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Friday 7 March 2014

Fine Dining: Lawry's The Prime Rib Singapore at Mandarin Gallery Orchard

Fine Dining
Lawry's The Prime Rib Singapore
Mandarin Gallery Orchard 4th Level 

Its time for my annual dinner with my good friend, Lawry's Prime Rib Singapore Owner - Mr Juan. I went there with 2 beautiful girlfriends, called Natasha and Mish. I love it when 3 pretty girls are out together. It really sad that Lora, couldn't join us this time round. Apparently, Lora and Mr Juan have known each other for more than 8 years! So long!

This is the boss, Mr Juan, he speaks great Spanish and English and he's always looking so suave in his "Man In Black" outfits and sunglasses. You would think that maybe a successful business man like him would be really fierce or proud, but no.... He's super fun to hang out with. He's filled with really funny jokes and stories. He's really nice and friendly to all his diners at his restaurant too. Next time, if you see him at his restaurant, feel free to say "hi" to him. He's really awesome! Like all excellent fine dining restaurants, he believes in amazing customer service! He occasionally, do his rounds, and chat with his diners, and he appreciates progressive feedbacks. 

I was so happy that Natasha and Mish could join me for dinner too! Its always great to have beautiful company who can really eat and appreciate meaty food. Natasha and Mish are two really slim girls, but we still managed to finish our food, that's how delicious Lawry's food is. Everything served there is worth the calories. 

Before dinner was served, Mr Juan introduced us his favourite drink, The Apple Martini, its really sweet and delicious. Natasha and Mish favourite girly drink was a Green Toxic Liqueur called, Bubbly Melon. It is slightly sour, but definitely a good drink to "open up" our stomachs before our big feast. 

Our first dish was their "Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad", which was mixed in front of our table by their sexy and cute French-maid dressed waitresses. I just simply love their Lawry's uniforms. It is really fun when you can see how your food is being prepared right in front of you. She spins that big metal bowl while she mixes crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, watercress, shredded beets, chopped eggs and croutons, tossed with their exclusive Lawry's vintage dressing on a bed of ice. Its no wonder, they served us CHILLED forks from their fridge for our salad.

FUN FACT: Lawry's will serve you a CHILLED fork from their fridge, so that you may enjoy your salad to the fullest. Talk about service to the utmost!?

After our salad, we had their "Freshly Shucked Canadian Oysters"! I love their oysters. Extremely fresh seafood and high quality. Their oysters tasted really heavenly. I had mine with some Tabasco and lemon. 

After the oysters, we each had 2 "Atlantic Lobster Tails", which was air flown directly from the Atlantic. It was ridiculously sweet and tasty. Mr Juan said that the moment it was caught, it is chilled, not frozen, to maintain its freshness, and air flown on the same day, till it reaches Singapore.  It is complimented by a delicious butter sauce, definitely a must try dish at Lawry's. Very impressive lobsters indeed!

Talk about feasting like a King or Queen - I love it when Lawry's would wheel their "Silver Cart", right to our table, to serve us our "California Cut" Beef. This California Cut is 160g which is suitable for the lighter appetites. Their tasty beef is complimented by their Creamy Spinach, Idaho mashed potatoes, Sweet Corn and their Yorkshire Pudding that was baked in small skillets until it is puffy and golden brown. I really love the Yorkshire pudding and it is my all time favourite dish at Lawry's.

I'm a beef eater, and I mean it when I say, I want it "Medium Rare", that's the best way to appreciate beef. Not many restaurants have the skills or abilities to deliver "Medium Rare" beef to me. So I'm very impressed, not only by their amazing customer service, but also their very talented Chef~.

FUN FACT: Beef is best eaten, when cooked at Medium Rare. A good chef would be able to serve it soft, pink, not bloody. 

Lawry's restaurants have a 74 year history when it was first established since 1938. In 1999, Lawry's was first opened at Paragon Shopping Mall in Singapore. In 2010, Lawry's Singapore relocated to Mandarin Gallery, Meritus Mandarin Hotel Singapore and re-created the interior design of the restaurant to be more majestic and charming so that diners feel like royalty! Dining in a magical setting is relaxing indeed!

For over 6 decades, Lawry's The Prime Rib has been internationally recognized for serving the finest quality beef. Every standing rib roast is specially selected, then aged and slow roasted for natural tenderness. Late founder Mr. Lawrence L. Frank designed the "Silver Cart" so that beef can be carved out at the table side to impress diners with their beautiful presentation and to ensure that the beef are served to the table hot and fresh. 

We spotted this Lawry's Code of Ethics outside their restaurant. We were very intrigued by it! 

I'm looking forward to come here again for lunch next week, especially when I'm entitled to a 40% discount with this awesome MOBILE APP called GRABZ

40% Discount at Lawry's Prime Ribs~

The Facebook page link is:

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For those of you, who knows how to appreciate fine beef, this is their special Birthday Promotion. 

For couples: Order 1 main course and enjoy 50% off on the 2nd main course. 
For groups: Order 2 main courses and enjoy the 3rd main course on the House! 

How cool is that!? Boyfriends, please be reminded to pamper your girlfriends, once in awhile okay? We girls, love it when, you bring us to such romantic, dim, and classy places. 

I love it when businesses in Singapore, do some Charity to "give back" to the community.

Lawry's is the official food and venue sponsor of the Insight Charity Gala Dinner organized by Clearvision Eye Clinic & Lasik Centre in collaboration with Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH)

Date: 9 March 2014
For Bookings!
All ticket proceeds go to SAVH.

Thank you Lawry's, for this wonderful dinner. My girlfriends and I really LOVED IT!

333A Orchard Road #04-01/31 Mandarin Gallery,
Mandarin Orchard Singapore 238897
Tel: 6836 3333 Fax: 6235 0300

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