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Sunday 31 March 2013

RUSSIA - The Red Square

RUSSIA - The Red Square located in the heart of Moscow City is famously known in the 20th Century as the site for official military parades demonstrating to the World the might of Soviet armed forces. The Red Square also has a brutal and bloody history as on 24 June 1945, 200 Nazi standards were thrown in front of the Lenin Mausoleum and trampled by Soviet Commanders mounted on horses in celebration of their victory over Nazi Germany. It is a fascinating place full of history and interesting buildings to visit.

The Moscow State Historical Museum - An imposing building opened in 1894 in an attempt to mark the coronation of Aleksander III. It is also the fruitful result of a 20 years long project to consolidate various archaeological and anthropological collections into a single museum to tell the rich history of Russia. The building architecture is impressive and was built by famous architect Vladimir Sherwood. The museum houses a rich collection of ancient Russian historical artifacts, paintings, court costumes, Scythian gold figures and others amazing art pieces. Official website at

The Kazan Cathedral - This small and intimate cathedral was built in the 17th Century to commemorate the repulsion of Polish invaders and in honor of the Virgin of Kazan. It famously house the holy Kazanskaya  icon which is a symbolic protector of Russia. Many Russians and visitors visit this place to light a candle as a sign of respect and tribute to the Virgin of Kazan.

The Resurrection Gate and the Iberian Chapel - You will enter the Red Square through these 2 huge arches and the steel gates. On the gates there are many sacred portraits and icons that are believed to have powerful and miraculous healing powers. This is Moscow's most sacred site where many people and even the Royal family bow down and pray. Icons of the Iberian Virgin have been reported to have cured the sick with its miraculous powers and even tourists and visitors travel from afar to come here to pray.

The GUM Department Store - The most famous shopping mall in Russia due to its large land area and being situated in The Red Square. Rows of exclusive boutiques and international retailers will keep you busy the entire day if you are keen for some shopping. I bought a few dresses from ZARA as they had a major sale and some Russian gifts to bring back home to Singapore for my family and friends. Official website at

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