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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Secrets of a Stewardess: Emirates Cabin Crew recruitment (Singapore) - M Hotel on 6 July 2013 (9am to 4pm)

Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment (Singapore)
Walk-In Interview
M Hotel at 81 Anson Road
9am - 4pm

Date: 6 July 2013 
Time: 9am - 4pm
Place: M Hotel, 81 Anson Road Singapore 079980.

Emirates Airline - Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits
(by Andy

Basically, your salary consists of three parts which is your basic, flying per hour pay and overseas nightstop/layover allowance. Most airlines (eg. Singapore and Malaysian Airlines) pay the overseas allowance in your local currency and bank it into your account.You have to change to the foreign currency to whichever nightstop that you have.EK (Emirates) will pay you cash instead in the local currency of that particular country. So your monthly salary defers and it depends on how many hours you are flying in that month and which nightstops you have.Certain countries have a better allowance and some lesser. For example, if I can recall correctly, station such as Paris you are being paid about 90Euros per night. Anyway, your basic and flying pay per hour (tax free) are : 

USD1 = 3.67Dhs                                            Basic                     Flying Pay
( Pursur )                                                    - 5,515Dhs               90.5DhsGrade 
( Senior steward/stewardess )                     - 4,825Dhs                84.5DhsGrade
( first class )                                                - 4,225Dhs                68DhsGrade
( business )                                                 - 4,225Dhs                62DhsGrade
( economy )                                                - 4,020 Dhs               55.5Dhs 

When you join, you start off as a Grade2 operating in the economy class section. As you fly and gain more experience, you will be promoted to the list of grades above. Promotion is generally fast as Ek is getting plenty of new aircraft each month for the next few years. The fastest I know to promote from a Grade2 to Pursur is 5 years. I think to be a pursur or IFS in SIA,you need to fly 15 years or more. If you want to bring your career to a higher level, you can actually apply as a Senior Flight Pursur, Cabin Crew Instructor or a Cabin Crew manager.

You will be provided with free accommodation, utility bills and transport. For SFS and above, you have a studio apartment for yourself while generally for the normal crew it's two to three sharing per apartment. If you opt to stay outside company provided accommodation, you will be given an accommodation allowance.The last 2008 accommodation allowance are 72000Dhs PA for Pursur, 68000 Dhs for SFS and 42700Dhs for normal crew.

Benefit wise, you will enjoy the usual perks as an airline crew such as staff and family concessional travel, 30 days of annual leave , medical coverage and comprehensive Insurance Scheme. - See more at:

Emirates Cabin Crew Interview Process & Stages
(by Andy

Open Day - submit your CV and photo ( full length must be in white back ground and passport size photo) .If your photo did not meet their requirement, they will ask you to retake it on the spot which is more expensive and cost about RM28 for only one full length and 1 passport size photo. After you submit your CV and photos, you will have to do the arm reach test.
For those who pass the arm reach rest, you will be divided into a group of 15 people each and have a group discussion. The selected question are given by the interviewer ( eg. Would you prefer to be a female or male?) They gave us about half an hour for the discussion and will announce the result once it is finished. There are only 5 people in my group who manage to pass. For those who pass this round, you will be ask to come back for a briefing in the evening which will take about 3 hours. There are only about 50 people who pass during the day and were invited to proceed for the assessment day. 

Assessment day (after 2 weeks) starts at 8.00am and everyone will gather in the function room. The interviewer will do a simple presentation about the company and the country. 

Stage 1 : You will be divided into 3 groups and each group will have an hour for discussion. We were asked to sit in a circle and start to discuss with the rest about the topic given (introduce your friend). At the same time during the discussion, the interviewer will give us a simple 1 to 1 interview about our name, age, hobby and perform another arm reach test. After finishing the 1 to 1 interview, every group will have to do a presentation to introduce our chosen friend to everyone. After that, as usual they will announce the result.

Stage 2 : English Test – You will be given 45 minutes and there are 3 categories in this test which are MCQ , vocabulary and essay test. It takes about 30minutes for them to correct the paper and only those who pass the exam are able to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3: Group discussion again. The number of candidate left at this stage is only 15 people as the rest have been eliminated. We are then divided into 2 groups and each group discussion will take about an hour as well. This is the most challenging and hardest stage. We were given a topic about a situation where u as a cabin crew, when you face problems and difficulty, how will you solve it. As a tip for this round, all the group members will have to cooperate and help each other and never ever try do dominate. Whatever answers which is presented to them, the interviewer will then ask a lot of question to see whether you really know your stuff. For those who are not so outspoken, they will pinpoint you and probe you with deeper questions. Basically just be yourself and be truthful and honest.

If you are the first group to complete this process, you will have to wait for the other 2 group to finish. The interviewer will announce the result once every group is done. As this stage, only 8 candidate have passed and were invited to proceed to the final interview. You will also be given a briefing about the document that you have to bring for the final round.After that we need to do a psychology test online at home which they will send us the link to our email.

Final Interview (Next Day) : One to one interview is more relax and all the question thrown to you is base on the psychology test result. They ask us about and told us to give some experience in our working life,background and etc and how does it relate to a cabin crew. I personally find that Emirates is very professional when they conduct the test and interview as every sentence you say, they will write it down in black and white. Apparently to be selected, they need to show the report and go through 6 levels of management approval and consultation. After finishing the interview, we were ask to do a simple question about element matching which is some kind of a psychology test I think. But some candidate did not have to do it. Not sure why though. 

After the end of the final interview, they told us that we have to wait for 2 to 6 week for their call to see whether we are successful or not. Those who get a call means that you have pass and those who fail will get a rejection email. Tiring but it was indeed a really good experience for me.

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