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Monday 7 October 2013

Official Car Sponsor for Sara Shantelle's Mercedes SLK - Detail Mania - Polish and Paint Protection Works.

Official Car Polishing Sponsor for Sara Shantelle's Mercedes SLK
Interior & Exterior Car Polishing, Paint & Glass Protection Works
(Worth SGD$750)

"Rich man's kid?" No. I earned this car on my own. A lot of people would think that this car was a gift from my parents but I actually earned this car with my own efforts, working really hard for my family's business. Most girls may choose to spend their money on branded handbags or shoes, but I'm the kind of girl that would spend my money on a car which I love. I have always like Mercedes for its class and sophisticated elegance.  

I am really happy that DETAIL MANIA has decided to sponsor my Mercedes SLK with an interesting make over. My car looks really pretty, smooth and sleek now. It looks completely new, like a tip top, new showroom car. I love it!

Preserve the Value of your Car by Maintaining it the Right Way

This company started in 2010, specializing in paint correction services. The main purpose of their paint correction services is to restore cars to tip top show room conditions. They started out with 2 staffs in 2010, but till date, their current manpower strength is 6. All of them are professionally trained with strong background in automotive and correction paint work skills. 

In 2012, Detail Mania obtained the distribution rights to supply Honjyo Japan in Singapore. 

In 2013, they obtained the rights to supply Nano Skin USA for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Let me show you the difference of BEFORE and AFTER pictures of my car before DETAIL MANIA took my car for a joyous make over. 

Look at the before pictures, you can see a lot of scratches, swirls and lines on my paint.

Hence, Detail Mania used Honjyo Glass-Neo to protect my car's paint work.

Honjyo Glass-Neo

Why do we need a Protective Coating over our car's clear coat?
Singapore presents a challenging environment for our cars' paintwork to maintain her lustre and shine. In a tropical country, we are constantly faced with torrential rain, high humidity and other destructive forces such as bird droppings, dirt and sand scratches. Constant deep polishing processes that help to remove swirl marks, scratches and watermarks will result in the thinning of clear coat over time.

So how can a Protective Glass Coating help?
Glass coating provides an enhanced hardened layer of protection over the original clear coat of your car, thus, less deep polishing processes are required, prolonging the life span of your car's clear coat. 

 What is “Crystal Glass Coating"?
Very solid multilayer coatings, preventing smearing on paints, easy for cleaning, enable you to accomplish a car wash in a very short time. Having hydrophobic effects, thus breaking water into molecules and repelling them from the surface. It can resist even the most burning summer temperatures. Crystal Glass Coating is designed to suit the critical temperature changes of our local climate.

The Advantages of Glass Coating
Weather Resistance :  Protecting UV rays, acidic rain and other environmental effects.
Pollution Resistance :  Not easy to be tainted, in fact, stains can be easily washed away.
Bonding Effect :  Forms a tight bond with paints, enable it to last longer.
Temperature Sustaining :  Prevent from melting under high temperature.
Chemical Resistance : Preventing attacks of chemical corrosion from exhaust gas or other corrosive substances on car body paints.
Hardness   :  Forming very hard surface, protecting car body from scratches..
Glossy surface :  Transparent effect of coatings enhances the colour clarity.

Waxing, Polishing and Buffering in Progress
Detail Mania decided to correct half my paint work, and leave the other half as before. There you can really see the difference, when its done side by side, half done. 

Look at my Mercedes SLK Car BOOT. The before and after pictures really shows a significant difference. It looks so smooth and perfect now! Apparently, Detail Mania said that, these scratches occurs when this car is not properly washed, with the correct cloth. You need to use Microfiber cloth!

Boot Region

Exterior Processes that my Mercedes SLK went through to achieve a Glossy Shine

Step 1: “Snow wash” to loosen dirt and grime before custom hand wash
Step 2: Tires and face of rims thoroughly detailed and washed with various detailing brushes
Step 3: Nanoskin’s Autoscrub treatment to remove any stubborn contaminants embedded on the surface of the paintwork and exterior window glass
Step 4: Exterior front windscreen polished to remove moderate watermarks and stubborn stains
Step 5: Paint dried with Detail Mania’s 350gsm plush Microfiber cloth, specially formulated for safe use on clear coated paintwork
Step 6: Excess water blow dried with compressed air from crevices, side mirrors and other hard to reach areas
Step 7: Single stage paint rejuvenation to remove light swirls, stains, spider webbing, micro-marring and light etchings. (~70-90% reduction* of paint defects). Headlights and taillights polished to remove haziness and light scratches
Step 8: Tires darken and coated for moisture and UV protection
Step 9: De-wax and rub down of entire vehicle’s paintwork, windscreen and rims (where required) with IPA, preparation for application of coating
Step 10: Application of selected coating on paintwork, windscreen and face of rims

Tail Lights Region

I can say goodbye to the spiral swirls on my car. Now its crystal clear and smooth, just like a brand new car. I didn't know that a paint correction could make such a big difference! It is simply amazing!!!


My car also went through a glass treatment, whereby water droplets would just slide off the glass as the car moves. Check out the video below!

