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Friday 21 June 2013

Happy Birthday Cindy Li & KK - 3 Course Dinner at The Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore Mezza9 & Martini Bar

Happy Birthday Girlies!
The Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore 
Mezza9 & Martini Bar
Leopard Print Birthday Theme

(Sara Shantelle, Cindy Li, KK, Iris Choy)

I was very happy to celebrate an early birthday dinner for my closest girls, Cindy & KK, yesterday. My amazing girlfriend Cindy Li and I met each other when we were flying in the airlines. Every year, we would surprise each other with crazy birthday treats~. This year, her request was, (I want many many many candles!). So, I prepared 2 birthday cakes for 2 wonderful birthday girls - Cindy Li & KKAs you can tell, we were in a leopard print theme yesterday. Cindy even brought a kitty's head band. 

In order to ensure that the cakes are in perfect conditions, I went down to collect the cakes in the afternoon and dropped them off at Hyatt Hotel's big fridge for cool and safe keeping. I requested from the cake shop, (I need many many many candles)! The aunty gave me a shock look. She thought I was joking. I was not! I was suppose to fill up the whole cake with candles, based on their ages. 

We had a 3 course dinner at Mezza9Before, desert were served, the whole team of waiters prepared the birthday cakes for me. They needed to use a huge torch lighter to light up all the candles. It was hilarious! Using a small lighter to light the candles one by one, just took too long. By the time, the last one gets lit up, the first one is probably burnt into a tiny one.
Mezza9 at Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore:

I gave Cindy and KK each a Aromatic Lamp Diffuser for their birthday present. It meant to help them breathe better and fresher air in the crazy haze. 

I love you girls! Friends Forever Always~ Hugs!

Little Sister - Sara Shantelle Lim
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  1. I am pleased to hear you all had a pleasant experience at Mezza9. We look forward to welcoming you again very soon.

    Warmest Regards

    Massimo Zaretti
    Operations Manager