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Thursday 15 August 2013

SYDNEY - In search of the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

SYDNEY - I flew to Sydney during the long weekend in search for the yellow sleek car. We finally found what we wanted and placed deposit for the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. It has been pretty difficult finding a yellow convertible so we were really happy finding this beautiful car. Can't wait to collect this car when all the necessary paperwork is done!

During this trip, I went shopping and bought this light pink furry hat with glitter star crystals from ValleyGirl which I love so much. Been wearing it quite a few times and it helps to keep my hair in place especially when driving around in the Ferrari with the top down. Had a fantastic brunch at THREE BLUE DUCKS where the Salmon is the best I've ever tasted! Food was really delicious! See

As Bondi Beach was closed due to City2Surf which is the World's largest run with 85,000 participants, we drove to Tamamara Beach to relax and chill on the rocks. It is a beautiful beach that is less crowded and more enjoyable. It was a relaxing day at the beach. It was a Sunny day and weather was fantastic for a day out! I love the sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the rocks.

Each time I go to Sydney, I find time to catch up with my lovely girlfriends too! Be it shopping or just coffee, I really enjoy spending time with my girlfriends and appreciate them for taking time to meet me in the city or at my Lumiere apartments :) 

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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