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Friday 11 October 2013

Fide Fashion Week 2013 - Anne Fontaine (French Designer)

Fide Fashion Week 2013  - Anne Fontaine - FIDé Fashion Weeks helps Singapore to elevate and position itself to be a global fashion city which offers "a unique blend of Asian designers, couture designers and ready-to-wear collections".  Fashion week 2013 is held from 9-19 October this year and I had to be selective in choosing which days to attend as I was too busy to attend all the days. 

This year, the highly anticipated Fashion event is held at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre Hall F. Tickets can be bought online at . Over the course of 11 days, guests are enthralled and treated to a visual display of unique fashion collections of the world's most iconic & talented designers.

Anne Fontaine - She is a french designer who in 1993, created "the genesis of the little white shirt" where she was inspired by the fact that a white shirt should be the centre piece of every woman's wardrobe and to be the symbol of today's woman who is "modern, active & independent". She started designing and creating collections in a world of white and this is how the house of Anne Fontaine is born.

Anne Fontaine creates ready to wear and chic accessories for women and her signature piece is "the white shirt" which every woman can use it in a versatile and creative way. With more than 70 shops worldwide, Anne Fontaine has been highly successful especially when she has just launched her very own original Boutique Spa concept in rue St Honore Paris.

I attended the Anne Fontaine Fashion Show together with my girlfriends Grace and Ling and we had an enjoyable time! Below are some photos taken and I must say the entire production was very well planned and executed. If only my sister Lora Christelle Lim is here, she would love all the white clothings as most of you know her favorite color is white and she had the Counterstrike nickname Whitegal or Whitegalgal many years back! I miss my dearest sister already! Can't wait for her to come back from Sydney, Australia.

The model catwalk runway was impressively long and grand. Love the beautiful set up!

Ling and I enjoyed a private Sneak Preview before the Fashion show started. We were alone inside!


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