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Thursday 31 October 2013

SYDNEY - Fine Dining - Altitude Restaurant @ Shangri-La Hotel

SYDNEY - Fine Dining - Altitude Restaurant @ Shangri-La Hotel Sydney - I visited Altitude restaurant for dinner and I must say it was a really memorable experience. It's a beautiful restaurant located on the 36 level of Shangri-La hotel Sydney and the view was simply breath-taking!

It provided a relaxing ambience for the indulgence of contemporary Australian fine cuisine and the perfect place for a romantic night out. The floor to ceiling glass windows provided spectacular views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge as well as the Sydney Opera House. No wonder it is usually fully booked as it is one of Sydney's top favorite restaurant for tourists.

Altitude Restaurant
Phone: (+612) 9250-6123
Address: Level 36, 176 Cumberland Street, Shangri-La Hotel Sydney, NSW 2000
Opening hours: 6pm - 10:30pm Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Chef de cuisine Matthew McCool worked in several top restaurants before moving to Altitude restaurant. He has previously worked for Aria Restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel Beijing as well as London's Michelin star restaurants. The menu at Altitude Restaurant is artful and creative, distinguished by its European influences. The delicious cuisine aims to bring dining to the next level with "inventive dishes that play with textures, temperatures and contrasting but complementing tastes". 

We ordered from the ala-carte menu and I must say the Salmon served with horseradish, watercress, pancetta soil tasted heavenly. It was cooked just right with a little pink so it just melts in your mouth. The Wagyu beef also tasted really delicious and tender. The Scallops cooked with black pudding, apple and Mt. Buffalo hazelnuts were fresh and tasted interestingly good! The Milk chocolate & hazelnut dessert was the perfect ending to a delightful dinner. Overall, it was a really delicious dinner and I would definitely come back again. Altitude is a fine dining restaurant that prides itself for using only the freshest Australian produce to leave all guests fully satisfied.

Do check out their delicious menu at,_Shangri-La/dining/restaurants/Altitude_Restaurant/Sample%20menu%20-%20Altitude(2).pdf

It was a lovely dinner and I was wearing my new dress bought from my favorite Australian designer Alannah Hill. I bought this dress together with Stefanie when we went shopping at Birkenhead Point :) I love her beautiful clothings as they are very feminine, sewn with many sequins, beadings and ribbons. Check out her website at

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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Monday 28 October 2013

VIRAL - Why have Giraffes invaded Facebook Profile Photos?

VIRAL - Why have Giraffes invaded Facebook Profile Photos? - I'm sure you would have noticed that many of your friends have changed their Facebook profile photos to long necked Giraffe photos and wondered why? This is because they failed to answer a tough riddle correctly. Known as The Great Giraffe Challenge promoted by New Zealander Youtuber Andrew Strugnell, this riddle has gained huge popularity among Facebook users worldwide.

RIDDLE - "3:00 am, the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors. It's your parents and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?"

I was kinda surprised to read that parents would visit at 3.00am for breakfast instead of supper. Honestly, most decent folks would be sleeping at 3.00am and if my parents do ring at that time, I doubt I'll hear my doorbell at all as I would be soundly sleeping.

But anyhow, the misleading part of the riddle is the fact that the list of choices makes it easy to just pick one of the food/drink. But as tricky as most riddles, the answers are definitely not listed in the question but requires further brainstorming.

Most people would answer the wine, but seriously, who drinks wine for breakfast? OMG.

Anyhow, I got the answers to the riddle correctly so I'm glad I got to keep my Facebook profile photo :) After all, I would not keep my parents outside my home without opening the door.

I wish to counter-argue that the answer "your eyes" is invalid as your eyes would have been already opened to have realized your parents were the ones ringing the doorbell. Furthermore, the riddle states "you wake up" so who wakes up without opening their eyes??? So God knows what kinda answer is that!? Not a very smart riddle I would say...

With more than 84,000 likes on their Facebook page, I would say there are many people out there who are easily amused or entertained :X


Riddle Answers: "The door" and "your eyes." After all, it's 3 a.m. in the riddle.

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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Sunday 27 October 2013

Fine Dining - OSIA Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa

Fine Dining
OSIA Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa

Recently, I had dinner at OSIA Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa. My family decided to celebrate my dad's birthday dinner there. Osia Restaurant has won the Best Dining Experience Award in 2011, was honoured as one of the Best Restuarant in Singapore 2011 by Singapore Tatler, and has also been crowned as the Best New Restaurant by CNNGo'S Best Eats award 2010.

OSIA Restaurant serves contemporary western food. Introduced by Australian Celebrity Chef Scott Webster and Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay, they present a unique fusion combinatio of Asian influence and western culinary techniques.

