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Thursday 18 April 2013

Chang Beer presents Muay Thai Singapore Challenge 2013

Last weekend, I received a very exciting invitation to watch hot hunky men fight to win the Muay Thai Singapore Challenge. It was held at the Coliseum Hard Rock Hotel Resorts World Sentosa on 13 April 2013. It started at 7pm with reputable fighters from all over the world who came specially to compete. The top finalists from "The Challenger Asia" and 5 of our very own Singaporean Muay Thai fighters took part as well. There were 13 fighters in total. 

Our Singaporean fighters included Mohd. Azhari, who won the fight heads down, just in the second round. All the other Singaporean fighters like Zay Yar Oo, Ian Koh, Challi Bassina and Chai Kao Quan, fought through all 5 rounds, some winning and some losing.

These were the fighters for the night. 

This Muay Thai Challenge 2013, was to promote Muay Thai Anti Drug (MAD) awareness supported by the World Muay Thai Council and the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur. 

Chang Beer was one of the organizers for this event. Selling their beer at a cheap S$5 per cup. It tasted really refreshing in the open air Coliseum at Hard Rock Hotel. 

It was a really interesting event for me. I have never seen people fight in a real life before. Watching people or boxers fight on television seems so fake and staged. I really enjoyed this event as you can literally see hot pespiration dripping off the boxer's body and hair from the impact of their punches. Following the Thai tradition, each of the Boxer's have to perform a "dance ritual" before they would fight each other. I was lucky enough to take a photo with one of the winners of the Muay Thai Challenge. Overall, it was a unique experience!

There were tickets selling at S$128, S$88 and S$58. I had 6 complimentary tickets from my parents. I managed to drag my friend Jeremy, at the very last minute, to join me for this event. 

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