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Monday 17 June 2013

Mad About Cars: Bentley GT Speed - What's the difference between a Bentley GT and a Bentley GT SPEED?

Luxury Car
Bentley Continental GT 6.0 Speed Automatic
Price Tag: SGD$909,000 
Bentley Continental GT 4.0 V8 Automatic: SGD$707,000
(Parallel Imported Prices)

What's the difference between a Bentley Continental GT and a Bentley Continental GT Speed?

Price Tag
The price difference of SGD$909,000 to SGD$707,000 = SGD$202,000. 
(Prices based on Parallel Import only)

Peak Power of 625PS, this new Continental GT Speed is currently the most powerful two door car in the Bentley Continental family line. A Bentley GT Speed uses a 6.0L W12 Turbocharge Engine, instead of a V8 Twin Turbocharge Engine. Its lion heart produces 552bhp and reaches 0-100kmph in only 4.8secs. An impressive feat as compared to the Bentley Continental GT tipped the scale at a nudge below 5,200lbs. A revised Electronic Stability Programme calibration, top with the new chassis tune and lowered suspension ensures stability during high-speed cornering. 

Exterior Design
This two door coupé is able to seat four people comfortably, even over long distances. With 21 inches wheels and lowered suspensions, darkened grille and front bumpers, you would expect it to be amazingly fast. It is an all-wheel-drive transmission, with its weight of 60:40 ratio in favour of the rear, assuring stability all year round, be it rain or shine or flood. It is a real world super car, not  a track racing car. It is a car that could go devastatingly fast, yet it is super smooth and comfortable, even for kids. 

The front and back of the car, shows a roundish classy head lights. This car is huge and luxurious and is suitable for both male and female drivers. It is very easy and comfortable to drive, as compared to a Lamborghini, as the handling is much smoother. Its super formed creases and wind-carved lines are sleek, sexy, yet fierce looking. The large inner headlight, muscular power line and matrix grille represents a darker side to the marque's character. In Black, it gives a very mysterious feel to its audiences.  Its engine tone sound is deeper and more menacing. 

Interior Design
Luxury cars are made to customization. It is spacious on the inside, with very intricate hand-crafted leather stitchings, from Burr Walnut to Dark Tin Aluminium. After choosing the primary and secondary hide colours of your choice, you may choose to have contrast stitching, to have a different coloured thread to add contrast to the seats, doors, rear panels, centre console and all arm rests. Cross stitching is usually preferred. 

The English Bentley Continental GT Speed uses Swiss Watch Maker Breitling as their time piece. It is a very good match between the UK and Switzerland. Both brands of which represents class and pristine. Breitling offers certified Chronometers in all models. Their watches are usually oriented towards:
1. Diving (SuperOcean)
2. Aviation (Navitimer)
3. Luxury (Breitling for Bentley)
The styling of Breitling watches are characterized by polished cases, bracelets and large watch faces which are designed to improve readability.

Personal Review: I love this car, it is very smooth and extremely comfortable. The seats are soft and comfy, I could sleep in it. Despite hitting 180km/h on a Singapore road, it feels only like 80km/h when you are in the car. It does not give the scary G-force effect like a Lamborghini or Ferrari. But if, you are a speed lover, who likes to feel the thrill of a super car, get a Lamborghini or Ferrari! :) My next post would be a Ferrari review. Stay tune~ 


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