What caught my attention was their open-kitchen concept. I thought that it is really cool that nowadays, most restaurants are introducing this open-kitchen concept. You will be able to watch the chefs while they work their magic on the food. The only problem with this concept is that, it may be a little noisy, as you can hear the works of the busy kitchen as they cook their dishes. 

OSIA's Menu

Signature Dishes

Their signature dishes includes their Tasmanian Mil Fed Lamb Short Loin and Neck, Sea Perch and their Hot Chocolate Soup. This special dessert is made with a scoop of black pepper vanilla ice cream perched on warm molten chocolate. Cake la mode~ I've tried all their signature dishes, and I think that their Lamb is really tender, and their Tiger Prawns are definately worth a try.

These were some of the food I've tasted..

The Tiger Prawns and Lamb were my favourites.. 


Savoury Seductions at Sunset:
4-course set menu at $68++ per person*Available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 6pm to 7.30pmLast order at 7.15pmNOT available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Eve of and Public Holidays*Not to be enjoyed in conjunction with other promotions or discounts. 
Unlimited serving of appetizers, butler – pass canapés, desserts with a choice of 1 main course.
Every Sunday from 11.30am - 3pm

Every Sunday from 11.30am - 3pm
Price: $58++ (Excluding beverages)
$88++ (Includes free flow Draught Beer, Osia selected Red and White wines)
Price: $29++ (Excluding beverages)

• 4-12 years old
• Children below 3 year old dine for free
OSIA's Interior Design..

OSIA at Resorts World at Sentosa -

Resorts World at Sentosa #02-140, 26 Sentosa Gateway.

Direct: +65 6577 6560         Main: +65 6577 8888. 


Sara Shantelle Lim

Friday 18 October 2013

Viral Photos on the Internet - Creative Mom Turns Her Baby's Naptime into Dream Adventures (Repost)

Viral Photos on the Internet - Creative Mom Turns Her Baby's Naptime into Dream Adventures (Repost) - My beloved girlfriend Fiona stumbled onto this article and told me to look at it and I was enthralled! Queenie Liao who is an artist and a mother of 3 boys, created wonderland and fairytale-like world of adventures while her baby Wengenn is sleeping. Below are some inspiring photos that I would like to share. Talk about creative artistic talent! Art has no boundaries indeed :)

This post is specially for all the mothers in this World who love their precious little children and to instill some excitement and inspiration to some of my closest friends who are soon to be mothers :) You know who you are! Photos taken from 

Full article at

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Men's Folio - 16th Anniversary Party @ Chameleon

Men's Folio - 16th Anniversary Party @ Chameleon - Specially organized by Heart Media, this huge party took place at Chameleon @ 22 Dempsey Road and all the beautiful people were there! Men's Folio is a popular magazine for men's fashion and luxury interests. Check out their website at

Left Photo: Ethan Leslie Leong, Sara Shantelle       Right Photo: Sara Shantelle, Francis Cheong

This huge Men's Folio Magazine Party was co-sponsored by Thomas Sabo, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, Bell & Ross, Volvo, Citibank etc. With free flow of drinks and canapés, all the VIP guests had a wonderful night! Special thanks to Nicholas Tan - Group Marketing Manager of Heart Media for the VIP invite :)

Photo: Matthew Ong, Sara Shantelle, Vanessa EQ & Herbert Rafael Sim from WTF

For this event, I also invited famous aesthetic doctor - Dr Elias Tam from EHA Clinic to attend and I'm glad he came and had a great time. Check out

October 2013 seems to be a really hectic and busy month as there are so many big events taking place and I can't seem to attend all. Wish my sister Lora Christelle Lim is back in Singapore...


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Sara Shantelle Lim

Sunday 13 October 2013

SYDNEY - Singapore Day 2013 @ The Royal Botanic Gardens (The Domain)

SYDNEY - Singapore Day 2013 @ The Royal Botanic Gardens (The Domain) - Held on 12 Oct 2013, It is the first time where Singapore Day goes to Sydney! Singapore Day 2013 is themed "Heartland City" where it aims to reconnect with Singaporeans living or studying abroad by bringing a slice of home to them. This event is exclusively held for all Singaporeans and their families and pre-registration is needed on their official website to gain entry. I brought along my printed electronic ticket and Singapore IC for entry.

