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Monday 31 March 2014

SEOUL, KOREA - Sara Shantelle and DJ Nicole Chen Visit to Seoul, Korea, Part 1

Visiting Seoul, Korea with DJ Nicole Chen
1 Week Trip
Leisure & Business 

Visiting Seoul, KOREA with DJ Nicole Chen - Just a few weeks ago, DJ Nicole Chen, came to my office for a business meeting. Before she left, she mentioned that she was going to Korea for filming in 2 days time. She randomly asked me to join her and I spontaneously agreed. Immediately, I booked my plane tickets and hotel. I just love it, when things are done so randomly. 

2 days later, Nicole and I met in the airport, all geared up for winter season!

Seoul, Korea - Seoul is the Capital of South Korea and it has more than 10 million citizens. The word "Seoul" is derived from the Korean language meaning "Capital city". The last time I visited Seoul was with my family for a Ski Trip. The temperature was really cold at 0 degrees celsius. I took out all my winter clothings that has been kept in my closet for a long time. Finally, I'm able to put them into good use. Nicole and I were really excited to go to Seoul as we were having some authentic Korean food cravings and can't wait to visit the famous Gangnam area popularized by PSY's "Gangnum Style".

Korean "Camp Soup" 

When we landed at 5am in the morning, Nicole's DJ agents, came to the airport to pick us up. The moment we stepped out of the airport, we could feel the cold breeze on our faces. It was freezing! There was mist coming out of our mouths as we speak. Before we went back to the hotel, we had some Korean noodles. Apparently, this noodles is usually eaten as an after-clubbing meal to warm the tummy. It was absolutely delicious especially in this cold weather.

114-7, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-090.

HOTEL THE DESIGNERS - We checked into Hotel The Designers located in Gangnum City where a standard twin room starts from 170,000WON (SGD$200), and their Royal Suite cost around 250,000WON (SGD$295). I really love the design of their rooms, each suite is designed differently. The pictures below are some of their hotel suites. Love the art decor and funky modern design that is unique to each room. The hotel's customer service is really good. Hotel staff were patient and they understand English pretty well. Communication did not pose as a problem there as most could understand the English language.

DJ Nicole Chen's Filming - We went to get her hair and make up done. It was pretty fun to play with all their make up in the studio. There were countless of different make up colours and brands. It was a make up heaven. We had fun putting on make up and dolling up. Looking gorgeous after all was a woman's pride and we definitely wanted to look out best to impress!

LOTTE HOTEL - RED CONCERT - After Nicole's make up and hair was done, we went to LOTTE Hotel, for RED Concert. Nicole's agency had a few VIP tickets for us. It was a stand up, Rap concert. This is my first time attending a Korean Rap concert. Everyone in the ballroom were standing up and cheering to the rappers. It was quite an experience for me. I was jumping and dancing!

SAM-GYE-TANG - KOREAN GINSENG CHICKEN SOUP - A delicious and nutritious soup which uses a whole young chicken stuffed with ginseng, garlic, chestnuts, red dates, jujubes and sticky rice. It is a traditional soup served in summer to replace nutrients lost during excessive sweating and physical exhaustion during hot summers in Korea. 

After the concert, we were really hungry, so we went to have some Ginseng Chicken Soup. I love this dish and it is my number 1 favorite Korean meal. Everytime, I visit Korea, I must have this dish. I love how they have some rice, stuffed into the chicken's belly. With the Korean Ginseng, it was just perfect for the cold temperature and taste heavenly good! I felt re-energized after drinking up the bowl of soup.

VANGUARD - After our warm and nice meal. Nicole and I decided to check out the Korean club scene. We went to Club Vanguard which is the newest club which only opened recently! Popular among the Korean top elites and clubbing VIPs, the massive club consisting of 3 different spaces is the talk about town with its unique design, hottest lighting and high tech equipment. 

Club Vanguard
Newest Club in Korea Seoul

We had a VIP table at Vanguard and we were honored to have Korean Actress, Nam Gyu Ri, to join us for the night. She looks so beautiful in person, just like a natural beauty!

The next day, we decided to go shopping! But before that, we filled our empty stomach with tasty Korean beef steam boat first. We had our meal at Insadong, 2112

Shopping in Korea is always crazy fun. They have really cute stuff. Their fashion is always one of the best. Korean fashion is in trend now due to the strong K POP culture and growing popularity.

Shopping at Insadong Street
Korea Seoul

I was really happy to stumble across Godiva Chocolates. I simply love Godiva ice cream. It tasted amazing! It was awfully rich and tasty. 

Shopping at Myeon Dong Street
Korea Seoul

Myeong Dong Street -  Famously known for its Hyper Shopping - The next day, I met up with Ng Weiliang, a young professional F3 racer. He was in Korea during the same time as me and he found time to show me around Korea. He brought me to Myeong Dong Street is one of Seoul's most famous shopping district featuring mid to high end retail shopping and international stores that is popular with tourists and locals. Shopping and sight-seeing is recommended as this area includes iconic landmarks such as the Chinese Embassy, Myeongdong Cathedral which is the oldest Catholic cathedral in Korea and Lotte Department store, Migliore, M Plaza, Noon Square, Shinsegae Department store etc. There are also many cosmetic stores which includes The Skin Food, MISSHA and Etude House etc.

