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Tuesday 14 May 2013

VIP Guest of Singapore Polytechnic Graduation 2013

VIP Guest of Singapore Polytechnic Graduation 2013 

(S.Lecturer Aznan, SP Director Reginald Wee, Sirius Director Eugene Wong, Sara Shantelle, Course Manager KH Tang, Deputy Director Ms Wong)

I was very happy to attend Singapore Polytechnic Graduation 2013 at the Singapore Main Auditorium Hall as a VIP Guest. It was a good ceremony, it reminded me of my school days that I had, when I was schooling there. I am currently in the SP Alumni and I work together with the school for many collaborations. This time round, I've made a donation to one of the top graduates of Singapore Polytechnic. It is just a small token of money, to inspire and to help youth to strive hard to do perform well in school, based on both academic and creativity. 

It was a pretty good experience, the school indeed made me feel very VIP. Just a few days ago, the school sent me an invitation letter and a VIP Carpark Label with a map, to get to the exact location. The moment I drove through the Gates of Singapore Polytechnic, the road marshals, directed me to the VIP Carpark, where the lots were reserved for the distinguished guests of honours and directors of the school. Before, I stepped out of my car, a student from the "Ambassador of Singapore Polytechnic" greeted me at the door and escorted me to the Main Auditorium. 

There were about 300+ graduates today and the main hall was huge. I thought I was early, when I came at 9am, the graduation ceremony was suppose to start at 9.30am. But when I entered the hall, most of the seats were already filled with proud parents and graduates in their ropes. After the ceremony, the school directors, top graduates and VIP guests were escorted to a reception where we mingled and took some photos. 

I was introduced to a Senior Lecturer, called Aznan. He is a really cool lecturer, who speaks the same lingo. He made me feel at ease, while we were attending the ceremony. He shared with me the new programs that are currently being offered at the school. His students must love him, I can tell that he is a very fun lecturer who is really up-to-date with all the current fashion/car events that are happening in Singapore.

Senior Lecturer Mr Aznan 
Business Innovation & Design

I also met my Senior Lecturer, Mr Tang, who was the one who invited me down to this ceremony. He used to lecture me when I was studying in Singapore Polytechnic Business School. Still looking good there Mr Tang. Thank you for the invitation.

Course Manager Senior Lecturer Mr Tang
Business Administration

I was also delighted to know the Founder and Director of Sirius Venture Capital, Eugene Wong. He is the man that made the PARADISE Group grow from Defu Lane, into an international brand. They also invested in AJISEN RAMEN, and grew their franchise from 70 stores to 700+ in China. He believes in ever learning, hence, he continued his studies in Oxford, Harvard, etc. I must say, I have a lot to learn from him. I was also very honoured to know the Director of SP Business School, Mr Reginald Wee, who is a really bubbly individual who cracks a lot of jokes. A very jovial and heart warming person. I also met Deputy Director, Miss Wong, who was absolutely lovely. I also met a few other lecturers who were very very friendly. It was very nice meeting all of you. 

Little Sister - Sara Shantelle Lim
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