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Thursday 4 July 2013

About the Singaporean Sisters - Lora Christelle Lim & Sara Shantelle Lim - Singapore's Number 1 Luxury Lifestyle Bloggers

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The Singaporean Sisters (The SG Sisters) 
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This blog is written by 2 Singaporean sisters - Lora Christelle Lim and Sara Shantelle Lim to share their life experiences with their family, friends and fans. Interests include attending social events, traveling to exotic destinations, food and wine, exotic super cars, baking and cooking, fashion, skincare and beauty. This blog is newly started in Jan 2013 and has gained huge popularity among readers all around the World. Till date, The SG Sisters Blog has more than 1 million unique views and international visitors. THE SG SISTERS has more than 24 Million Views despite being new to the Blogging Sphere. Both sisters lead very interesting lives as they believe in Carpe diem which means to "Seize the day!". This is the 1st and only Luxury Lifestyle Blog in Singapore. Both sisters believe that "The World is a Beautiful Place if you learn how to appreciate the Beauty of things around you where Life is a matter of Choice and Perspectives". They always aim to see the positive and bright side of things as well as choose to see the goodness in everyone. 

About Lora Christelle Lim
Lora graduated with a Masters of International Business from University of Sydney, in mid 2013. She has close to 4 years of working experience in International banks in Singapore after graduating from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a degree in both Sociology and New Media & Communications. She has previously worked for HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, ANZ Bank etc. in Singapore under Business/Commercial Banking as a Relationship Manager. She is a high achiever who exceeds Sales KPI and expectations. She has also received numerous compliment letters from her clients due to outstanding customer service and featured in the bank's newsletter as a role model. A girl who is passionate about food, fashion, traveling, cooking and baking and cars! She currently resides in Sydney City and is pursuing her hobbies. She is a member of the Ferrari Club, Lamborghini Club, Mercedes-Benz Club & The Temasek Club NSW. She loves exploring the beautiful beaches and new cafes in Sydney, Australia. Lora Christelle Lim's photos and writings have also been proudly featured in Lamborghini Australia Magazine!

Lamborghini Australia Magazine features THE SG SISTERS and Lora Christelle Lim writings!

About Sara Shantelle Lim
An ex air stewardess who turned into an inspiring young entrepreneur, running several businesses today. She supplies OEM beauty products and machines to Aesthetic Doctors & Spa Owners in Singapore and internationally. She also runs a few beauty shops and even has her own IT company and Portrait Art Masterpieces company. She assists in managing several companies and is busy attending seminars and workshops for self-development. She also give motivational business speeches and career guidance speeches to Singapore's Universities, Polytechnics and Junior Colleges. She is also a firm believer in Charity and the need to give back to the Community. She is actively donating to several charities in Singapore, attending various Charity Gala dinners, balls and events. She enjoys creating new businesses from scratch and focusing on business development. She has great foresight, creativity in generating new ideas and business opportunities. She is a risk-taker, adventurous, highly intelligent and has great business acumen. 

Follow Sara Shantelle Lim on Instagram: @sarashantellelim

She is an outstanding entrepreneur, who has been interviewed by several newspapers like The Straits Times, Urban, Wan Bao, and magazines, like Aesthetic & Beauty Magazine, Teens Magazine, etc. Her ultimate dream in life is to become a full time mother, with a passive income to lead a comfortable lifestyle. She is working very hard now, as she wants to build her own beauty empire and legacy. She believes in giving back to the community and society, hence, her beauty product line, called SaraShantelle Skincare. Bodycare. Haircare. 10% of all her online sales is donated to Singapore's Children Society. 

Sara Shantelle Lim is a car enthusiast since she was only 12 years old. She is currently driving a Mercedes-Benz SLK Convertible Sports car. To read more about her Mercedes SLK - CLICK HERE. She loves Mercedes-Benz and her dream car is a Mercedes SLR. Her interests include exotic luxury cars, playing Texas Holden poker, watching movies and musicals, travelling the world and running her many businesses with passion. She also loves her precious Japanese Spitz with the name of "Prince Royale" dearly. She enjoys bringing the dog for walks at East Coast Park together with her family on Sundays.

Sara Shantelle Lim with her Mercedes SLK Convertible Sports Car

Video of Sara Shantelle Lim in her Mercedes SLK 
with International Model DJ Nicole Chen

SaraShantelle SkinCare. BodyCare. HairCare.

