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Friday, 14 June 2013

SYDNEY - Ferrari Club Australia Sunday Drive to Woy Woy :)

SYDNEY- Ferrari Club Australia - I flew to Sydney for 2 days just to attend the Ferrari Club NSW Sunday Drive to Woy Woy which is about 1.5 hours away from Sydney City. It was a beautiful Sunday where there was ample sunshine yet cooling at the same time. I enjoyed the relaxing drive in our Ferrari F360 Spider. I love this car as it is really a perfect combination of beauty and power. This gorgeous car has a phenomenal sound and spine tingling performance. It is also much easier to drive compared to a Lamborghini.

The agreed plan was for all Ferrari Club members to meet at the Old Toll Gates at Berowra and my sincere apologies to all for being the last one to arrived. We kinda got lost along the way as we are still pretty new to Sydney compared to the rest of the Aussies. Most of the time, we only hang out in Sydney City where we live at Townhall and only drive out of the city to explore occasionally. It was a beautiful sight to see all the Ferrari car owners gather and drive along the road together.

We drove over amazingly beautiful lakes, higher mountain terrains and long expressways at high speeds. It was nice to drive over long distance without having the need to stop at many traffic lights. The destination chosen was a nice and cozy restaurant called Yum Yum with spectacular views of Hardys Bay waters and boats. The food was simply delicious and the Hot Mocha Coffee at the nearby cafe was excellent too!

It was an enjoyable Sunday brunch and coffee where I managed to catch up with my Ferrari Club friends who love beautiful cars and we discuss the next short holiday to Hunter Valley in July 2013. You could tell all of them love Ferrari as some of them were dressed in Ferrari jackets, polo tees and a lady was also wearing a sexy yellow Ferrari top. Having none of those, I dressed in a red dress! I was kinda sad that I did not managed to join the previous Ferrari Club event as I was in Singapore working as each lady received a custom made Gold plated Ferrari Necklace which featured the Ferrari's famed Prancing Horse! It was specially made by a well known Jeweller exclusively for Ferrari Club members.

During this trip, we also drove to check out a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder but I didn't quite like the Performante stripes as I thought it was too loud. I prefer cars that are original without any major modifications as I think they look much better and classy. What I love most about this Lamborghini is its carbon fiber Alcantra steering wheel and the comfortable leather seats with yellow stichings. Anyhow, it is really difficult and rare to find a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in Australia and it has been months since we have been looking to buy one. Hopefully, soon...

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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