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Sunday, 27 April 2014

SYDNEY - Biota Dining - A 2 Chef Hats Award Restaurant in BOWRAL rural town

Lora's Dress is from Australian Designer - Alannah Hill / Silver Salvatore Ferragamo Clutch Bag

SYDNEY - Biota Dining - A 2 Chef Hats Award Restaurant - Approximately 1.5-2 hours drive away from Sydney in the rural town of Bowral, lies a hidden gem where food is always intricately prepared for selective guests. Especially if you enjoy taking long drives away from the city, this restaurant is worth a visit! Biota Dining has been awarded numerous awards such as the Regional Restaurant of 2014 and most importantly 2 Chef Hats Award for its fine cuisine. The restaurant prides itself for only using the freshest ingredients all sourced locally and regionally.The word "Biota" is a noun and has the meaning "Animals and Plant Life of a particular region".

Address: 18 Kangaloon Road, NSW 2576

Biota Dining experiences focuses on supporting local farmers and growers. They even have their own onsite automated glasshouse which grows over 40 varieties of seed imported from France, Netherlands and local suppliers to supply constant seasonal of harvest of cresses, shoots, and seedlings used for gastronomic practice daily. The menu consists of gastronomic dishes featuring the freshest seasonal produce that titillate your senses and taste buds to leave a memorable dining experience. This restaurant provides Molecular Dining at its finest in a fascinating open kitchen. Highly inspirational and impressive!

Guests were invited to choose from an option of either Three, Five or Nine courses for a unique gastronomic journey. I chose FIVE as I thought it was a decent choice. Service was impeccable and the attentive staff with warm smiles will keep your glasses filled at all times and serve food promptly. All food dishes were interestingly presented and I enjoyed a fruit mocktail :) Homemade whole wheat sourdough bread was served warm in a Biota Cloth Bag and the light smoked cultured butter was served on a black rock with a knife cut through it. Very quirky and interesting!

The FIVE course dinner - Reasonably priced at AUD98 & AUD154 with matching wines, was pretty filling. I enjoyed the first dish - Scampi with Smoked Roe, Charcoal, Purslane as I am a seafood lover. The charcoal was crunchy and it went really well with the Scampi. The second dish was Cooked curds with egg yolk, rye and chickpea which tasted marvellous! The third dish was Lamb breast with dried lactose, fresh and cooked oats which was cooked in perfection. The lamb simply melts in my mouth. The fourth dish was Duck with pine, cauliflower, pear and white raisins was an interesting combination  where the duck tasted sweet and yummy. Lastly, the dessert was heavenly and my utmost favorite. It was Stonefruit Sorbet with Rose meringue, peach gel and mums roses. Overall, I enjoyed my dinner and I highly recommend this restaurant to those who appreciate interesting degustation menu where every dish looks intriguing and divine. It's an art to savor every dish very S-L-O-W-L-Y!

My favorite dessert - Stonefruit Sorbet with rose meringue, peach gel and mums roses

The interior of Biota Dining restaurant was very clean, modern and contemporary. There was also a huge screen TV which shows how the culinary chefs put together each dish in an intricate manner. The open kitchen concept shows how Chef James Viles and his amazing team put together each dish using tweezers with much concentration like a surgeon to his operating patient. After each dish is ready, a soft clap will be a signal to wait staff to serve the dish fresh to guests at the dining table.

After a memorable dining experience, it was time to head home to feed my baby Snowy bunny! I think Snowy is growing up pretty fast as his appetite has increased significantly. I am thankful that Snowy is an intelligent bunny who goes to the bathroom to do his business despite having the freedom to roam about freely in the entire house. Snowy love cuddles and is very friendly. I love Snowy very much :)

I must say the great thing about living in Sydney, Australia is that there are so many new places to explore outside Sydney city and I enjoy taking long drives out to explore new restaurants, beaches and cafes. Talk about living life to the fullest! Thank God for blessing me with a beautiful life :)

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♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ah Boys to Men The Musical @ Resorts World Sentosa - VIP Gala Performance

Ah Boys to Men The Musical 
Resorts World Sentosa
VIP Gala Performance

Ah Boys to Men The Musical  @ Resorts World Sentosa - I was delighted to attend Ah Boys to Men VIP Gala Performance at Resorts World Sentosa. Ah Boys to Men is my favourite Singapore Movie by Jack Neo. Talented Singapore Director - Jack Neo worked together with Irene Ang and Beatrice  Chia Richmond to produce an amusingly hilarious musical. It is VERY SINGAPOREAN, with the mix of English, Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien, Tamil but mostly the musical consists of official Singlish. 

Special thanks to Kim Lim (Instagram@kimmylecute) for inviting me down with her to watch this musical. I loved this musical from the beginning to the end. The story line is very similar to the movie Ah Boys to Men. Very original, hilarious and highly entertaining!