Sara Shantelle Lim also started her own skincare and beauty products range called SaraShantelle SkinCare. BodyCare. HairCare. It is currently sold in SaSa CosmeticsZalora.sgClariancy Outlets, SuperberryMe, BioBeauty Aromatic Spa, Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist, etc. Her Brand Slogan: Secrets of a Stewardess. Her range of products are currently sold in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, China, Philippines, etc. 

She has over 5 years of working experience flying as an Air Stewardess. She is currently writing The Novel: Exposé! Dirty Little Secrets of an Air Stewardess, which has been featured in the Malaysian, Indonesian, China and Singapore newspapers and magazines. 

A Sneak Preview of Chapter 1 to 4 of her novel may be read on her website: (PAYPAL)

A girl who is passionate about cars, travelling, wine and dine, beauty secrets and special events. She constantly attend fashion events like Audi Fashion Week, to luxury yacht events like The Singapore Yacht Show, to socialite high society events like ICON Ball Singapore and Charity Gala dinners.

Sara Shantelle Lim at ICON Gala Ball at Shangri La Hotel

Sara Shantelle Lim, Kim Lim, Jamie Chua (Queen of Instagram)

Sara Shantelle Lim and Sharel Ho (Managing Director of DeFred Jewellers)

Sara Shantelle's Birthday Bash 2014
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Blogger Sara Shantelle Lim's S$40,000 Birthday Bash
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Sara Shantelle Lim's SGD$40,000 Birthday Bash
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Thank you to my talented Friend - Billy Yuen for creating and sponsoring this cool and amazing video taken on the night of my Birthday Party held at Club Altimate. It is definitely an excellent video to capture the wonderful memories I had with all my family, relatives, friends and sponsors. If any of you need videos for events,corporate,campaigns,viral videos or wedding, I would highly recommend that you contact Billy Yuen :)

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Sara Shantelle Lim Interviewed by TV Connect Mediacorp

Sara Shantelle Lim's 
TV Connect Mediacorp Interview Video

Sara Shantelle Lim VIDEO - Advertisement for SuperberryME Orchard

VIDEO - Here's a sneak preview as to how filming for the Commercial was done!

My bathroom scene where I had to scream really loud.. 
It was my first time acting on a real commercial but it was definitely a fun and interesting experience!

The bathroom scene where I had to freak out after discovering a huge pimple on my face!

Sara Shantelle Lim 
Interviewed by Mediacorp Radio Station 93.8FM
with The Influencer Network

The Interview Recording of Sara Shantelle Lim on 93.8FM LIVE

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LIAN HE WANBAO Tuesday 24th July 2012
Episode 1 - Ex Air Stewardess Exposed Games Played in Hotel Room

Despite her young age, Sara Shantelle Lim (age 25) is already the director of a beauty skincare brand company. Before she embarked on her business, she was an air-stewardess for 5 years. She had explored 20 over cities during her work as an air stewardess.

It takes 8 to 15 people to make up one crew team and on average, each person would drink around 6 to 7 cans of beer. Hence, they would chill over a hundred cans of beer and wine bottles in a bathtub filled with ice. Some of them would get so drunk that they would run back to their own hotel room butt naked.

Sara is currently single and due to the kinky life of a cabin crew, she mentioned that she is afraid to date a air steward.

There was once, a famous HK artiste left a stewardess his private cell phone number, another time, she was offered $10,000 for one night stand by a rich typhoon.

There are all sorts of people onboard. Once, she witnessed a hollywood actress who took off her bra openly to change into her pyjamas. Then before landing, she changed into her outing clothes again, openly, in front of all other passengers without caring of her surrounding “audiences”.

Usually, men would offer money to these pretty air stewardesses to accompany them for a drink and one night stand. But the ultimate joke was that there was this one man who offered to buy her three camels in exchange for her company.  Hilarious isn’t it? But she mentioned that air stewardesses would definitely reject all these offers to avoid complications or danger. 

Sara quit her job as an air stewardess as she cannot tolerate all the chores. The most intolerable one was to clean the air plane’s lavatories. Furthermore, flying in such high altitudes was detrimental to her skin. She gave up this profession three months ago and went into business. She is now unveiling her beauty secrets by bringing in tried-and-tested products by aesthetics doctors from all over the world. Besides focusing on her business, she also focuses on charity works and believes in giving back to the society.

Sara sells her products under her namesake SaraShantelle. Consumers can buy them from her website via PayPal. SaraShantelle has pledged to donate 10% of the online proceeds to the Singapore Children’s Society.

