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Tuesday 4 March 2014

SYDNEY - Hyams Beach - Guinness Book of Records as The World's Whitest Sand

Sydney, New South Wales, South Coast region

SYDNEY - Hyams Beach - Guinness Book of Records World's Whitest Sand - Located approximately 2.5 - 3 hours drive away from Sydney City, Hyams Beach in Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia is the perfect beach holiday attraction for locals as well as international tourists. The sand is so white you would not believe that it's real until you see it with your own eyes. A highly recommended open uncrowded beautiful beach to visit in this lifetime! Australia has so many beautiful natural surroundings and I enjoy driving around exploring them one by one! Sydney is never boring!

Hyams Beach which stretches around 2km faces east across Jervis Bay and point perpendicular to the Pacific Ocean. It features the World's Whitest Sand which is brilliantly white, soft and made of fine particles of quartz which results in its shimmering luster. The beautiful soft white sand is like the icing sugar on my cupcakes which glows! Hyams beach also is rated as the Number 1 attraction in Jervis Bay on Tripadvisor. No wonder everyone is talking about Hyams Beach and its incredible beauty...

Lora Christelle's dress is from DOTTI

After parking my car in the tiny car park, I took off my slippers and ran towards Hyams Beach as I was full of excitement and delight. Sinking my bare feet into the soft white sand felt amazing as though I was sinking my toes into white baking flour. If everyone on the beach wore white clothings, I could almost picture myself in "heaven" surrounded by white surroundings and angels. Thank God for his beautiful creations! Mother Nature never fail to surprise me indeed! I spent a wonderful time walking around the beach, chasing after seagulls and building mini sand-castles with my bare hands :)

Oh yes, not forgetting that I had delicious Fish & Chips for lunch at HYAMS BEACH STORE AND CAFE which is conveniently located beside Hyams Beach. It is a lovely cafe with wonderful service and decent food for beachside customers.

Address: 76 Cyrus Street, Hyams Beach, NSW 2540
Opening hours: 8am-5pm daily
Phone: 02-4443-3874

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