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Monday 31 March 2014

SEOUL, KOREA - Sara Shantelle and DJ Nicole Chen Visit to Seoul, Korea, Part 1

Visiting Seoul, Korea with DJ Nicole Chen
1 Week Trip
Leisure & Business 

Visiting Seoul, KOREA with DJ Nicole Chen - Just a few weeks ago, DJ Nicole Chen, came to my office for a business meeting. Before she left, she mentioned that she was going to Korea for filming in 2 days time. She randomly asked me to join her and I spontaneously agreed. Immediately, I booked my plane tickets and hotel. I just love it, when things are done so randomly. 

2 days later, Nicole and I met in the airport, all geared up for winter season!

Seoul, Korea - Seoul is the Capital of South Korea and it has more than 10 million citizens. The word "Seoul" is derived from the Korean language meaning "Capital city". The last time I visited Seoul was with my family for a Ski Trip. The temperature was really cold at 0 degrees celsius. I took out all my winter clothings that has been kept in my closet for a long time. Finally, I'm able to put them into good use. Nicole and I were really excited to go to Seoul as we were having some authentic Korean food cravings and can't wait to visit the famous Gangnam area popularized by PSY's "Gangnum Style".

Korean "Camp Soup" 

When we landed at 5am in the morning, Nicole's DJ agents, came to the airport to pick us up. The moment we stepped out of the airport, we could feel the cold breeze on our faces. It was freezing! There was mist coming out of our mouths as we speak. Before we went back to the hotel, we had some Korean noodles. Apparently, this noodles is usually eaten as an after-clubbing meal to warm the tummy. It was absolutely delicious especially in this cold weather.

114-7, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-090.

HOTEL THE DESIGNERS - We checked into Hotel The Designers located in Gangnum City where a standard twin room starts from 170,000WON (SGD$200), and their Royal Suite cost around 250,000WON (SGD$295). I really love the design of their rooms, each suite is designed differently. The pictures below are some of their hotel suites. Love the art decor and funky modern design that is unique to each room. The hotel's customer service is really good. Hotel staff were patient and they understand English pretty well. Communication did not pose as a problem there as most could understand the English language.

DJ Nicole Chen's Filming - We went to get her hair and make up done. It was pretty fun to play with all their make up in the studio. There were countless of different make up colours and brands. It was a make up heaven. We had fun putting on make up and dolling up. Looking gorgeous after all was a woman's pride and we definitely wanted to look out best to impress!

LOTTE HOTEL - RED CONCERT - After Nicole's make up and hair was done, we went to LOTTE Hotel, for RED Concert. Nicole's agency had a few VIP tickets for us. It was a stand up, Rap concert. This is my first time attending a Korean Rap concert. Everyone in the ballroom were standing up and cheering to the rappers. It was quite an experience for me. I was jumping and dancing!

SAM-GYE-TANG - KOREAN GINSENG CHICKEN SOUP - A delicious and nutritious soup which uses a whole young chicken stuffed with ginseng, garlic, chestnuts, red dates, jujubes and sticky rice. It is a traditional soup served in summer to replace nutrients lost during excessive sweating and physical exhaustion during hot summers in Korea. 

After the concert, we were really hungry, so we went to have some Ginseng Chicken Soup. I love this dish and it is my number 1 favorite Korean meal. Everytime, I visit Korea, I must have this dish. I love how they have some rice, stuffed into the chicken's belly. With the Korean Ginseng, it was just perfect for the cold temperature and taste heavenly good! I felt re-energized after drinking up the bowl of soup.

VANGUARD - After our warm and nice meal. Nicole and I decided to check out the Korean club scene. We went to Club Vanguard which is the newest club which only opened recently! Popular among the Korean top elites and clubbing VIPs, the massive club consisting of 3 different spaces is the talk about town with its unique design, hottest lighting and high tech equipment. 

Club Vanguard
Newest Club in Korea Seoul

We had a VIP table at Vanguard and we were honored to have Korean Actress, Nam Gyu Ri, to join us for the night. She looks so beautiful in person, just like a natural beauty!

The next day, we decided to go shopping! But before that, we filled our empty stomach with tasty Korean beef steam boat first. We had our meal at Insadong, 2112

Shopping in Korea is always crazy fun. They have really cute stuff. Their fashion is always one of the best. Korean fashion is in trend now due to the strong K POP culture and growing popularity.

Shopping at Insadong Street
Korea Seoul

I was really happy to stumble across Godiva Chocolates. I simply love Godiva ice cream. It tasted amazing! It was awfully rich and tasty. 

Shopping at Myeon Dong Street
Korea Seoul

Myeong Dong Street -  Famously known for its Hyper Shopping - The next day, I met up with Ng Weiliang, a young professional F3 racer. He was in Korea during the same time as me and he found time to show me around Korea. He brought me to Myeong Dong Street is one of Seoul's most famous shopping district featuring mid to high end retail shopping and international stores that is popular with tourists and locals. Shopping and sight-seeing is recommended as this area includes iconic landmarks such as the Chinese Embassy, Myeongdong Cathedral which is the oldest Catholic cathedral in Korea and Lotte Department store, Migliore, M Plaza, Noon Square, Shinsegae Department store etc. There are also many cosmetic stores which includes The Skin Food, MISSHA and Etude House etc.

STREET FOOD - Apart from retail stores, I spotted lots of street vendors selling food stuff and delicious street food. Instead of indulging in the fried street food, I bought a really huge cotton candy. It was even bigger than my head! I took a long time trying to finish up the entire pink fluffy ball of cotton candy. Something memorable indeed!

- Stay Tune for Korea Part 2 -

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