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Monday 1 April 2013

RUSSIA - The St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - The St. Basil's Cathedral also known as the "The Cathedral of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God" standing in the middle of the Red Square is an iconic landmark of Moscow. The interiors of the Cathedral were beautifully decorated with gold relics and other treasures related to the history of this building. The building consists of 9 chapels built on a single foundation.

Right at the entrance of the Cathedral, there is the famous Statue of Minin and Pozharsky. This statue commemorates Prince Dmitry Pozharsky and the butcher Kuzma Minin, the leaders of the militia which repelled the Polish invasion of 1612 during the peak of the Time of Troubles. They were the unlikely heroes that saved Russia from Polish invasion. The statue is Russia's first monumental sculpture. It is designed by architect I. Martos and erected in 1818.

The cathedral was built in the 16th Century was in fulfillment of a vow by Czar Ivan the Terrible as a monument to his victory over the Kzan Khanate. Popular legend was that Ivan the Terrible made the architect blind after the construction of this building so that he would not build an equally beautiful architecture elsewhere. Until today, there is much controversy about the history of this monumental building as historians argue that much of its history are purely urban folklore.

The St. Basil's Cathedralofficial website at
It is located in the RED SQUARE and is open daily from 11am-5:30pm except on Tuesdays.

Inside The St Basil's Cathedral, I found a miniature of the much celebrated architectural building. The lovely interiors of the building were decorated with many floral and geometric patterns as well. I saw many golden treasures and ancient historical paintings depicted from the bible. I love how the domes look like colorful onions which makes the building appear vibrant and brought to life! It really stands out in the middle of the Red Square in Moscow city. The riot swirls of colors and shapes create an artistic and fantasy feel of this iconic landmark. This is a must visit attraction in Moscow, Russia!

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