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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Morning - Prince Royale @ East Coast Park

East Coast Park - Every Sunday is my family day where I will spend most of my time at home with my parents and my beloved Prince Royale. It's my favourite day of the week as I get to enjoy delicious steamboat dinner with my family specially prepared by my daddy with occasional surprises such as lobsters or crayfish to go along :) I'm such a seafood lover! Sometimes, we also invite our relatives or my close girlfriends to my home as VIP guests :)

Sunday is also the day where we will bring Royale to take his weekly baths at a pet shop near my home so his fur is kept clean, fluffy and white! On days where we are unable to make a booking in time, my mummy has to shower Royale which takes a really long time about 2 hours especially to blow dry his white fur carefully in order to prevent Royale from getting any skin irritation or rash.

My mum suggested we go to East Coast Park where it was the first time Royale stepped onto the beach. He was so excited to see the crashing waves! He barked non-stop at the waves and even tried to bite them. It was so hilarious. I must say having a dog especially my beautiful Prince Royale has brought great joy and laughter to my whole family.

We love Royale very much! He is part of our loving family and my mummy love to carry him in her arms like a baby! He is treated like the royal prince of our family, pampered with loads of love & attention by all of us!

Watch the video below to see Royale playing with the waves and sand at East Coast Park :)

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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