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Tuesday 23 July 2013

SYDNEY - Ferrari Club Australia Drive to Hunter Valley :)

SYDNEY - I flew to Sydney for 3 days to attend the Ferrari Club Australia "Christmas" at Hunter Valley. It was approximately a 2.5 hours drive from Sydney's International Airport.

We stayed 1 night at Hunter Valley at the most popular Mercure Resort Hunter Valley Gardens hotel ) which was conveniently located beside the famous Hunter Valley Gardens. Our hotel suite had a lovely bathtub, a private balcony and we could park our car just outside our door.  We got scolded by our neighbours due to the noise from the Tubi exhaust from the Ferrari in the night while parking at 10pm as it is really very quiet at Hunter Valley but to lighten things up, a rather big duck walked into my room as I accidentally left my door open the next morning after getting back from breakfast! Life is so interesting isn't it?

Read all about my previous visit to the Hunter Valley Gardens and the Storybook Gardens at

I was delighted as I finally received my Ferrari Club Nametag! Also, I wore my new Ferrari Polo Tee and Cap which I bought recently from the Ferrari Store at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore :)

Each event held by Ferrari Club Australia was well-organized and executed. It was an enjoyable drive and I made several new friends at this event. This time, there was a beautiful white Ferrari 458 and the car was such a beauty! Everyone was admiring the F458. 

I guess the main attraction of Hunter Valley are the famous vineyards and wine-tasting. As I don't drink alcohol, I was mainly looking forward towards eating the delicious and fresh food cooked by the various famous chefs. I also met some lovely girls during this event who are nice and friendly! All the girls were wearing long black sexy boots but I was wearing my Red Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. I guess it's time for me to buy a pair of boots too as the weather is getting colder in Winter :X

Many people turned up for this drive I guess for the wine-tasting! Look at all the beautiful Ferraris! We took this photo at the vineyard :)

The Ferrari Club Dinner and Drinks were held at Peppers Guest House at CHEZ POK Restaurant that prides itself to provide unique dining experience that showcases the best of Hunter Valley's great food and wine growing flavours. More info at The food was pretty delicious and service was attentive! There was nice ambience and music playing in the background too :) A must visit restaurant at Hunter Valley!

During my trip to Sydney, we also went to look at a few Lamborghinis as we are thinking of buying one. So far, it has been pretty difficult to find an ideal yellow Lamborghini so I guess we have to wait patiently or settle for a different color :X Seems like all good things needs to wait...

I also managed to find time to catch up with my girlfriends back in Sydney City. We had lunch then coffee & tea at the beautiful Glass Brasserie inside Hilton Hotel. More info about this amazing restaurant

I also had a lovely dinner at MANTA restaurant located at Woolloomooloo Wharf where the crabmeat pasta and truffle shaved fries tasted heavenly! This is a fantastic place if you want a quiet and romantic dinner with your loved ones! More info at

Overall, it was a wonderful short trip to Sydney :)


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