STREET FOOD - Apart from retail stores, I spotted lots of street vendors selling food stuff and delicious street food. Instead of indulging in the fried street food, I bought a really huge cotton candy. It was even bigger than my head! I took a long time trying to finish up the entire pink fluffy ball of cotton candy. Something memorable indeed!

- Stay Tune for Korea Part 2 -

Sara Shantelle Lim
Secrets of a Stewardess

Friday 21 March 2014

Snowy - My Mini-Lop Bunny Growing Up Fat & Fluffy :)

Snowy - My Mini-Lop Bunny Growing Up Fat & Fluffy - Snowy has been increasing in size and growing up bigger day by day. I guess I have been feeding it well with sufficient rabbit pellets, oat hay and fresh green vegetables that include mint leaves, bok choy, beans etc. Sometimes I also feed Snowy small portions of carrots, bananas, pears and pineapple as they contain high levels of sugar.

I also realized that Snowy sleeps with his eyes closed and he usually sleeps more in the day. When he sleeps, he curls up like a "Fur Ball" and looks super cute! He is extremely active at night, trying to climb all over the place and following me around the house closely.

When Snowy smells something fishy, he stands up to sniff the air as a sign of inquisitiveness. It's amazing how long he can stand on his feet. Almost like a human!

The first time I saw Snowy lying down flat on the ground, I panicked and started asking everyone what I should do! I thought Snowy was sick or not feeling well, but after searching online for answers, I found out that bunnies only lie down flat on the ground when they feel extremely safe and comfortable. Snowy lies down in absolute bliss and relaxation! Snowy has big ears and he reminds me of Dumbo the Elephant :)

I have also been a really lucky "Bunnymama" as Snowy responds to his name. Whenever I call out "Snowy", he would listen and run towards me. He also enjoys being petted on his head and neck. Sometimes, he also licks me as a sign of love and affection. Snowy is a friendly and lovely bunny and is never aggressive. He does not bite me and loves to sit near me to enjoy my company beside him.

Litter Training - Just yesterday, the most amazing improvement is that Snowy runs to the toilet to poop and pee automatically despite the fact that he is allowed to roam freely around the house. I did not toilet train him and was surprised to see that he is able to make the right decisions himself. I have not even bought a litter tray. It makes cleaning up much easier and I think Snowy is naturally intelligent :) I really love Snowy as he has brought me great joy and happiness in a nondescript way.

If you are considering getting a pet, a bunny is highly recommended as they are timid, docile and loving creatures. They are not noisy and are easy to manage too! I'm one super happy Bunny owner :)

More information about how to keep a bunny can be found at these websites below:

1. House Rabbit Society -
2. RSPCA, New South Wales -
3. My House Rabbit -

A bunny does not make much noises and communicates based on their unique behavior. Based on the numerous Bunny Behavior explained, Snowy has showed Binkying and The Bunny 500. Snowy has been sprinting in fast speeds around the house in extreme excitement especially whenever I open his bag of food to feed it. It's such a delight to see Snowy being happy as it makes me happy too! A more detailed explanation can be found here


People unfamiliar to pet rabbits may not know that bunnies have a very dramatic way of expressing excitement and joy. They dance! Leaping in the air, contorting and twisting their bodies, and kicking their feet out, binkying rabbits are quite the spectacle. Sometimes rabbits lead up to a binky by taking a running start. Other times, a binky is a sudden burst to the side. What's really fun is when the binkies occur in succession, creating a grand acrobatic display. I'll submit that anyone who thinks rabbits are dull has not seen a bunny in the act of binkying

The Bunny 500

When rabbits zip around the room in a blur, they're performing Bunny 500s. Their bursts of speed are sometimes accompanied by fantastic binkies and demonstrate extreme excitement. Expect a Bunny 500 whenever you're about to give your bunny a treat.

Click here to read more about SNOWY
Recent photos taken with Snowy after a fantastic dinner at BIOTA DINING :)

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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Tuesday 18 March 2014

Sara Shantelle's New Hair Make Over by THE SCENE HAIR SUITE at Robinsons Orchard Level 3

Sara Shantelle's New Hair Make Over
Proudly Sponsored by The Scene Hair Suite
Address: Robinsons Orchard Building, 260 Orchard Road, Level 3
Contact: 6235-9969 / 9112-2929

I feel extremely excited whenever I get a new hair makeover. The last time I had a Complete Hair Make Over was about 6 months ago. I guess it's about time for me to have a complete new look again! I am really delighted to be have my make over done by, THE SCENE HAIR SUITE at Robinsons Orchard Building on Level 3. It is located in the heart of Singapore's Orchard Road, which is really convenient! The Scene Hair Suite is a luxurious hair salon located in the new Robinsons Building, which is the "old Heeren" building. 

