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Saturday 30 March 2013

FINE FOOD: HY California by Hidemasa Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands

HY California by Hidemasa Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands

HY California is a Japanese style food mixed with an American twist. Enjoy their original sushi creations mixed with a California taste and infused with a Singaporean touch. Indulge in their Flamed Broiled Burger by the Marina Bay water front and enjoy the view of the Singapore Art & Science Museum, while you relax and sip your wine through your dinner in the beautiful colourful night skyline. 

ArtScience Museum 

The ArtScience Museum is the world's first ArtScience Museum and is located at Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort in Singapore owned by the US Las Vegas Sands company. It was opened on 17 February 2011 by our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

The architecture is made in a form of a Lotus Flower, designed by the architect Moshe Safdie. The ArtScience Museum is anchored by a round base in the middle, with 10 extensions which is referred to as "fingers". This museum has 21 gallery spaces with a total of 50,000 square feet. 

Fun Fact - Did you know?
Rain water is harvested and collect in the center and bottom of the building, flowing through its bowl-shaped roof into a reflecting pond at the lowest story of the Lotus. The rain water is then recycled in use for the building's washrooms. 

 HY California

After attending a Mediacorp TV Connect seminar, my trusted and amazing Arishia and I decided to go for some dinner and drinks. It was a super hot day, so we had some refreshing cocktail that was made of Redbull. They had a whole beverage menu filled with Redbull cocktails. We sat at their outdoors table, as the view of waters in front of us was beautiful  We enjoyed our dinner while we watched some people jogging around that area, while some couples stroll around that place. It was a romantic place with all the colourful lights shining from the different buildings infront of us. 

I had some Red Wine together with the meal. We had their Gourmet Sushi Rolls, ranging from SGD$26 to SGD$36 for each serving. Each serving could only feed a girl on a diet. Its advisable to go there with more friends, so you can order more and try their different variety of Sushi Rolls. 

My favourite dish, was their Beef Sukiyaki, which was served in a hot stone pot, served with Tofu, and Mushrooms. Arishia's favourite was their Mango Pudding was a very delicious desert at end our dinner. Most people like to go there for drinks after dinner too, due to its very relaxing outdoor view.

HY California is just a teaser to Hidemasa Yamamoto's Fine Dining Restaurant, also located at Marina Bay Sands, called HIDE YAMAMOTO. It is located on the second floor of MBS. Hide Yamamoto is one of the 2010 Global Chef Award Recipient. Its multi-concept 128 seat restaurant has 4 completely different menus and experiences. That's one restuarant that I'll visit really soon!
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