot in my striving new business. Timothy and Kin have their own photography business: do weddings, birthdays, fashion events, food & beverages, products, etc, photo taking.

Blackwater Photography
Tim - 90687869 or Kin - 90690505

DAY 2 
Official Photo & Video Venue: Shangri La Hotel & Apartments

Stephanie J Tan really impressed me with her awesome modelling skills. I spotted her on the plane and approached her when she flew from Los Angeles to Singapore. She was bubbly, confident, beautiful and have a great personality! We exchanged numbers and I managed to convinced her to be my Official Ambassador. She is currently studying in UCLA - University of California Los Angeles.
Stephanie's Full Profile:

Jae Leung has always been in the acting and music industry. He has his own EP, MTV and is currently in Hong Kong further pursuing his dreams. He discovered his passion for entertainment at the age of 17, when he won Warner Music's Super Idol Competition in Singapore in year 2012 and represented Singapore to Taiwan to compete with other contenders all over Asia, finishing Top 13. During his 3 years training with local music veteran Roy Li Fei Hui, he also picked up film producing and studio producing technique. In 2007, Jae entered Singapore's first Song Writing competition on national television 'S-Pop Hurray!' and became the top 12 Finalist with is catchy and unique composition “蚊子咬咬”(Mosquito Bite). He also acted in numerous Mediacorp channels and quickly became a regular face in many Royston Tan's short films, such as, 'Anniversary'. Jae is also active in Theatre productions like the 'Match in the Ring', 'To Kill a Mockingbird', and 'December Rains'.
Jae's Full Profile:

Another video was also taken on this day. I think we took this video at least 50 times, before we finally settled for this "Fun Home Made" Video to be used on my website.

Official Photo & Video Venue - My girlie Belle's House

Rebecca Louise Burch is my best friend since we met in CHIJ Katong Primary school. We were seated next to each other in class, we lived across from each other's street, we took Speech and Drama lessons together and were the only 2 girls that played basketball at our neighbourhood court. We did everything together back in the school days. She is extremely talented in composing her own music and writing her own lyrics. She has been performing in many places including the Esplanade and is currently singing at FIVE at Hitachi Towers. Rebecca's voice is angelic. You may follow her on YouTube and she is a rising superstar in Singapore.
Rebecca's Full Profile: 
Rebecca's YouTube channel:

Rebecca videos were very well done as she is also a Speech and Drama teacher. This was one of her videos. I always admire how she speaks really good and precise English! Wish I could speak like her.

These were some of the chosen Official Photos that were used for 
Websites & Magazine Advertisements.

SaraShantelle Official Ambassador: Rebecca Louise Burch (Singer) England

SaraShantelle Official Ambassador: Jae Leung (Singer) Hong Kong

SaraShantelle Official Ambassador: Stephanie J Tan (Model) Los Angeles

Recent SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Therapy) Reviews
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Ah Boys to Men Actress Bong Qiu Qiu and Actor Noah Yap (IP Man) 
SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR~ 

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The cast consist of quite a few famous New Media YouTube characters and Bloggers:
New Actor: Joshua Tan as Lead Character Ken Chow.
YouTube Vlogger: Noah Yap as Man in Ping aka IP Man. 
YouTube Vlogger: Tosh Rock Zhang as Sergeant Ong.
Famous Blogger Qiu Qiu as Ken Chow's teenage girlfriend. 
Geitai Singer: Wang Wei Liang as "Lobang" Lee Onn.
Famous Politcally Funny Blogger: Mr Brown as Army Captain.

Bong Qiu Qiu using SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR during Chinese New Year 2013

"Like me i bring it around with me during Chinese New Year visiting. You know lah, the weather has been driving people mad. First you get the scorching hot sun, then it rains and it becomes so humid. This makes me feel so refreshed!" - Bong Qiu Qiu. - 


Vlogger: Noah Yap loving SaraShantelle No. 1 Head CPR (Oxygen Therapy) at WETILICIOUS Fest.Asia Beach Party at Sentosa Wave House, organized by DJ Nicole Chen. 

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I thank all of you for believing in me and supporting me in building up my very own business :)

Little Sister - Sara Shantelle Lim
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