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Saturday 22 February 2014

SYDNEY - Snowy my Mini--Lop Bunny who is just 9 Weeks old

SNOWY - My Mini-Lop Bunny

SYDNEY - Snowy my Mini--Lop Bunny who is just 9 Weeks old - As most of you know I love pets and animals but I am only able to buy a small pet to keep as I live in a tiny apartment in Sydney City. I miss Prince Royale in Singapore but unfortunately keeping a dog is unsuitable for me at this point in time so I decided to buy a bunny/rabbit. After searching on Gumtree, I found a Champion Rabbit Breeder and drove all the way to her house to take a look at her bunnies.

The Rabbit breeder was a young teenager who kept 3 little bunnies in a play pen outside her home in a beautiful garden. Before deciding which bunny to buy, I spent more than 2 hours trying to bond with the bunnies and carrying them one by one. After carrying Snowy, I chose him because he was the friendliest and did not struggle when I carried it. After paying AUD30, I took Snowy back home and I was filled with happiness and excitement as it was my very first time keeping a pet bunny.

Honestly I am inexperienced but I spent many hours doing research online and asking friends who have pet bunnies for advice and guidance. I have been messaging Jasmin Tay back in Singapore as she loves bunnies. Ittah and Stacey have been giving me advice on Facebook without asking. Thanks to everyone who has been helping me along the way. I appreciate all your help :) I read online that grass is good for rabbit's digestion so I brought Snowy to Hyde Park for a walk and let it roam freely on the grass. It was hilarious as I ended up chasing Snowy around the garden to the amusement of bystanders and people having picnics.

I must confess that keeping a bunny is not easy as it poos a lot. I spend many hours each day cleaning up the mess it creates. Now I know how much patience one needs to keep a pet bunny. But despite the difficulties, I have no regrets as I really love Snowy. Snowy loves being pat on his head and body. It enjoys the massage I give and even falls asleep whenever I stroke him. I'm one happy "Bunnymama"!

PS: Don't say my Bunny's red eyes are evil... Snowy is really far from evil. He's simply ADORABLE!

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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