The Scene Hair Suite is brightly lit and they used bold black and white colours to create a very modern and  contemporary look. They have a few vases of green plants to add a tint of greenery into their natural and edgy interior design. On one of their walls, they are proud to feature AVEDA Hair Product Range. 

AVEDA: The Art & Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essence
Read More about Aveda: Click Here.

I went into The Scene Hair Suites at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon, and I was happy to spend my whole afternoon there. I was well pampered with their amazing range of Gourmet Coffee and TWG Tea. Two of their amazing staffs, dressed me up in their awesome Phantom coats to protect my dress, while their Art Director, Michel Ng, gave them specific instruction on what to do with my hair.

Then, the magic begins..

First, they dye my hair in streaks. 

Somehow, I thought that I looked like an Alien from Outer Space. What made it even more hilarious was that, I spotted this Alien-looking machine behind me. 

Why don't you just teleport me to outer space?

I had a lot of fun taking plenty of pictures and videos while enjoying my delicious biscuit, latte and TWG tea. After about 15-20 minutes, it was time to wash my hair. This was exactly how my blonde steaks looked like, after they took off the aluminium foil from my hair. 

Don't I look like a Hedge Hog now? LOL.

Time for my favourite hair  wash ~! They used Aveda Shampoo and Conditioner with luke warm water which felt amazing on my scalp. I felt relaxed seated in their comfortable high-end adjustable seats. Imagine, a "business class" seat on an airplane. It moves to a laying down position as you lay ur head into their hair wash basin automatically. I was able to enjoy the view of Cairnhill Road while their staff washed and massaged my hair and scalp. It felt like bliss!

After washing my hair, they blow dry my hair, and I could see my hair in golden steaks. I thought I looked very much like Goldilocks. Just when I thought I was about done with dying my hair, they put a second layer of dye into my head again. That got me really confused. 

I told their Art Director, Michel Ng, to "Surprise Me!". But really, what is he doing!?? First you dye steaks and now you dye the whole head, with some purple looking solution? I was really intrigued!  

I had to wait for a while again, so I decided to check on my best girly, Celebrity Model DJ - Nicole Chen. She was also getting her hair done by The Scene Hair Suite - Art Director, Michel Ng. It was really fun, to get our hair makeover together with friends. It makes the whole procedure more exciting and time passes more quickly while chit-chatting and leaving the hair professionals to work their magic.

Just when I started to feel really lethargic and hungry from sitting for too long, I was really impressed with their excellent and thoughtful customer service. I was pampered by a relaxing hand massage. They used Aveda Stress Fix, to perk me up! This is the first time I ever enjoyed a hand massage while getting my hair done! Excellent customer service indeed!

Their amazing staff even bought me some sushi! Thank god. If not, I would have starved to death! 

After my second hair dye, they washed and gave me a Damage Remedy Hair Treatment. As we all know, when you dye your hair, it makes your hair really dry. So now, it is time, to add some moisture and nutrients back into my hair roots.

The Scene Hair Suite used their AVEDA Intensive Restructuring Treatment Cream combined with their advanced technology machine called, NANOMIST, to mist my hair. This silver machine from outer space looks like a time bomb! I just love how high tech this whole place is! Everything they use there, just impresses me! 

Finally, the final and last hair wash! Then their Art Director, Michel Ng, started snipping my hair, and in moments, it was time to blow dry my hair to its final out come. From this, "Miss Sadako", how do you think my hair would finally look like?

Here's my Fresh New Look!!!


What a huge transformation! It is my first time, having bangs in my life. I have never dared to keep a fringe. I was really delighted with my new look. Something different for the new year! :)

I was so happy! I went over to check out, DJ Nicole Chen's Hair Make Over, and there she was, with a pretty new hair colour and neatly trimmed hair. We are both really thankful to have The Scene Hair Suites at Robinson's Orchard to give us a complete hair make over. I must say, I really enjoyed every single moment of it. The Scene Hair Suite was very professional, and they made me feel like a Queen, the whole time. With highly trained and highly skilled hair professionals, excellent customer service and thoughtfulness of staff who served us TWG tea and delicious Sushi, it was an entirely enjoyable hair experience. Thank you for my beautiful hair :)

I absolutely recommend all of you to visit The Scene Hair Suite !

Quote "Sara Shantelle" to enjoy 10% discount 
on all their Hair Services.

Of course, in order to maintain my beautiful hair, I was instructed to use only their ADEVA Hair Products, to ensure that my hair would remain soft, healthy and silky. 

An Aveda Lifestyle Salon
Robinsons Orchard Level 3
260 Orchard Road, Singapore 238855.
TEL: (65) 6235 9969

Quote "Sara Shantelle" to enjoy 10% 
on all their Hair Services.

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