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Friday 31 May 2013

TEST-DRIVE - The Launch of Mercedes Benz New E-Class :)

Mercedes Presents their New E-Class at Mercedes Cycle & Carriage Show Room

Mercedes New E-Class 

- it's greener, better-looking and it's safer!

The E200 Elegance - SGD$247,888 (with COE)
The E200 Avantgarde - SGD$257,888 (with COE)

FUN FACT: Optimum Consumption Figure: 5.8 Litres per 100km (135g/km of CO2) 

I was invited to the Mercedes-Benz Cycle and Carriage Showroom for the Launch Party of the new Mercedes E-Class. It took its one step closer to higher efficiency and ecology, with their new, powerful BlueDIRECT four-cylinder petrol engines featuring sophisticated direct injection technology. It is fitted with an ECO start/stop function and is highly effective. The new E-Class has a full anti-fiction bearings to be used in a petrol engine and switchable water pump. This car also uses the world's first stratified lean burn process in combination with exhaust-gas turbocharging and external high-pressure exhaust gas re-circulation.

What's so interesting??? The car has so many cameras and sensors that it is able to warn you when you drive the wrong way into a 1 way street or when someone is gonna hit you at your rear end. There is also attention assist that warns you if you are about to fall asleep on the wheel. BAS Plus brake assist system identifies pedestrians and slam the brakes when you are able to hit someone. There is also Active Parking Assist that identifies parking spaces, backs into them and applies the breaks. The drive need not steer, throttle or brake and let the car do the parking.

Test Drive: My friend and I "Test-Drove" the New E-Class, it definitely has a new level of luxury and comfort.

More info on the new Mercedes E-Class at its official website -

Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe
My Dream Car
Estimated Price: Slightly below SGD$800,000 (with COE)

Fun Fact: SLS AMG speed is close to the highest wind speed on the hurricane scale used in USA.

SLS AMG Coupe is one of my favourite cars, apart from the Mercedes SLR. One day, I will get myself this car. I love Mercedes. I am currently driving a Mercedes SLK, and I would be very happy to stick to Mercedes as my favourite brand of cars. Their logo is simply classy and elegant. Their model designs are quite complimentary to the ladies. 

SLS AMG Coupe is famous for its Gullwing doors and its outstanding driving dynamics with puristic design and has won many awards. An impressive design deemed super futuristic by almost all car lovers. It has a V8 front-mounted mid-engine, holding the world's most powerful standard-specification 8-cylinder nationally aspirated engine. It is enhanced by a lightweight aluminium frame and ex expendable rear aerofoil released at speeds above 120km/h. It has the furnished hand sewn nappa leather and its dash board is known to resembles a cockpit. 

Mercedes C63 AMG
Estimated Price: SGD$384,888 (with COE)

The Mercedes C63 AMG is a slightly bulkier car if you compare it to the SLS AMG Coupe, but it is still a beauty. It is usually compared to a BMW M3 Sedan or the Audi S4, but it is still by far deemed as the most ferocious car. It uses a 6.2-litre V8 engine and powerful 443 lb-ft of torque and 451 horsepower. It is a beautiful car, but I'm still in love with the SLS Gullwings

It was very nice meeting Mercedes-Benz Senior Manager - Willie Neo. If you guys want to get a Mercedes, find him there. I am sure he would quote you a very good price for a beautiful car. 


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