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Monday 1 April 2013

RUSSIA - The Moscow Kremlin

RUSSIA - Moscow is home to the most billionaires compared to any other place in the World according to a recently published rich list. According to Forbes, Moscow is ranked number 1 as the top Billionaires city with 84 billionaires in 2013 worth a total of over $366 billions up from 74 billionaires in 2012. Moscow beats New York, followed by London and Hong Kong which tie at the third place. More info at


I visited Moscow recently and was totally in awe of how beautiful the country was with their unique architecture and ancient historical sites. It striking beauty and diversity creates a magnificent capital filled with affluent Russian culture and history. Depending on the dates you travel, I traveled by Singapore Airlines where an Economy return ticket costs approximately around SGD2700 and the total travelling time is only about 10.5 hours. A Business Class return ticket costs around SGD7500 if you prefer to travel in greater comfort.

The Moscow Kremlin - One of the main tourist attraction is the Moscow Kremlin which sits in the heart of Moscow and is one of the most important and most famous historical and political landmark. Behind the high concrete walls are cathedrals, palaces, government offices and museums where some of them are open to the public for visit. As the entire land area is huge, it is highly recommended that you are familiar with the map before visiting as many tourists tend to get lost and confused. Furthermore, most Russians do not speak or understand English and it was rather difficult traveling around on my own. More info at their official website

Since 1991, the Kremlin is the official home to the President of the Russian Federation and the place is highly guarded with strict levels of security. Be prepared to allow guards to search your bags before entering this place and photos are strictly not allowed inside some of the museums.

The Tsar Cannon - This is the World's largest cannon which has never been fired before. It is more than 5 metres long, has a calibre of 890 mm and weighs more than 40 tons. The bronze cannon was created in 1586 by eminent Russian cannon-caster Andrei Chokhov. The Tsar Cannon is a unique item in the Kremlin's Artillery Collection.

The Armoury Chamber - This world wide known museum is a treasure house filled with precious Russian artefacts, largest collection of gold and silver ware by Russian craftsman, ceremonial tsar's vestments and coronation dress, vestments of the Russian Orthodox churches hierarchs, Russian ceremonial weapons and arms, royal state treasures. No photos are strictly inside and it is highly recommended to get an English speaking guide for the tour inside to learn more about each historical item.

Inside the Armoury Chamber Museum 
The State Diamond Fund - Situated in the same building as the Armoury, this Diamond Chamber is run by the Ministry of Finance. Inside this exclusive place house Russia's most expensive state jewels and largest diamonds in the World. Originated from Peter the great, all these jewels are strictly not allowed to be sold, altered and given away. Highlights of the collection include Catherine the Great's coronation crown, World's largest Sapphire, The famous Orlov Diamond and several exquisite Faberge eggs.

An interesting note is that The Moscow Kremlin was made famous by the movie Mission Impossible 4 - The Ghost Protocol where a bomb blew up the Kremlin and Tom Cruise was knocked unconscious.

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