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Tuesday 18 February 2014

TRAVEL: Sara Shantelle goes to Boracay Island Philippines (PART 2)

Sara Shantelle goes to Boracay Island Philippines 
6 Days Trip over Chinese New Year Peak Season

BORACAY ISLAND - Night life in Boracay Island is pretty interesting! The entire White Beach is transformed into an outdoor seating area for people to wine and dine. Many shops/cafes/restaurants will set up temporary dining tables and chairs on the white sandy beach for customers to dine close to the waters and enjoy dining underneath the beautiful night skies. It should be pretty romantic but I was on holidays together with my Daddy and Mummy only. We spotted a beautiful place and chilled at JUICE BAR.

JUICE BAR - There were large bean bags on the ground, people were just lazing while smoking shisha to relax and unwind. There was also dance music and some people were dancing by the bar. Apart from alcoholic drinks, they specialize in Juice drinks. I ordered a yummy banana milk shake. It was awesome! I'm trying to lead a healthy life by consuming more juice and staying away from alcohol.

Boracay Island Boat Station 2

Boracay Island Boat Station 1

ONEBAR - Another chill out place I love. They served their fruit shakes in very modern plastic bags, those kind whereby you are able to hang the string around your neck, so you need not carry it. I hate carrying things in my hands, hence this was a really good fruit shake for me. They also serve their specialty "Snow Mango", whereby there's ice shavings and mango, mixed with milk, and other fruits. It was sweet and icy for a nice cooling night. 

A lot of restaurants in Boracay serve buffet dinner at around 750PESO per person. I think that's really reasonable as they have a wide variety of BBQ food cooked by chefs right in front of you. They also have very good fire stunts dancers, who would spin real fire rodes while they dance the night away in club music. It's really entertaining! It is almost impossible to get bored in Boracay!

Fire Stunt Dance

D'Mall at Boracay Island

ATV Adventure
Boracay Island Mount Luho

ATV Adventure - I've always loved cars since I was young. I love fast things, but I must be in control of it. I enjoy speed, but I only trust myself. I really enjoyed my ATV adventure in Boracay. I managed to convince my parents to join me. My mother was a little skeptical at first but she joined us in the end. My brave Mummy! It cost us 2500PESO (SGD$70) for 3 ATV units. It was extremely fun where we drove up Mount Luho at the top of the road. At the top of Mount Luho, we got off the ATV and climbed up some mountain stairs to reach the peak. The panoramic view was spectacular. It is highly recommended to climb Mount Luho to enjoy breath-taking 360 degrees views of Boracay Island. 

At the top of Mount Luho, you can climb even higher up some wooden platform  to see the vast clear blue water and skies of the entire Boracay Island. Shocking as it sounds, there is a small animal farm where there were peacocks, eagles, owls, monkeys etc. My favourite animal was the White Chinese Chicken, you should check it out when you are there. You will laugh at the sight of it. It looks funny!

Horse Riding
Boracay Island Mount Luho

HORSE-RIDING - It cost me 900PESO (SGD$26) for an 1 hour ride. It was my first time riding a horse. I felt a little scared initially as I've heard so many stories of people getting kicked by horses back legs, or they simply get thrown off the horses' back. I plucked up my courage and decided to ride a horse! From what I've heard, it only cost around 790PESO to ride the horse, the other 190PESO  was a little small commission to my tour guide who brought me there. 

Island Hopping & Snorkeling
Boracay Island
Shangri La Hotel Boracay

Shangri La Hotel is the most luxurious hotel resort at Boracay Island, it has its own private beach front. With your own private boat shuttle to get you to White Beach. It has 219 rooms, suites and villas. Every single room has a spacious balcony with a daybed for you to relax your day away.

The most basic Deluxe room cost around 22,300PESO (SGD$633) a night and their most luxurious Presidential Villa cost around 105,655PESO (SGD3000) a night. 

Island hopping and snorkeling is a must do when you go to Boracay. You hop onto their wooden spider looking boats and go out into the deeper water to swim and feed the fishes. 

Snorkeling at Boracay Island

PUKA Beach
Boracay Island Hopping

Puka Beach -  is where they stopped us for our lunch. There is a special area created for tourists to take photos with their wooden PUKA art work. 

The food served there was quite decent, for a deserted beach. They even serve fresh fishes, that cost as expensive as a Singapore restaurant. If I didn't remember wrongly, one fish cost around SGD$60. I liked the calamari rings there. 

MANGO-CRAZY - One thing that was widely sold at Boracay Island, was MANGOES. If you like eating Mango, this is a Mango Heaven Island for you. They sell mangoes everywhere! Riped sweet ones and Sour hard ones. Both of which were delicious! It cost around 40PESO for a bag of sour unriped mangos, you can see many stalls selling them. The ladies would just sit by the beach all day, and cut mangoes, while their kids would go around the island selling them. 

Kite Hanging
Boracay Island Bulabog Beach

KITE HANGING - Kite Hanging is something that I would recommend you to do, if you have at least a week there in Boracay Island. I only saw this on the last day of my stay, if not, this is definitely something that I would want to do. It takes you at least 3 days to learn how to "Kite Hang". 

Beginners Kite Hanging Lesson at Boracay Island
Full Course 9 hours = 19,500 Php
with IKO Certification
Lesson Day 1
  • Theory with trainer kite on land, Wind window, Kite set-up and safety, One hand kite flying / kite control, Landing and relaunching, First bodydragging, Power stroke both sides, left and right.
Lesson Day 2
  • Boddy dragging downwind: left, right, with power stroke, upwind, Sitting down in the water and keeping the kite at 12 o’clock, Practicing the powerstroke, Self-rescue.
Lesson Day 3
  • Water start and board launch, Exercise in the water, Riding, Feedback after the first try, Coaching.

Mode of Transport when you're on Boracay Island

GETTING AROUND - This is how you travel when you are on the island. You either, take a boat, a motor bike, or a motorized tricycle. The traffic there is bad. The beach is amazing, but the back of the beach, where the roads are, its dusty, noisy and slightly polluted. Its not really a sight, that anyone would like. But I guess, that's how most islands look like. By the time, they get developed, their white beach and blue waters might not be as beautiful anymore.

During the whole Boracay Island trip, we saw many children there laying on the sand. They looked really malnourished and we decided to cheer them up. My parents and I bought them some ice cream. They were really grateful as they probably haven't eaten in days. We also donated some money to them. The children there were smart enough to accept the money and pass it to their parents immediately. Hopefully our little actions helped the children. After all, it was always good to spread happiness.

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