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Friday 22 November 2013

Mad About Cars - McLaren MP4-12C Spider

Mad About Cars - McLaren MP4-12C - When the first McLaren MP4-12C spider arrived in Sydney, we were ecstatic and were in awe of its beauty. This car has magnificent sleek exterior and rather spacious interior for a sports car. McLaren cars are designed for comfort and to give drivers the confidence to drive whether on normal roads or on the track. McLaren design focused on form following function. Everything is built for a purpose and tailored for the demands of today and tomorrow.

McLaren prides itself for crafting their cars around the driver in a bespoke manner. Since 1963, when Bruce McLaren founded the company, McLaren engineers have been continuously improved their innovation in a single minded pursuit for reliability with their trademark attention to details. McLaren has been rewarded by an unrivaled record of 8 FIA Formula 1 Constructors World Championships, 12 Drivers' World Championships, 3 Indianpolis 500 wins, 5 CanAm Championships and victory at the Le Mans 24 Hours at their very first attempt.

Recently, we visited the McLaren Sydney showroom again and we were entirely convinced that the next car we are buying would be none other than the MP4-12C Spider convertible! I have also been given a special gift from the salesman. I have been studying McLaren!

"Forget what you know about sports car, We are McLaren"

McLaren MP4-12C - Excellent performance - The McLaren spider can reach 329 kph and reach 0-100 kph in just 3.1 seconds. A thrilling drive rewarding the driver exceptional agility and extraordinary performance.

The interior is built for comfort, inviting and stylish yet effortlessly functional in every aspect.

After owning a Ferrari F360 spider and a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, we are aiming to buy a McLaren MP4-12C Spider but the price is pretty high. It would take some time to save up enough money for this luxury purchase. I will keep you guys updated :) We are deciding between the 2 colors of the iconic McLaren Orange or the Volcanic Orange which has an unusual glow, which do you prefer? Leave your comments below :)

More photos of the MP4-12C in iconic McLaren Orange color taken at McLaren Sydney :)

A brand new McLaren MP4-12C Spider costs around SGD1.1 million dollars in Singapore without COE. It costs approximately around AUD700,000 in Sydney, Australia. Smart Cost savings :)

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Yachting - Out at Sea at One Degree Fifteen Marina Club, Sentosa Cove.

Out at Sea
One Degree Fifteen Marina Club
Sentosa Cove

One of the perks of being an entrepreneur is that you can choose to work whenever you like. We went on a boat trip on a weekday where there were less people out at sea. We all gathered at One Degree Fifteen, Sentosa, at around 2pm in the afternoon and brought along lots of drinks and chips! 

I love One Degree Fifteen!

FUN FACT: Why is this place called One Degree Fifteen??
Answer: This Marina Club is actually 1 degree and fifteen minutes away from the Equator! 

Look at how cool Esther is, being in total control of the boat. The water was a little choppy that day, but still bearable. No one puked from sea sickness. I guess, we were well prepared. We all took a "Dramamine" pill each, to counter the motion sickness. But who drinks medication with beer!? Omg... Mayne, u looked really sultry with that huge sunglasses! :)

We cruised to St John's island, which was about 10 minutes or so away. We docked there, with other boats around us too. Looks like, a lot of people don't need to work on a weekday?!? 

Some of us went swimming. Well, actually I was dragged in, literally. Thanks to Mr "Bar Bar Black Sheep" owner who simply pulled my ankles while he was in the water. I fell in like a big elephant, making a big splash which was rather embarrassing. Do check out Bar Bar Black Sheep website at

I was soaked wet in my long summer dress. I love this BEBE dress which was long, classy and most importantly, very comfortable!

The weather was cloudy so it was not too hot. We had great fun swimming in the cool waters...

Around evening when it started to rain, we chilled indoors and indulged in delicious mouth watering SINS Chocolates brought by its very own owner. By the way, I really loved the "Cherry Liquor Chocolate", its a full shot on liquor hidden in the chocolate. 

SINS Chocolates

It was a lovely and enjoyable day out at sea... A peaceful getaway from the bustling busy city to relax :)

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Sunday 17 November 2013

My Prince Royale shaved away his beautiful white fur

SINGAPORE - My Prince Royale has been rather moody these days and after bringing it to a vet, we discovered that it is suffering from a hotspot on its tail. He is always hiding under the sofa and below the beds which we found rather strange...

We had to shave his beautiful white fur away and put on the lamp shade to prevent it from biting its own tail.  He still looks cute and adorable despite shaving off his fur. Hope he gets well soon! We love Prince Royale very much :)

Oh yes before I forget, Prince Royale has also been climbing up to sit on the sofa for the first time. We were laughing so hard as he is trying very much to be "human" which is so hilarious!!!

This Singapore trip has been a really busy one, I haven't had time or chance to catch up with many friends except for short meetings with my girlfriends Fiona Ong, Jasmin Tay & Melissa Goh :) These girlfriends have been true friends to me despite me moving to Sydney as they have making extra efforts to keep in touch with me. I'm grateful for their kind friendship!!!

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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