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Tuesday 2 July 2013

SYDNEY - 2 Days Snow Ski Trip in Thredbo Australia

Snow Ski Trip
SYDNEY - Thredbo Australia
(6 Hours drive from Sydney)

SYDNEY - It was -1 degrees in Thredbo, Australia. I was freezing. Singapore does not have a weather like that, as it is summer all year round. So in order to prepare for my snow ski trip, I had to dig out my closet to find my thermal and winter wear clothings before flying to Sydney.

1. Thermal Long Pants and Long Sleeves Top.
2. Water Proof Snow Ski Jacket and Pants.
3. Water Proof Gloves and Inner Gloves.
4. Water Proof Winter Boots.
5. Beanie Hat to protect the Head and Ears. 

The moment I landed in Sydney, I repacked and prepared myself for the 6 hours drive up to Thredbo. We had to drive pass Canberra which is the Capital of Australia, before we hit Thredbo. On the way to the mountains, we stopped by a Ski Company to rent our snow ski/board gears. We had to measure our foot size, before we get the ski boots and our height to see what length of ski suit us best. 

We had 10 people in total, so we drove 2 cars up the mountains. We checked into an apartment chalet just about 45 minutes drive below the snow mountains. We had 2 bedrooms with some double decker beds. Imagine camping in the wilderness. It was pretty fun. There's even a BBQ pit.  

These are the international victims and crew of our 2 days snow ski trip

The apartment wasn't that big, but it was cosy nonetheless. Look at the amount of food that Robbi prepared for us, that's just dinner. It was a very well organized trip, with every meal planned and provided for. The food was delicious. Packing food up to the mountains was really smart, as the cost of food and drinks there is really quite expensive. A bottle of water cost AUD$4.50, a burger cost AUD$30, a fish and chips cost AUD$35, a hot chocolate cost around AUD$4.50.

The moment we arrived at Thredbo, everyone was super excited! We unloaded our cars and wore our boots at the parking area. I must say, walking in the snow ski boots was a challenge. It was amazing how the guys were able to walk so fast in them. Nancy and I were struggling to walk properly in them. 

A video on how Thredbo Snow Ski Ticket Area looks like.

A glimpse of Thredbo Snow Ski Area.

We finally reached the snow area! I went through a 2 hours beginners course with Nancy, we managed to learn how to stop with a "Pizza-shape" and also learnt how to do a "S-shape" to turn right and left down the slopes.

This is a video of me screaming while skiing. :X I'm in PINK ok!

Thredboland for Kids! Cute!

There's a Thredboland, just for kids, as they are too tiny to hop onto the chair lifts to reach the top of the mountains. Hence, they have a mini snow train ride from the bottom to the top. They may seem really tiny and cute, but they are really good at skiing. A lot of these tiny tods actually ski the advanced slopes. 

Video taken on the LIFT from the top to the bottom on the Mountain.

Overall, this short ski trip was truely a great and memorable experience! The last time I ski was in Korea with my family but it was more than 5 years ago. It took me a while to get use to the boots and cold. I would love to ski in the snow again soon!
Thank guys~ For arranging this trip! It was fantastic!

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