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Thursday 7 March 2013

Wagaya Tapas in Newtown, Sydney

Wagaya Tapas in Newtown - This chic Japanese restaurant has just been newly opened on 15 Jan 2013 and it has created quite a buzz with their reasonably priced delicious Japanese dishes designed to share among friends. Their food is fresh and delicious and I love the beautiful sleek design of the restaurant. The wooden tables and clean design creates a rather zen atmosphere. This restaurant definitely stands out from other restaurants in Newtown as one that prides itself with quality food, service and restaurant ambience. I enjoyed dining here with my classmates from University of Sydney. We tried many dishes together and were impressed as the food taste really yummy! Service was fast and efficient as order was taken by clicking an Apple iPad for tech-savvy customers. We were in the midst of ordering and was delightfully surprised when the first item we ordered arrived! That's how fast and efficient their service was! Simply Amazing!!!

We ordered several dishes to share. Their hotpots (Nabe) soup which cost around AUD12 each was sweet and their ingredients were really fresh. The lightly grilled Salmon Sushi (AUD9.90) was grilled to perfection as their simply melt in your mouth. Their large selection of sushi rolls were delicious and we were really spoilt for choice! The Potato and Pumpkin Gratin (AUD8.90) was a unique dish and the melted cheese tasted heavenly! Personally, I love the Seaweed salad (AUD6.50) as it tasted tangy, refreshing and hearty! Japanese Seaweed salad is a healthy dish that is packed with nutrients like fiber, vitamins and iron.

Check out their website at and you can make reservations online to avoid the long queues at their restaurant. It can get pretty crowded at times and it is no wonder why! They have a large selection of interesting cocktails where you can order a drink based on your Birth Stone. I loved the Iced Green Tea Latte (AUD4.90). Other unique drinks include "Cinderella Blue Moon", "Tequila Sunrise", "First Love", "Ninja Turtle", "Kamikaze Blue", "China Kiss" etc. Their drinks looked really pretty! With such funny drink names, I guess you can laugh and drink at the same time. What an intelligent way to entice and delight customers! Check out their entire Drinks menu at

Address: 1/239 King St, Newtown (climb up the stairs)             Phone: 1800-924-292

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 

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