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Monday 1 July 2013

JERIC SALON @ ION Orchard - Official Hair Sponsor for Lora Christelle Lim

Jeric Salon @ Ion Orchard Shopping Mall - Photo with Mr. Jeric See

JERIC SALON Singapore - I am very excited and pleased to announce that the Founder & Managing Director of Jeric Salons - Jeric See has agreed to be my Official Hair Sponsor from now onwards. For those who know me well, I have been neglecting my hair and I hardly do anything or much about it. I am so honoured and happy that Jeric See himself took time to personally manage my hair and the results are amazing!

JERIC SALON @ ION ORCHARD Shopping Mall (Orchard MRT)
Level B4-48 Phone: 6509-9709
Open daily from 1030am and close at 930pm
Official website -
Facebook page -

BEFORE - original hair condition

Jeric See is an extremely talented hairstylist and I am really very honoured that he has chosen to be my hair sponsor and to even take care of my hair personally. Jeric See has styled several international celebrities such as S.H.E, Edison Chen, Wang Lee Hom, Cai Yilin, Michelle Branch, FIR, Coco Lee, Maggie Q, F4, Tanya Chua, Fiona Xie, Felicia Chin, Jeanette Aw etc. Check out the entire star list at 

Jeric Salon @ Ion Orchard - Friendly staff and excellent customer service

Jeric See is Singapore's hairstylist icon since 1982 and has been making his name in the hairstyling industry. He is the favourite hair stylist among top celebrities, musicians and design houses for concerts, TV shows, fashion events and international hair shows. He has gained international recognition for his artistic talent and hair styling expertise. Since a young tender age of 16, Jeric trained at London Vidal Sassoon UK and traveled to Tokyo and London regularly for inspirations and innovative techniques. He made a name for himself in Singapore as a hairstylist and consultant to the Singapore Airlines "Singapore Girl" commercials. Jeric also became the name for hairstyling for several fashion shows such as Gucci, Anteprima, Junko Koshino etc. Jeric has also performed in international hair shows in Paris, Hamburg and Tokyo to showcase his talent, skills and versatile creativity. After 3 decades of founding REDS Salon in 1982, he started JERIC Salon to rebrand his own individuality and take his hair artistry to a new level.

Jeric's VIP Treatment - I was given a private room away from the general public so I can rest, relax in peace and enjoy privacy. The staff were very professional, warm and friendly. They ushered me into the room, offered me Green Tea with biscuit and some magazines to browse. There was also a TV featuring Jeric See's participation in an international hair show. They also washed my hair and the massage was very soothing and relaxing!

Jeric Salon @ Ion Orchard - Green Tea & Hair washing

After analyzing my hair which lack lustre and volume, Jeric See recommended that I do a Haircut and Digital Perm. Jeric See also explained why he chose AVEDA instead of other hair products. The main reason is that AVEDA only uses naturally derived "Green" ingredients that are mostly herbal and organic and no harmful chemicals.

Who said perming hair was long, tiring and boring? I had a delightful surprise as DJ Jean Danker who works at Class 95fm Radio joined me in my private room and we had a great chat. I confessed to her that I used to listen to her over the radio everyday while I was still studying in Primary and Secondary school. She was blushing and I must say she has an awesome personality. She came to Jeric Salon to style her hair as she had  to host some event at Jurong. So she was preparing her hair for work and I was preparing my hair for the Soft Launch of FENIX ROOM at Clarke Quay!

Jeric Salon Private Room - DJ Jean Danker, Class 95FM Radio Station

Jeric See was very professional in giving me a nice haircut and digital perm. I was very surprised that the entire process only took around 3 hours of my time. The final outcome was that I left Jeric Salon feeling beautiful and confident as I have beautiful curly hair with great volume! A big thank you to Mr Jeric See and all the fantastic staff who helped made my hair beautiful and for the wonderful experience!

AFTER - photo after hair cut and digital perm
AFTER - Lora Christelle Lim with beautiful curls by Jeric See

I highly recommend Jeric Salons if you want quality service and professional hair cut or hair related services. All Jeric Hair Salons are always busy so book your appointment in advance. Go to

1. Jeric Salon at ION Orchard
2. Jeric Salon at Bugis Junction
3. Jeric Salon at Plaza Singapura
4. Jeric Salon at 112 Katong
5. J.CUT by Jeric, J Cube

Quote "The SG Sisters" to enjoy 15% off all hair cut and hair related services today!

Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard - Indicative Price List


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♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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  1. I love Jeric hair salon too! They are extremely creative in hair cuts !

  2. is the discount still valid?

  3. Yes discount is still valid... I just went the other day to Jeric Salon @ ION and quote the SG SISTERS to enjoy the discount...

  4. Hi, another good place you may want to check out is Bohemia hair salon singapore, their stylists are quite friendly and professional =)

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