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Monday 29 July 2013

Secrets of a Stewardess: Sara Shantelle's New Hair Make Over and Gelish Nails by JERIC Salon at ION Singapore.

Secrets of a Stewardess
JERIC Hair Salon @ ION Orchard Shopping MallSingapore
Aveda Full Spectrum™ Hair Colour
Gelish Nails by J.NAILS @ 
Plaza Singapura Singapore

Recently, I had a Complete HAIR MAKE OVER by Jeric. I have not dyed, permed or changed my hair style in the last 10 years or so. I don't know what made me decide to just change it. The moment, I walked into JERIC Salon, I noticed Jeric smiling at me. He probably recognised me, as I may have looked pretty similar to my sister, Lora, whose hair has been done by Jeric himself. The initial plan was to just go there for a trim, to make my hair look neater and to do a hair treatment so that my hair would be less fizzy.

JERIC SALON @ ION ORCHARD Shopping Mall (Orchard MRT)
Level B4-48 Phone: 6509-9709
Open daily from 1030am and close at 930pm
Official website -
Facebook page -

Somehow, something made me blurted out, "Just do what ever you want, Jeric, give me a completely new look!". I guess I just felt really spontaneous that day, and decided to move out of my comfort zone. I was not flying for the airlines any more, hence, there were no more rules on regulations on my hair do or colour any more. I just wanted to feel and look different. 

He cut my fringe, I have bangs for the first time!

Jeric started cutting my hair. His professional point of view, "I want to make you look different from your sister, so that people can tell you apart, you two just look too similar. Both sisters having similar Black Hair!"

Aveda Full Spectrum™ Hair Colour

JERIC Salon is really proud of Aveda Full Spectrum™ Hair Colour as it is 99% naturally derived. This product is made up of a signature blend of protective plant oils including Sunflower, Castor and Jojoba Oil infusing the hair. It was awesome, as my hair looked really shiny and healthy even after they dye it. I always had the impression that, my hair will spoil if I were to dye it, hence I chose to keep it naturally black. 

I'm really impressed by JERIC's own customized tea cups, protective clothes layering, etc. They let me try their Aveda Comforting Tea, which is 100% certified organic. It was really tasty and refreshing. It is a soothing herbal infusion tea that is naturally sweet due to the use of Licorice Root and Peppermint Leaves. This tea was really calming to my nerves as I was a little anxious on how my new hair style would turn out to look like. According to JERIC Salon, this tea is also really good for people who are down with a cold or sore throat. 

Pictures taken with JERIC

That very same night, I was so excited to show my new hair style to my GF.. Looks nice isn't it?

It is really easy to maintain.. 

I just push everything to my right side and I would do my own little braid everyday. A lot of people says that I look so much younger now - Just like a little girl! Even my own mother could not recognise me with this new hair style when I walked into my living room that night. 

This was taken when I was home, with my hair tied up into a bun. The colour looks light brown under my bedroom's dim lightings. 

Gelish Nails by J.NAILS
Plaza Singapura Singapore

Yesterday, I went down to J.Nails at Plaza Singapura to have a manicure, before my church service. It is located at Basement 1 of the building. 

My nails look awesome! I choose rose gold with glitters, so that it would match my watch and jewellery. 

I'm really lucky to be born with really nice long fingers and fingernails. I don't need to keep my nails long, as my nail bed itself, is already very long on its own. Looks really feminine. 

Thank you JERIC~!
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Little Sister - Sara Shantelle Lim

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