To end it off, Sara would like to invite all of you to Marcellie Runway 2012 in which she is one of the main sponsor of this event. This will be happening at SCAPE Warehouse this friday, 27 July 2012 at 7pm. Through this event, they hope to raise funds for its designated beneficiaries. The main benefactor would be The Pathlight School which is the school for children with ASD and related disorders, aged 6-18 years old.

LIAN HE WAN BAO Thursday 26th July 2012
Episode 2 - The Drop Dead Gorgeous Flirtatious Air Steward

There is this extremely infamous yet drop dead gorgeous air steward in the airlines who loves to preys on new junior air stewardesses. He is tall, well-built, and have a pair of amazingly well toned arms and body. Together with his baby boy mesmerizing face and sweet tongue. Any girl would want to kiss his pinkish lips. He’s suave in his James Bond look alike uniform. Imagine Edison Chen, he may be his long lost twin brother. 

He was such a skilled flirt and player that no “victim” who had been his one night stand, would think that they were being “played”. They simply just adores him, till date. He would “try” many different stewardesses all at the same time, on the same flight. Flirting was his “forte”, he has mastered the skill of attraction to the highest level. Many girls have fallen into his trap and ended up being ditched and dumped by him. He started being known to the airlines as the “The Drop Dead Gorgeous Flirtatious Air Steward”. When different girls, starting sharing their intimate stories of who they have slept with, the news about him spread like wild fire, the more senior girls were a little wiser by not falling into his trap, but the sea of new-fangled junior girls were infinite. 

Till today, he still manages to trick a lot of young girls, into becoming his girlfriend. But the number of girlfriends he has, may be, more than the number of fingers and toes you have. He changes his partners every now and then. Many innocent and naive air stewardess who hoped to stay long by his side got dumped one by one. 

He scandalous life has been reported by many girls, who eventually felt cheated. But due to the fact, that it was a conceding intimate situation. No one could do anything about it. You’ve been played. Usually, the airline industry does not fire or interfere with such a person’s intimate or personal sex life, but due to their infamous reputation, they might not get promoted. There are quite a few of these “players” in the industry, some of whom, would see their career reaches a plateau, as they have been “blacklisted” in the company’s books. Hence, would leave their job. However, there are some who do not care about promotions as hooking on new pretty air stewardesses is their main motive.

LIAN HE WAN BAO Friday 27th July 2012
Episode 3 - I sat beside a dead corpse on Christmas Eve.

I sat beside a dead corpse on Christmas Eve. He’s mouth was foaming.

2 Years ago, it was Christmas eve, I was rostered to fly to Frankfurt, Germany.  I had an amazing dinner with my family and friends back at home. It is close  to midnight now and I'm excited to spend my Christmas eve on board. There was always Christmas decorations around the plane. On this particular flight, I was positioned to work in Economy class. Today's passenger load was only 95 people. The Economy cabin is less than half filled. I was happy! I have never experienced such a light load before in my flying days. It was always full load. I greeted my passengers with great enthusiasm as I was excited to celebrate my Christmas Day in Germany. I heard that it snows there and I love a white Christmas!
As I was doing my rounds in the aft zone area, which was my working zone that particular day, I noticed there was this old man who kept coughing. I was a little concerned, so I offered him some hot tea, hoping that he would feel better. He looked at least 65 years old and I could tell that he was very frail. I spoke to him, as he was "my" passenger in "my" zone. I was asking, why he was traveling alone on Christmas Eve. He told me that he was flying back to Germany to have his Christmas with his family. He was a kind and gentle old man. I was happy for him.
9 hours into the flight, when I was doing my rounds, I noticed that the kind old men have been missing from his seat for more than 20 minutes.

I was worried. So I decided to check all the lavatories near his seat. I noticed that there was an occupied lavatory. The rest were empty. Hence i decided to wait outside that particular lavatory to see if, it was him who would come out of that lavatory. I waited patiently for merely 5 minutes, when I realized that there was no movement nor sound from that lavatory. "Was it locked by our crew?", I thought to myself. We do that sometimes, when the lavatory was "Out of Order". Yet to my knowledge, all lavatories were working well that day. I wanted to make sure, so I went to check with my colleagues. After much investigation, we reckon that someone was actually inside. I went back there to knock on the door. "Excuse me, is there someone in there?". No one responded. I tried again, for another 2 times. "Excuse me, if there's no one inside, i'm going to open the door from the outside". Still, no response. I was worried. I unlatched the door from outside, and tried to push the door open but it would not move. I push a little harder, then it moved a little. 

