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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Light Seeker The RWS Musical + W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore WOW Fantastic Suite & WooBar

Resorts World Sentosa Light Seeker an RWS Musical
W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore 
Woo Bar + Wow Suite

Light Seeker an RWS Musical @ Resorts World Sentosa - I love watching Musicals! The first musical I've watched is Les Miserables in Singapore. My favourite musical of all time is Legally Blonde which I watched at The Star Casino in Sydney. I also enjoyed watching The Wicked musical, which I've watched 3 times in total, in London. I appreciate the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies the musical too. I also watched the recent Notre Dame at The Marina Bay Sands. 

Light Seeker The RWS Musical
Songs composed by Dick Lee

Last weekend, my girlfriend, Natasha and I went to check out Light Seeker musical at Resorts World Sentosa. It is a fantasy musical filled with colorful and elaborated backdrops and settings. It is one of the most mystical musicals I've seen so far. It is about a war between a petrifying warrior called the General who possesses a precious light energy that would make his Emperor more powerful. The General had to look for a little girl called, Nova, who has the ability to create The Light. After the General captured Nova, she enlightened him into a new world, where he has to make a choice, of being good or evil. 

The Light Seeker songs were written by our Singaporean acclaimed song writer, Dick Lee, who has won a Golden Horse Award in 1996, and a Singapore Cultural Medallion in 2005, featuring an International cast of West End performers. Dick Lee is extremely talented and I love all his compositions. Dick Lee's music never fail to capture the hearts of the audience.

The ticket prices start from SGD$48 onwards.
Best seat tickets Premium tickets cost SGD$148 includes a drink and canapes.
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W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore
Woo Bar

After the Light Seeker musical, Natasha and I went to W Hotel Singapore at Sentosa Cove. We had some drinks at their famous W Hotel WooBar. WooBar is located at their main lobby. 

What's different about W Hotel is that, it is a very happening hotel, whereby they play "Club Music" at their hotel lobby. I think they play some "Trance" over the weekend nights. You are able to chill there, with amazing club music, yet laze around in a very cosy and comfortable environment. 

W HOTEL Singapore - WooBar is located in the middle of the Hotel Lobby. Hence, this is officially the coolest hotel I've been to. I love the fries there and fried chicken there. They have a special wine tasting session that cost SGD$45 for 3 different glasses of wine. Their bottles of wine there starts from SGD$90 onwards. 

W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore
WOW Fantastic Suite

W HOTEL WOW SUITE - I also stayed at W Hotel for 1 night. The W Hotel Wow Suite is really beautiful! Each hotel room in W Hotel is specially designed to be unique from the rest of their rooms. The hotel plays with a lot of flirty and whimsical designs. It's a very interesting hotel that is designed to amuse hotel guests in every way. Every corner of the hotel is worth to be shot by a camera. 

Sara Shantelle's Video on W Hotel Singapore WOW Suite

Every single detail of the room was designed with much thought and consideration. The lights are fun and playful. The rooms have a really cozy feeling. I love the purple colour bed frames and floor lighting. I love the "hand", popping out from no where. 

I also love their bedroom toilet, its large and spacious. They use Bliss for their toiletries. Their mirror is huge, it reminds me of the movie Mirror Mirror starring  famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. All girls would love staring in their clear reflection in such a huge mirror.

Each W Hotel WOW Suite has its own private lap pool, its really good for romantic couples to spend their night in their private pool, sipping delicious wine while you watch the view of the W Hotel Swimming Pool and The One Degree Fifteen Club. 

W Hotel Wonderful Room rates start from SGD$430 onwards.
W Hotel Wow Fantastic Suite Room rates start from SGD$5430 onwards.
Price varies on peak seasons.
Book W HOTEL Sentosa Cove Room: CLICK HERE.

W Hotel Official Video by Insider TV
Featuring Jamie Yeo

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