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Wednesday 25 December 2013

SYDNEY - Celebrating Christmas in Sydney Australia

SYDNEY - Celebrating Christmas in Sydney - I spent Christmas in Sydney and I must say Sydney's Christmas Celebrations were like a celebration of lights. There were many beautiful Christmas trees in major shopping malls, a huge Christmas Tree stood tall at Darling Harbour, many cute Santa Claus balloons on Darling Harbour waters, massive fireworks display at Darling Harbour and major buildings had spectacular lights display. Townhall building was so colorful and lovely to look at!

Townhall Building in the heart of Sydney City

The Christmas Spirits in Sydney was absolutely high as a lot of people wore Santa hats and walked around the city all day and night. So, I decided to buy a Santa hat for myself and Claire as well to join in the festive mood. Cars were also decorated with Christmas lightings which was interesting to watch as they light up the streets!

I have been hanging out with my girlfriends and I also attended Annie's Birthday Party at The Carrington!

CHRISTMAS DAY - I stayed home the entire day as it was raining and most shops were closed. I cooked Seafood Pasta for lunch and baked delicious Blueberries & Chocolate cupcakes. I attended the 5pm Church Service at St. Andrew's Cathedral beside my home and gave my church pastor Andrew my cupcakes to try. It was a great message to remind us how God sent his only son Jesus who died on the cross for our sins so our lives are saved. The greatness of God's love... the true meaning of Christmas is a celebration of God's love for us...

At night, we had a wonderful Christmas party at Jinah's apartment with a mini-feast of cheese, grapes, prawns, my blueberries cupcakes, wine and she made strawberry mint mocktail for me as I don't drink alcohol. I gave my girlfriends each a Ferrero Rocher Star chocolates box!

I have also received many Christmas Presents from my girlfriends and I appreciate them for their thoughtfulness and efforts in buying me a gift. My Christmas Presents include YSL Lipgloss, Red Velvet cupcakes, Lindt Chocolates, San Churros Hot Chocolate Mix, Haigh's Chocolates, Simon Johnson Chilli Stir-Fry Paste, Italian Pasta, Models Prefer Lipgloss etc. I also got a lovely Forever New hat and had my nails painted Glittery silver for Christmas!

Christmas is a time of giving! So I bought a giant box of chocolates containing 100 pieces of pralines for my security guards at Lumiere apartments to thank them for their great work. Until now, they are still trying to finish all the chocolates and I love the fact that I managed to put a smile on their faces :)

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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