I was anxious when I realized the old man may have probably fainted in the cubicle. His body was leaning against the bi fold door and there was no way i could open it. I ran to my leader in charged and told him we have an emergency. 2 strong colleagues tried to push open the door, but failed once again. Another 2 helpful big Caucasian men sitting near the lavatory saw what was happening, so they joined in to push the door open. Finally, it gave way, and I saw the kind gentle old men, unconscious. The moment we touched him to check his pulses. We knew he was dead, he was extremely cold. His face was blue and his lips was dark purple. But due to company procedures, we still had to do CPR on him. So we used the pocket mask from our emergency medical kit, to do a mouth to mouth resuscitation.  Deep down inside, we all knew, it was useless. It was very obvious that he was dead, really dead!

I have never seen  a dead body before. I was frightened and in disbelieved, I dare not move near that dead corpse. Just an hour ago, I was speaking to this kind old man, asking him about his family. He was suppose to fly back to Frankfurt to join his son and his extended family for Christmas. It told me a while to realized that he was dead and was not coming back. He was the nicest kind old passenger that I have ever served, and he passed on, on my flight, on my aisle, in my care. I blamed myself for not caring more when he kept coughing in his seat. I think he probably choked on his own saliva or something.

It was Christmas eve, so the plane was less than half full, due to the current circumstances, of having a dead body onboard, we had to shift the current passengers to the front of the aircraft. It took  us less than 30 minutes, to shift all the passengers from the aft zone to occupy the front of the Economy zone. 4 strong colleagues shifted the dead weight into a black body bag, it was my first time retrieving a body bag from the closet. I never thought that I would ever  experience such a scenario. They eventually placed the dead body on the last row of the air craft, which was the zone that I was working in. There was an eerie silence whenever I walk pass that area to do my routine cabin checks. During landing, I had to sit at my operational door, it is located beside the last row. I could see white foam coming out of his mouth. Till today, I still have his scary image on my mind.

LIAN HE WAN BAO Saturday 28th July 2012
Episode 4 - My Body was Floating Mid-Air in Los Angeles's Hotel Room

I love Los Angeles, it is my favourite place to visit in America. Imagine walking downtown, and spotting different Hollywood celebrities at different corners of the city. It was just another night, we were having our usual gathering in the common crew room. That night, we were playing drinking games. We even merged with another airlines, to make the drinking games more fun and challenging. On that very night, after drinking quite a bit, I felt a little uncomfortable. Hence, I returned back to my hotel room to rest. I managed to wash my face and have a quick hot shower, before I jumped into bed. I went into REM sleep almost immediately.

Suddenly, I heard some noise, like a sharp screech. I woke up immediately. I was shocked to see that my face was only a few centimeters away from the ceiling. I was a little confused at first. Then I realised that I was floating in mid air. I struggled, but I could not move, a strong force was keeping me in place. I open my mouth to scream, but no sound came out of my voice box. I looked towards the clock, and its states 4.44. “Is this for real? Or am I dreaming?” I thought to myself. Everything felt very real, I could feel myself levitating. Everything in the room was still in place. I could see my watch and other valuables placed in the exact same location. Then, I knew that I was being “disturbed” by the unknowns.

There was nothing I could do. My heart was beating rapidly. I tried to calm myself down by saying the “Hail Mary”. The only thing I could do was to pray and ask GOD to protect me. I closed my eyes and pray myself to sleep. The next day, when I woke up, everything resumed to normal. I had to stay another night in that room, but I did not bother to ask the hotel for a change of room. I believed in GOD, he would bless and protect those who have faith in him.
Stepping into haunted places for us is very common. Hence,it is common for many cabin crew to bring a Bible, Jesus Christ Cross or Buddha Amulet to give us a peace of mind.

LIAN HE WAN BAO Wednesday 30th July 2012
Eposide 5 - “Rich Lady” maligned air stewardess of stealing three carat diamond ring

Three years back, a rich lady of around 50 years old, all dressed up in branded wear claims that she lost her three carat diamond ring worth $50k at the restroom basin. When she could not find it, she maligned air stewardess of stealing it and demand a compensation from the airline company. The crew onboard were all helping her to find it. We even rummaged the rubbish bin. She screamed and yelled at the aircrew and to appease her, the aircrew though innocent, apologised profusely to her. This matter was brought to the police for investigation. It was found out that that lady was not really a rich lady but imposed as one trying to cheat money.