Specially organized by the Overseas Singaporean Unit together with strategic partners that include Makansutra, Mediacorp and Satsfood, Singapore Day 2013 celebrates all things Singaporean! Inaugurated in 2007, the first Singapore day was held in New York where more than 6000 Singaporeans attended. This event was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean and Minister Grace Fu from the Prime Minister's office. More info can be found at

This is the 6th Singapore Day and the event attracted more than 6000 Singaporeans where they were treated to free performances by home grown artistes such as the famous Phua Chu Kang, Dick Lee, Mark Lee, Hossan Leong etc. The favorite part of the event was that all Singaporeans could taste delicious hawker food which included chicken rice, fried hokkien noodles, fried carrot cake, chilli crab, satay, Old Chang Kee curry puffs and many more. The entire event was free. Free flow food, YEO's drinks and awesome performances on stage despite the really hot and sunny weather.

I arrived early for the event around 10am in the morning together with my girlfriend Stefanie to attend a dialogue session "Conversation with Grace" who is from the Prime Minister's office. It was an interesting session where Grace tries her best to answer all the questions raised with regard to housing, infrastructure, healthcare etc.  After which, a sumptuous buffet spread of local food were served to all volunteers for the dialogue session in the air-con tent!

It was an excellent event to mingle with fellow Singaporeans residing in Sydney and I did meet and made some new friends. After the dialogue session, we took out our picnic mats and sat on the grass to enjoy the sensational performances by home-grown talents and to check out the experiential exhibitions that feature the latest developments taking place back in Singapore. Overall, it was a wonderful event and I enjoyed myself tremendously.

Singapore Day 2013 has received criticism in Australia after a caucasian man called into a radio station to complain that he and his father were turned away because they were "not Singaporeans" and it raised questions on discrimination. Full story at and

 Below are some of my personal thoughts:

1. I don't think Singapore Day 2013 organizers are discriminating against non Singaporeans by not allowing both men to enter as clearly they have not registered themselves online and do not have any printed electronic ticket. This is especially crucial for crowd control purposes as it is a free event and if anyone can enter freely, there would surely be chaos. Even I took extra effort to register early for the event on their website, printed out my electronic ticket and brought along my Singapore IC to gain entry to the event.

2. Singapore Day 2013 is organized as a private and exclusive event which specifically targeted Singaporeans and their families to attend and re-connect them back to Singapore as stated clearly on their website at

3. Singapore as a country is highly welcoming to people of all races and nationalities. We are a highly tolerant country and do not discriminate against others. This can be seen in Singapore where they are many people of different races and nationalities living together in harmony. Singapore also welcomes many foreign talent into Singapore to work. Furthermore, this Singapore Day 2013 event was attended by people of all races. Singapore as a nation celebrates diversity and learning from different cultures!

As a conclusion, I believed there is a huge misunderstanding. I hope this small issue would resolve overtime. I thank the organizers of Singapore Day 2013 for the wonderful event as it was indeed a very heartwarming event! Below is a cute snail photo to end off this post in a good and positive note!

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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Friday 11 October 2013

Fide Fashion Week 2013 - Anne Fontaine (French Designer)

Fide Fashion Week 2013  - Anne Fontaine - FIDé Fashion Weeks helps Singapore to elevate and position itself to be a global fashion city which offers "a unique blend of Asian designers, couture designers and ready-to-wear collections".  Fashion week 2013 is held from 9-19 October this year and I had to be selective in choosing which days to attend as I was too busy to attend all the days. 

This year, the highly anticipated Fashion event is held at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre Hall F. Tickets can be bought online at . Over the course of 11 days, guests are enthralled and treated to a visual display of unique fashion collections of the world's most iconic & talented designers.

Anne Fontaine - She is a french designer who in 1993, created "the genesis of the little white shirt" where she was inspired by the fact that a white shirt should be the centre piece of every woman's wardrobe and to be the symbol of today's woman who is "modern, active & independent". She started designing and creating collections in a world of white and this is how the house of Anne Fontaine is born.

Anne Fontaine creates ready to wear and chic accessories for women and her signature piece is "the white shirt" which every woman can use it in a versatile and creative way. With more than 70 shops worldwide, Anne Fontaine has been highly successful especially when she has just launched her very own original Boutique Spa concept in rue St Honore Paris.

I attended the Anne Fontaine Fashion Show together with my girlfriends Grace and Ling and we had an enjoyable time! Below are some photos taken and I must say the entire production was very well planned and executed. If only my sister Lora Christelle Lim is here, she would love all the white clothings as most of you know her favorite color is white and she had the Counterstrike nickname Whitegal or Whitegalgal many years back! I miss my dearest sister already! Can't wait for her to come back from Sydney, Australia.

The model catwalk runway was impressively long and grand. Love the beautiful set up!

Ling and I enjoyed a private Sneak Preview before the Fashion show started. We were alone inside!


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Sara Shantelle Lim