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Sunday 14 April 2013

My dog - Prince Royale is looking for a Female Mate

Prince Royale - Our Japanese Spitz - I'm back in Singapore and many friends have been asking me about my lovely dog. Prince Royale is a pure breed Japanese Spitz who is adored greatly by my family and friends. It has grown to be really big compared to when we first bought it where it could fit into our handbags. My whole family love Prince Royale a lot and we take great care of him!

We have been taking Prince Royale for walks in the gardens 2 times a day. We send him for proper grooming about 1-2 times a month. Initially, we fed him with dog food, changed to organic vegetables and now we included boiled chicken breast so that he grows up to be healthy and strong.

Look at Prince Royale. He is no longer skinny and scrawny. He looks much healthier now compared to when we first bought him from Pasir Ris farm. We also pamper him with many toys and his favourite is playing fetch with the colourful balls and tennis balls. He is a very smart and obedient dog!

I also bought him 2 white rabbits that can move around and they do drive him crazy and excited. My mum bought a red long necked duck that quacks each time he bites it too. Prince Royale has brought great joy and laughter to my family and we love him very much.

We are currently looking for a female Japanese Spitz to mate with him. Please contact us if you are interested as we would love to have some puppies!

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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