 LIAN HE WAN BAO Tuesday 31st July 2012
Episode 6 - Caucasian couple have sex on plane
Air stewardesses witnessed it with embarrassment

This was the most embarrassing incident that I have came across during my 5-years working as an air stewardess. After 20 over long hours of flight, lights will be turned off for passengers to have a night rest. However, there was this Caucasian couple who did not go to sleep but was having sex under their blankets. I was doing my rounds and witnessed this with great embarrassment. The second time I went back to do my rounds, they were already asleep. 

There was another time where I saw one caucasian man and an asian woman who were at first strangers but not long after their first chat, one followed by other went to the toilet and came out only half an hour later. They thought that no one would notice them but we actually did. 
It is not a problem to have sex on flight as long as it did not disturb the other passengers. The aircrew on plane would close one eye and treat as they see nothing. However, if this is to happen in Singapore. such actions in the public are deemed as unlawful. If found guilty, a jail term of 3 months or a fine would be imposed, or both.

LIAN HE WAN BAO Wednesday 1st August 2012
Episode 7 Storm and Flood hit New York
Cooped in hotel for 3 days

A year ago, when I was at New York, news predicted that there will be a flood and storm hit. We were advised to grab some food supplies to tide over the days. However, when we reached the supermarket, bread and water were all sold out. We had no choice but to grab some soft drinks and canned food. Back to the hotel, we were asked to store up water using containers, pails and bath tub. We used tapes to secure the windows. 

When the storm hit, the sky turned real dark and we were so terrified that we could do nothing but to hide in our blankets. This went on for six long hours before the storm subsided. However, it did not stop. Half an hour later, the storm gets even stronger. The ground floor of the hotel was flooded. We were all cooped in the hotel room and did not go out for the next three days. Air stewardess is likely to encounter one obstacle every four years. Some past incidents include kidnap, burns, fractures and many more. Hence, being an air stewardess is not an easy job too. We hoped that you guys can treat them better when you see them on flight next time.


Follow Sara Shantelle Lim on Instagram: @sarashantellelim

Episode 1 – The Myth

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome onboard. I am Alastinelle and I will be looking after you today. Please do not get on my nerves as I am not in a good mood today. I just had a huge argument today and just broke off with my boyfriend. I will not entertain any nonsense from you now and no, I will not change your kid’s diapers.

The pilot has reported bad weather today and he is awfully right about that. My mood has just swung from a bright sunny summer afternoon to a stormy sea wreck in the last half an hour. Please do not be deceived by my thick dazzling make up. Beneath it, I have eye rings worse than a giant panda from South Western China.

Please carry your own over sized luggage and find your own seats. As you can see, I am smaller than you are and I have to fit into this ridiculously tiny uniform. My back is not any stronger than yours and I do not plan to injure myself in any way that the company insurance would not cover. If your bags do not fit into the tight over head compartments, then, you should not have brought your whole closet with you. Your seats are lined in running numbers and alphabetical order. If you do not know where your seats are, you should go straight back to kindergarten pre-school.

Please do not ask me for newspapers or water right now, as you can see I have to put these thick winter jackets into the closets, get some infant seat belts for the seven crying babies, distribute countless of stuffed toys and crayons for the never ending train of boisterous children that just came onboard. Not forgetting to give the portly lady in seat 43A some Aspirin because she is suffering from some head pains and to calm the old wrinkled man seated in 56H due to fear of flying and crashing in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Please, and I say please, again. Just wait patiently for the head phones as it would be handed out as soon as we take off. Besides, it is against the Flight Safety Authority to be wearing the head phones or any of your fancy diamond IPOD during the takeoff and landing period of the flight. Also, kindly just switch off your beeping Blackberries as the old lady on your left is getting annoyed by your high pitched blathering girlfriend who could be heard on this receiving end of the call.

Ladies, please do not be charmed by Shane’s gorgeous boyish face as he is as gay as Elton John and only loves other guys like Brad Pitt who is deemed as hot as he is. Gentlemen, please do not even think that sexy Sophie on the other side of the aisle thinks that you are cool. She has been laughing at your outrageous pimped-out golden “bling bling” shoes that makes you look like a wannabe from a MTV video, behind the curtains.

