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Tuesday 18 June 2013 is a proud official sponsor of Racer Ni Weiliang - Asia Race Team for AFR Assault 2013 is a Proud Official Sponsor of Ni Weiliang
Asia Race Team for AFR Assault 
Zhuhai International Circuit
June 15th and 16th 2013

Ni Weiliang WON 2nd & 3rd place on the Podium

Ni Weiliang posing with SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Therapy) which he used during his competitions.

Asia Racing Team are pleased to announce that 17-year-old Singaporean driver Ni Weiliang will be joining the team for the AFR Series Round 5 & 6 at the Zhuhai International Circuit on the June 15th and 16th as the youngest driver on the grid.

Ni Weiliang will make his motor racing debut this weekend at the wheel of a Pakelo powered Formula Renault alongside team mates Leo Wong and Thomas Luedi.

The St Josephs Institution International School student exchanged his pen and paper for a steering wheel on the Zhuhai circuit for his first race on Saturday 15 June, and admits the excitement is already building.

Speaking ahead of the weekend, the driver sponsored by Razer, Hyflux, Mencast, Rude De Jeans, SaraShantelle, Atara, Negative Motion, FES International, Alpst, Web Solutions Singapore, Synocraft and SMSA said “It's going to be pretty nerve wrecking getting on the grid for the first time, but this experience will help me develop as a driver. The Formula Renault car is a great drive, the AFR Series is very competitive, and I’m doing it with a competitive team.”

Team Manager Philippe Descombes add, “Everybody's got a realistic expectation. Weiliang is just giving his first steps in the sport and this is going to be a learning race weekend for him. He improved a lot over the last few test days in Zhuhai. I know both he and the team are very keen to build on that further with the benefit of a little more time and experience.”

Ni Weiliang and Asia Racing Team will take part in two free practice sessions on Friday, followed by one Qualifying and Race 1 on Saturday. A second 10 lap race will conclude the weekend at 15.30 local time on Sunday.

I am very happy to announced that Ni Weiliang did Singapore proud. Not only was he the youngest racer joining the team for the AFR Series Round 5 & 6 at the Zhuhai International Circuit, he won 3rd place on Day 1 of his race, and 2nd place on Day 2 of his race. I see a lot of potential in this young talented racer. 

Ni Weiliang WON 2nd & 3rd place on the Podium
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Ni Weiliang is posing proudly with his trophies and my SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR. 

He will be at another competition on September 14th and 15th 2013. I will be flying down to Zhuhai International Circuit to support him in person! 

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