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Friday 12 July 2013

SYDNEY - O BAR & DINING on the 47th Floor of Australia Square Building (Rotating Bar)

Rotating Bar
47th Floor Australia Square

SYDNEY - After dinner at BLACK at ezard, we went took a cab over to O BAR & Dining, which is located at the 47th Level of Australia Square Building. It was a rotating axis bar located at the top of the building. You are able to see the complete 360 degrees of the city just sitting at the top. An extremely romantic place to bring your love ones. 

But for us, it was a night to see how much can Matt drink. Apparently, we have NEVER seen him drunk, ever. So, it was GAME ON. Nancy, Ruth & Rob, teamed up, to have a battle against Matt. Not to forget, we all already had plenty of wine and Hendricks at BLACK by ezard

See those glasses there? Those are double shots each, glass. Matt would drink 12 double shots while, Ruth, Nancy and Rob will share the other 12 glasses. Sadly, its true, Matt didn't get drunk. He was still chatting with the hot waitresses at the bar, after downing all the drinks. He's really one talkative lad. Never stops talking! :X 

It was great fun. We took a mini group picture with more friends and also the really hot waitresses working at O BAR. 

O Bar and Dining
Level 47 Australia Square 264 George Street Sydney 2000
T: 02 9247 9777 | F: 02 9251 2539

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