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Friday 21 June 2013

Singapore Haze PSI hits all time high of 401 on 21 June 2013 at 12pm Noon! Strategies: How to Cope with the Haze Situation?

How do I cope with the HAZE? 
Use Aroma Lamp Diffuser 
Aids Breathing & Eliminates Smoke
Highly Recommended for Asthmatic Children and Elderly

Keep yourself updated with PSI Reading by NEA govt agency at
PSI and PM2.5 Readings

Singapore is suffering from hazardous haze conditions and choked with smog due to fire from neighbouring Indonesia. According to the 3 hour PSI reading on National Environment Agency website, it has hit an all time high of 401 today at 12pm noon. Anything above 300 is considered hazardous. N95 masks are highly recommended but they are almost sold out throughout Singapore.

Below are some funny photos that have been circulating on Facebook or social media websites.

I have been feeling irritation in my throat and eyes. The smell of burning in the air is distasteful. Even my darling Prince Royale is feeling unwell and hides himself in the air condition room.

Full News Article:

Prime Minister of Singapore LEE HSIEN LONG says that it is "hard to tell how the haze situation would develop. It could last for a few weeks, or even until Sumatra's dry season ends in September." He also advise Singaporeans to "adapt our response to suit the changing situation, and protect ourselves in practical and sustainable ways."

Full news article :
How to Cope with the Haze?

1. Close all windows and doors, turn on all air con, 24 hours a day.
2. Turn on Air Filter Machine in every room.
3. Wear a MASK at all times, N95 masks works the best!
4. Use Eye Drops constantly to cleanse your eyes.
5. Drink a lot of water to clear your throat.
6. Avoid all sports or activities that need deep or heavy breathing.
7. Use Beafully Lamp Diffuser, with Eucalyptus for easy breathing.

MASK - Only N95 is recommended. Any other masks would be not useful in this hazardous conditions.

Ensure that you wear the N95 mask correctly if not it is useless!

Lamp Diffuser that I use Everyday
I use to have childhood asthma, and this lamp helps me to breathe better..

1. Purifies Air
2. Eliminates Second Hand Smoke
3. Eliminates Haze
4. Helps Asthmatic Children in breathing
5. Helps elderly to breathe better
6. Boost Metabolism

Its so pretty that it is perfect as a GIFT.
Beafully is currently having a Great Singapore Sale Promotion. 

Big Lamps are retailing at SGD$180 each

 Small Lamps are retailing at SGD$120 each

There are 7 aromatic essential oil scent. 
2. Sandalwood
3. Lavender
4. Green Tea
5. Eulaptus
6. Citronella
7. Green Bamboo
8. Peppermint

The benefits are as follows:
Each Bottle carries 2 Litres of Aroma Essential Oil. Each bottle may last up to 6 months. 
Each 2 litres Bottle cost SGD$150

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