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Tuesday 18 March 2014

Sara Shantelle's New Hair Make Over by THE SCENE HAIR SUITE at Robinsons Orchard Level 3

Sara Shantelle's New Hair Make Over
Proudly Sponsored by The Scene Hair Suite
Address: Robinsons Orchard Building, 260 Orchard Road, Level 3
Contact: 6235-9969 / 9112-2929

I feel extremely excited whenever I get a new hair makeover. The last time I had a Complete Hair Make Over was about 6 months ago. I guess it's about time for me to have a complete new look again! I am really delighted to be have my make over done by, THE SCENE HAIR SUITE at Robinsons Orchard Building on Level 3. It is located in the heart of Singapore's Orchard Road, which is really convenient! The Scene Hair Suite is a luxurious hair salon located in the new Robinsons Building, which is the "old Heeren" building. 

The Scene Hair Suite is brightly lit and they used bold black and white colours to create a very modern and  contemporary look. They have a few vases of green plants to add a tint of greenery into their natural and edgy interior design. On one of their walls, they are proud to feature AVEDA Hair Product Range. 

AVEDA: The Art & Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essence
Read More about Aveda: Click Here.

I went into The Scene Hair Suites at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon, and I was happy to spend my whole afternoon there. I was well pampered with their amazing range of Gourmet Coffee and TWG Tea. Two of their amazing staffs, dressed me up in their awesome Phantom coats to protect my dress, while their Art Director, Michel Ng, gave them specific instruction on what to do with my hair.

Then, the magic begins..

First, they dye my hair in streaks. 

Somehow, I thought that I looked like an Alien from Outer Space. What made it even more hilarious was that, I spotted this Alien-looking machine behind me. 

Why don't you just teleport me to outer space?

I had a lot of fun taking plenty of pictures and videos while enjoying my delicious biscuit, latte and TWG tea. After about 15-20 minutes, it was time to wash my hair. This was exactly how my blonde steaks looked like, after they took off the aluminium foil from my hair. 

Don't I look like a Hedge Hog now? LOL.

Time for my favourite hair  wash ~! They used Aveda Shampoo and Conditioner with luke warm water which felt amazing on my scalp. I felt relaxed seated in their comfortable high-end adjustable seats. Imagine, a "business class" seat on an airplane. It moves to a laying down position as you lay ur head into their hair wash basin automatically. I was able to enjoy the view of Cairnhill Road while their staff washed and massaged my hair and scalp. It felt like bliss!

After washing my hair, they blow dry my hair, and I could see my hair in golden steaks. I thought I looked very much like Goldilocks. Just when I thought I was about done with dying my hair, they put a second layer of dye into my head again. That got me really confused. 

I told their Art Director, Michel Ng, to "Surprise Me!". But really, what is he doing!?? First you dye steaks and now you dye the whole head, with some purple looking solution? I was really intrigued!  

I had to wait for a while again, so I decided to check on my best girly, Celebrity Model DJ - Nicole Chen. She was also getting her hair done by The Scene Hair Suite - Art Director, Michel Ng. It was really fun, to get our hair makeover together with friends. It makes the whole procedure more exciting and time passes more quickly while chit-chatting and leaving the hair professionals to work their magic.

Just when I started to feel really lethargic and hungry from sitting for too long, I was really impressed with their excellent and thoughtful customer service. I was pampered by a relaxing hand massage. They used Aveda Stress Fix, to perk me up! This is the first time I ever enjoyed a hand massage while getting my hair done! Excellent customer service indeed!

Their amazing staff even bought me some sushi! Thank god. If not, I would have starved to death! 

After my second hair dye, they washed and gave me a Damage Remedy Hair Treatment. As we all know, when you dye your hair, it makes your hair really dry. So now, it is time, to add some moisture and nutrients back into my hair roots.

The Scene Hair Suite used their AVEDA Intensive Restructuring Treatment Cream combined with their advanced technology machine called, NANOMIST, to mist my hair. This silver machine from outer space looks like a time bomb! I just love how high tech this whole place is! Everything they use there, just impresses me! 

Finally, the final and last hair wash! Then their Art Director, Michel Ng, started snipping my hair, and in moments, it was time to blow dry my hair to its final out come. From this, "Miss Sadako", how do you think my hair would finally look like?

Here's my Fresh New Look!!!


What a huge transformation! It is my first time, having bangs in my life. I have never dared to keep a fringe. I was really delighted with my new look. Something different for the new year! :)

I was so happy! I went over to check out, DJ Nicole Chen's Hair Make Over, and there she was, with a pretty new hair colour and neatly trimmed hair. We are both really thankful to have The Scene Hair Suites at Robinson's Orchard to give us a complete hair make over. I must say, I really enjoyed every single moment of it. The Scene Hair Suite was very professional, and they made me feel like a Queen, the whole time. With highly trained and highly skilled hair professionals, excellent customer service and thoughtfulness of staff who served us TWG tea and delicious Sushi, it was an entirely enjoyable hair experience. Thank you for my beautiful hair :)

I absolutely recommend all of you to visit The Scene Hair Suite !

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on all their Hair Services.

Of course, in order to maintain my beautiful hair, I was instructed to use only their ADEVA Hair Products, to ensure that my hair would remain soft, healthy and silky. 

An Aveda Lifestyle Salon
Robinsons Orchard Level 3
260 Orchard Road, Singapore 238855.
TEL: (65) 6235 9969

Quote "Sara Shantelle" to enjoy 10% 
on all their Hair Services.

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