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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Experiencing Gold Coast Surfers Paradise via FlyScoot (Direct Flight).

Recently, I flew to Gold Coast via Scoot! It was my first time flying with SCOOT - a budget airline that is a subsidiary company from Singapore Airlines. I was truly amazed with how spacious their seats were. The Scoot Economy seats have the SAME LEG ROOM as Singapore Airlines Economy seats. It was decent and comfortable especially for the good price we paid. Overall, it was a really good deal!

The differences between SCOOT Economy and Singapore Airlines Economy Class

Scoot Economy: No CMIV (Television), but it is replaced with an IPAD Tablet - Extra Cost: SGD$20 It is filled with around 10 Hollywood English movies, and another 10 International language movies, around 5 kiddy games. If you have your own IPAD, you may tap into their scoot movies at SGD$15.

Scoot Economy: You would need to purchase your "Food" and "Check In Luggage" preferences. Food is charged at SGD$15 and a "15KGs Check In Luggage" is charged at SGD$30 - SGD$35 each. If you choose not to purchase your meal together with your ticket, you may do so, on board itself. There is a food and beverage Menu, whereby the food and drinks are sold at quite a reasonable price. They even sell Häagen-Dazs ice cream at SDG$6 too!

I spoke to the cabin crew on board that day and found out that they do earn a commission from selling the food and drinks, the movie tablet, their wireless, etc.  That's interesting!!!

Scoot Business Class: I realized that their seats, did not have much difference from their economy seats. But to "Last Minute" Upgrade to Scoot Business Class, it cost around SGD$150 or AUD$99 more. I personally feel that Scoot Business Class is not worth the money as the Economy class seats are pretty good already. 

Outriggers Hotel Surfers Paradise

I stayed at Outriggers Hotel at Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast. It was a 4 Stars Hotel, costing me around AUD$150 a night on average. The room have 2 Queen Size beds, it was really spacious. Every room has a balcony that is facing the swimming pool. I can see the beach front on the left side of the balcony. It is a pretty good hotel. The only thing was that the Concierge staff service could be improved as they usually leave the front counter unattended.

Australian Shooting Academy
Pistol Shooting

On the first day, I was all excited! I walked down towards the Entertainment Area, that was only 10 minutes walk from my hotel. There's bowling, shopping, restaurants, pistol shooting, surfing, skate boarding, vintage photography, etc. I decided to try pistol shooting! I have never held a real gun filled with real metal bullets in my hands before. I played Competitive Counterstrike, when I was younger, and I loved it! So Pistol Shooting has always been on my "To-Do-Check List"

This is the cost of shooting. It isn't cheap. But I had to try it! I would say, I did pretty well as a first timer. I managed to hit all my 25 bullets onto the piece of paper. Not too shabby! And I had 9 bullets within the Inner Bold Circle. Don't you think I can aim and shoot pretty well???
Australian Shooting Academy:

OUTBACK Horse Performance
3 Course Dinner (free flow of wine/beer)

Outback Horse Performance - the whole concept is really pretty cool. When you walk into the place, you would need to hand them your online ticket. Next, they would issue you a coloured hat. There were 2 teams either the red or the yellow team. They have pre-dinner drinks served at the bar and a cow boy singing to the countryside tunes. This is also the time, whereby we would be able to take photos with their horses and sheep dogs. 

After about 30 minutes, they led us into their Main Dinner Hall. There were rows and rows of seats circling the performance in the middle. The seatings were really cool. Imagine the Singapore Indoor Stadium concept, its rows and rows of seats of different levels, all surrounding the middle stage. Dinner was a 3 course meal, an appetizer, a BEEF Steak main dish, and a creamy mousse desert. The beef was cooked at its best - Medium Rare. The show was about the history of Phar Lap - Australian's most outstanding horse, which have won many awards and made Australians proud. Their horse stunts was so-so. Overall, it was an okay experience. Not that impressed by the show, slightly draggy, not recommended for the young ones, might be too historical and boring for them. 

OUTBACK Horse Show:

Surfers Paradise Beach Front

The next day, I walked around the beach, collecting sea shells, enjoying the sunlight and cold breeze. It was a little chilly, despite the heat from the sun. It was summer, but I still felt a little cold. The sand literally glitters like GOLD when the sunlight shines onto it, no wonder, they named it Gold Coast. There was a sand sculpture competition going on that day, of which, most of the competitors, sculpted animals. The food in Australia, generally cost quite a bit. But I managed to find this beach front restaurant that have a buffet breakfast at AUD$14++. They served the usual English Breakfast and they have Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice, etc. 

The next day was Valentine's Day! I went to check out their super markets. The place was filled with colourful and lovely cupcakes! I realised that Australia's food is really expensive. An apple there cost at least twice the amount we get in Singapore. 

Dracula's Cabaret & Human Zoo
3 Course Dinner + Show
(This is a SUPER MUST-GO)

In the night, I went to Dracula's House. It was the best dinner experience I ever had. When you enter the gate, you would be welcomed by Vampires and Draculas. They would then lead you into a cocktail bar where the place was filled with skeletons and really scary looking people! The bar served really artistic and bloody looking smoking cocktails. Next, we took a scary train ride to the main dining hall. The train ride, is a short 1 minute thrill ride through a scary trail. It cost AUD$88 for each person. Interesting way to spend the night! 

Very interesting food were served for dinner. My favourite was their dessert, its was a chocolate COFFIN. All the waiters and waitresses were also dressed as Vampires and Draculas. They were super fun, talkative and scary all at the same time especially when they took our dinner order. Service was excellently entertaining and frightening! We had a choice of main dish - Chicken, Beef or Lamb

The show was very entertaining! They had rock hard metal music playing, while they performed all the funny sex jokes and dance acts. It was seriously the best night I've had in months. Amazing! At the end of the dinner and main stage performance, the band moved to join the bar and we had drinks and hung out with the actors. Before leaving, we purchased all their scary looking gifts from their souvenir store. I bought some skeleton wine cups and some eye balls that glows when it rolls around the floor. 
Dracula's 3 Course Dinner:

Water Sports 
Jet Ski + Jet Boat

Daddy and I coming back.. On the Jet Ski~ 

I love speed. I love fast cars. I love Jet Skiing! I decided to go jet skiing. It was way better than jet skiing in Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, etc. Imagine speeding on the jet ski non-stop at 70km/h from Singapore Changi to Singapore Jurong, then make a U-turn back to Changi. It cost around AUD$160 for a 45 minutes Jet Ski Ride

I did the jet boat ride the next day, it was extremely thrilling too! It was an amazing experience. I loved every second of it~ It was worth every single cent! There are a lot of different places that provides these water sports. It is a must do if you go to Surfers Paradise. I love Gold Coast. I will definitely go back there, for a week, to learn how to surf and skate board!

Safari Jet Ski:

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