Please, and I mean it, please, aim while you are taking a leak in the lavatory, as we do not have cleaners on board the flight for the next 19 hours to Los Angeles. And for those who plan to get drunk later, the door that has a stairs downwards, is not and I say once again, it is not a pee hole. It leads to our undersized, stuffy and dusty crew bunk, where we are finally able to put an ear plug to all your never ending, chiming call lights, and to rest our poor swollen pressurized feet. If you have not noticed, air hostess do not have nice feet as our scary, gross looking, green spider veins would be popping out anytime due to the long hours of standing and walking up and down the aisle, without much rest.

No, this is not all glamorous. It is practically a myth.

Yes, we stay in fancy five stars hotels. Shop in Oxford Street in London, Dine in the most famous restaurants in Paris and enjoy the cool breeze, clear skies and blue seas at the Maldives, but we work incredibly hard onboard. Apart from my primary role as a safety officer on board, I have a secondary task of being an usher, porter, server, chef, janitor, nurse, potty trainer, nanny, fire fighter, police officer, need I name more? You get the picture.

No, we do not have a boyfriend in every city. No, we are definitely not really smiling inside when you puke all over the seats instead of the air sickness bags that were placed strategically in every single seat pockets, just so to avoid such filthy situations. Yes, we do hate cleaning the lavatories, most of all, after you take a dump in it. And most importantly, we do not all want to marry a captain even when he is old, fat, ugly and atrocious. Please, do not stereotype us.

Yes, we do mind getting up at 4am in the morning to put on intense amount of make up and take an hour to do our hair and make sure it stays perfectly still for the next 24 hours. Yes, it may seem like we have flawless skin, but it is not without the expensive facials and spa treatments whereby the dry air and high altitudes have done a huge damage to. Investing hundreds of dollars in the appropriate sunscreen to block out the UV rays, the ideal deep-hydrating moisturizer for the extreme dry air in the cabin, and another less, yet still hydrating moisturizer for more humid countries like Asia, is burning a huge hole in my infinitesimal pocket.

It was every girl’s dream job. It was supposedly glamorous. Now I understand why they never do put the job scope on their advertisements. It is always a deceiving picture of a drop dead gorgeous girl with an ever so perfect smile that looks nearly plastic that entices all naïve little girls to dream of becoming an air hostess. The natural looking long thick lashes, huge marble eyes, mesmerizing smile, porcelain Barbie face; no wonder we all want to be her.

When I first started out my training in the one of the world’s best airline, I never thought that it would be so tough. It was an endless pile of files and notes that we had to memorize. Passing the numerous tests was either a distinction in a school system, whereby you have to score eighty percent in order to pass. Or you just simply fail. Well, but I had great fun socializing with people from all walks of life. It was an international class. We have the Chinese, the Malays, the Indians, the Mixed blooded. All of only who looked Asian could get into this airline.

At the beginning, my parents thought that only those who were uneducated but had a pretty face would end up being a flight crew. Oh, I must say, they were completely mistaken. Long gone are those days, whereby only people with an O Levels certificate would actually consider this job. I would not deem it as a career, as it is not truly a permanent or stable profession. As long as you have preserved an immaculate record and looked as fine as you were, when you went in. You should be satisfactory to stay for another five years. It was a contractual basis employment. Nowadays, even graduates from zenith universities apply for this job hoping to travel around the world for free. It is indisputably an immense exposure to the abundant cultures of the world.

All stories are a work of fiction. The characters do not exist, except in the mind of the author. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
For confidentiality, author would not disclose which airline she was from.

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Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Singapore Wedding Video at The Fullerton Hotel
Singapore Jewel Changi Airport - The Rain Vortex 
(World's Largest Indoor Rain Waterfall)

Filmed and Edited by Istudio - Ian Kok
Wedding Gown - Alisha & Lace Singapore
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The Singapore Rain Vortex is an indoor waterfall in Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore which was opened on 17 April 2019. It is the world's largest indoor waterfall at 40 metres in height and surrounded by a four-storey terraced forest. The waterfall and Jewel complex was designed by Moshe Safdie.

Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Pre Wedding Video taken in Prague Czech in June 2019

Wedding Video filmed by Vitali Frozen, edited by Sara Shantelle Lim.
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Shisen Hanten Main Dining Hall 
Doctor VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Wedding ROM Lunch

(ROM Lunch at 2 Michelin Stars - Shisen Hanten at Mandarin Gallery Orchard Hotel)





View Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's 
PRAGUE CZECH REPUBLIC Wedding Photos & Videos 

Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Prague Wedding Video

  Wedding Video filmed by Vitali Frozen, edited by Istudio
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