Step 1: Autoscrub treatment on all exterior glass panels to remove embedded contaminants
Step 2: Polishing with Glass Polishing compound and Microfine pads (Removal of watermarks and stains)
Step 3: Wipe down with IPA to remove remaining residue
Step 4: Application of glass coating on all exterior glass panels
Step 5: Interior glass panels cleaned with ammonia free cleaner for a crystal clear view


Detail Mania did an awesome job for me, not just for the exterior surface of my car. They also did an excellent interior make over. They did a half before and after effect for me to see the difference on my interior cabin leather. 

My car came back to me, spotless. No dirt. How did they do it? No more dust even  on my air con vents. No wonder, they are called Detail Mania. They are really really detailed professionals. No dust is spared. Every area of the car is being cleaned, waxed, polished - made over. 

All the finger prints marks are completely wiped out and cleaned out. My car is in a flawless state.

Detail Mania Cabin Works
·         Carpets (Including rear trunks), floor mats, and upholstery thoroughly vacuumed.
·         Interior and exterior window glass cleaned to remove fingerprints, oil stains and dirt
·         Headliner spot cleaned
·         All interior plastic trims such as air-conditioning vents, center console, door panels, pillars, trunk area, etc. cleaned and UV protected to a natural finish

1.    Leather seats cleaned, conditioned and UV protected with Nanoskin Nourish while carpets and floor mats are steam cleaned at 170°C with water extraction for faster drying time and superior cleaning results
2.    Carpets, fabric seats and floor mats steam cleaned at 170°C with water extraction for faster drying time and superior cleaning results


As detailed as they can be, they didn't missed out on my rim works and engine bay details.

Rims Coating
Step 1: Face of rims, wheel wells and tires degreased with Nanoskin Grease Free
Step 2: Hand polishing of rims to remove slight swirls and marks (where required)
Step 3: Wipe down of rims with IPA for prep of coating application
Step 4: Application of rims coating on face of rims


Engine Bay Detail
·         Engine bay and underside of hood, fully degreased and agitated with various detailing       brushes
·         Excess water blow dried with compressed air
·         Carbon fiber parts hand polished and sealed with high temperature wax
·         Dressed to a matte finish with a plastic and rubber safe coating that helps prevent dust buildup, oxidation, cracking and fading over time
·         Surrounding of engine bay and underside of hood spray waxed 

MY Mercedes SLK Looks like a BRAND NEW SHOW ROOM CAR!

Thank you Brendan L. for this awesome sponsorship. 


Why should I detail my car since it is brand new?
Simple. Because during the process of having your vehicle shipped to the dealership, your car’s paintwork will begin to accumulate contaminants, such as sea salt, exhaust dust, industrial fallout, leftover adhesive residue, bird droppings, tree sap, water accumulation and most importantly, the harsh, solvent based chemicals that are used to remove the protective wax used by manufacturers for the purpose of protection during transportation.

In many cases, your new car will be prep before delivery, however, due to improper techniques or lack of knowledge, the brand new paintwork runs a risk of becoming marred with defects such as swirl marks, micro marring (from improper polishing techniques) and in some severe cases, random deep scratches.
You may not notice such defects during the collection phase as these defects are usually ‘covered’ by glazes that fills the imperfections. After a couple of car washes, these problems become noticeable and your paint will start to look dull and lifeless.

Paint rejuvenation. What is it and how does it help?
Paint rejuvenation is the process of correcting/re-levelling the clear coat of a car to remove defects such as swirl marks, etchings from bird droppings/tree sap, spider webbing, buffer trails (‘fish tails’), micro-marring and scratches. The process can be carried out in various stages with paint rejuvenation starting from single stage to 4 stage correction. Different techniques and equipment are used in the various stages to aid in the removal of defects. Upon completion, your car’s paintwork reflects light at a straight angle, similar to that of a mirror-like finish.

What exactly is an Autoscrub treatment?
It is a treatment for the surface of your car’s paintwork to remove contaminants such as brake dust, industrial fallour, tree saps, road tar, dead bugs and in some cases, light calcium deposits. These contaminants become embedded to the surface and may interfere with the bonding of sealant/coating. The Autoscrub treatment can be carried out by hand or a dual-action machine. 

Brendan L.

Why choose Detail Mania?

We are a group of automotive detailing maniacs who spend most of our days around scratched and swirled up cars, Our team of trained professionals work hard every day to bring out the brilliance in our customers’ rides. Our passion for glossy, “watery-looking” cars has turned into an obsession to find the best protection for cars in our climate. Our mission is to provide you with the best in quality and customer satisfaction.

We will make sure you will fall in love with your car all over again!!!

Brendan L.


Lot 21, 15 Commonwealth Lane Commonwealth Car Mall Singapore 149554
Phone: 81826987 Email:

Polishing & Paint Correction Works starts from SGD$150 to SGD$1300.
***Quote "Sara Shantelle" to enjoy 15% discount. 

Services Available: Steam Cleaning, Coating for Leather, Vinyl, Rims, Glass and Spray Painting Services, etc.

Sara Shantelle Lim


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