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Monday, 29 September 2014

Mad About Cars: Most Expensive Car in Singapore - The Koenigsegg Agera S Hypercar costs SGD$5.3 Million!

The Fastest and Most Expensive Car in Singapore
Koenigsegg Agera S Hypercar
Price Tag: SGD$5.3 Million

SINGAPORE - The fastest and most expensive car, Koenigsegg Agera S Hypercar was sold to Ms Angela Tan, 38, wife of Denis Chua, 40, on 15 June 2013. With a Top Speed of 420km/h and a newly developed horsepower of 1,040 twin power engine, it was revealed to 200 VIPs and guests at a private event recently at Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Hotel.  Founder of Koenigsegg Automative AB - Mr Christian Von Koenigsegg also grace this exclusive event. This beautiful hypercar was unveiled by Motorway Group of Companies which is appointed as the official distributor, a pre-owned luxury specialist and rental car company.

It was hand crafted in Sweden, with 4,000 hours of workmanship. It has a horsepower of 1,040 twin turbo. There are only 4 of this super ultra exotic car in the world. 3 in Asia and 1 in America. It is apparent that Asia is experiencing high growth and people are getting more affluent.

Only 4 Koenigsegg Agera S Hypercars Worldwide

1 in Singapore
2 in Hong Kong
1 in America

According to the Singapore Land Transport Authority, a new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that was sold last month cost about SGD$1.47 million, while a new Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB cost around SGD$1.19 million and a Lamborghini Aventador cost around SGD$1.27 million. Singapore has the most expensive cars in the world. Thanks to our high traffic and lack of land and high government taxes on luxury cars. Owning a Supercar in Singapore is extremely costly.

Sara Shantelle Lim dressed in a striking Blue Dress and Chanel Heels to match 
the beautiful Koenigsegg Agera S Hypercar in Singapore

Curious on how Singapore's most expensive car sounds like? Read more about the 1 and only Koenigsegg Agera S HyperCar that cost SGD$5.3 million on my luxury blog. There are only 4 of such cars in the world. 1 in Singapore. 2 in Hong Kong and 1 in America. 

Click on the Video to listen to how amazing the engine roars...

This is how the Koenigsegg Agera S Hypercar Key looks like! Beautiful in gold!


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