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Sunday 17 November 2013

My Prince Royale shaved away his beautiful white fur

SINGAPORE - My Prince Royale has been rather moody these days and after bringing it to a vet, we discovered that it is suffering from a hotspot on its tail. He is always hiding under the sofa and below the beds which we found rather strange...

We had to shave his beautiful white fur away and put on the lamp shade to prevent it from biting its own tail.  He still looks cute and adorable despite shaving off his fur. Hope he gets well soon! We love Prince Royale very much :)

Oh yes before I forget, Prince Royale has also been climbing up to sit on the sofa for the first time. We were laughing so hard as he is trying very much to be "human" which is so hilarious!!!

This Singapore trip has been a really busy one, I haven't had time or chance to catch up with many friends except for short meetings with my girlfriends Fiona Ong, Jasmin Tay & Melissa Goh :) These girlfriends have been true friends to me despite me moving to Sydney as they have making extra efforts to keep in touch with me. I'm grateful for their kind friendship!!!

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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