I also bumped into Celebrity Blogger - Dawn Yang there. She looked gorgeous as usual in her lovely dress! My good friend Eri, also accompanied me for the night. We both loved the musical. I am going to bring my parents there to watch it with me again. 

Ah Boys to Men Musical includes Ken Chow, IP Man, Aloysius Jin and Sergeant Ong. They turned into Wayang kings are they sing and dance their way through National Service. They impressed the audiences with their abilities to sing and dance LIVE. They are simply very talented!

Original cast from the movie, Tosh Zhang, Wang Weiliang, Maxi Lim and Naoh Yap, reprised their roles in this musical. Lead Singer Benjamin Kheng replaced Joshua Tan who is studying aboard. Other mediacorp celebrities like Liu Qianyi, Chua En Lai, Patricia Mok and Zhou Chong Qing, joined in the Tekong Musical, bringing jokes, joy and laughter into the whole musical.

Ah Boys to Men The Musical is the best musical that I have watched so far in Singapore. It is even better than some of the Broadway musicals that I have seen in New York and even London. It is a must watch musical for all Singaporeans! There is no better musical than Ah Boys to Men which every Singaporean may relate to. Their jokes are meant for us Singaporeans. 

The songs in the musical were interestingly funny and contains Singlish with words like "Chao Keng" and "Cheong", which only Singaporeans may understand. Tourists or Ex Pats out there, no worries, there are subtitles on their screens if you would like a good laugh too!

This is a Musical that would bring families closer together. Watch it to experience a memorable family experience. Every single one, from the kids, teens, father, mother, uncle, aunty, even your grand parents would be able to understand their jokes. 

A glimpse of Sergeant Ong (Tosh Zhang) Rapping

They may be quite a lot of dirty jokes, hence parents, who are a little concern over vulgar languages, please be reminded that this Musial is rated PG. 

This is a Singapore Production. I am Singaporean. And I am really proud to be one. 
Are you?

Sara Shantelle Lim
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Ah Boys to Men The Musical
Fri, 18 Apr - Sun, 4 May 2014 Tue - Fri: 8pmSat & Sun: 3pm & 8pm

Actor Noah Yap (IP Man) 
SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR~ 

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The cast consist of quite a few famous New Media YouTube characters and Bloggers:
New Actor: Joshua Tan as Lead Character Ken Chow.
YouTube Vlogger: Noah Yap as Man in Ping aka IP Man. 
YouTube Vlogger: Tosh Rock Zhang as Sergeant Ong.
Famous Blogger Qiu Qiu as Ken Chow's teenage girlfriend. 
Geitai Singer: Wang Wei Liang as "Lobang" Lee Onn.
Famous Politically Funny Blogger: Mr Brown as Army Captain.


Vlogger: Noah Yap loving SaraShantelle No. 1 Head CPR (Oxygen Therapy) at WETILICIOUS Fest.Asia Beach Party at Sentosa Wave House, organized by DJ Nicole Chen. 

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

MELBOURNE - Lamborghini Esperienza 2014 @ Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

MELBOURNE - Lamborghini Esperienza 2014 @ Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit - It was a great privilege to be specially invited by Autosports Lamborghini Sydney to attend this exciting event - The Lamborghini Esperienza 2014 which was held at Phillip Island famously known for their penguins. The last time I visited Phillip Island was to take a look at the penguin parade. This time is entirely for a different experience! This event was highly exclusive as everyone was looking forward to take a look at the new release 2014 Lamborghini Aventador models.

Lamborghini Esperienza 2014 - It was a beautiful day with sunny skies and light winds. I woke up super early at 645am, had a quick hotel buffet breakfast then rushed down to the circuit filled with excitement. I've always wanted to experience the feeling of being in a Lamborghini Aventador and it was like a dream come true :) It was great catching up with Brand Manager - Yvonne Buchreiter from Autosports Lamborghini Sydney as well as meeting Michelle Yow from Singapore who is the Marketing and PR Manager for Southeast Asia & Pacific for Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

Ms Yvonne Buchreiter from Autosports Lamborghini Sydney
Right - Ms Michelle Yow from Lamborghini Singapore

Upon arrival at the circuit, all guests were greeted by the magnificent sight of 5 beautiful Lamborghini Aventador - 4 Coupes and 1 Roadster (Convertible). Everyone was in awe as the Lamborghini Aventador is a beautiful machine and each car costs approximately AUD800,000 to AUD1 million dollars depending on what options are included. After all, it was really rare to see or find Lamborghini Aventadors in Australia as they are pretty new and very expensive. The VIP guests invited were existing Lamborghini owners or new owners who have placed orders for the newly launched Lamborghini Huracan. It was a huge event and guests have took time to fly down from Sydney, Queensland, Perth, New Zealand etc. to Melbourne just to attend this special event. It was a unique and special event created for guests to experience the 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 up close and personal.

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit - Home to massive motor racing events such as the MotoGP, World Superbike Championship, V8 Supercar series etc. this circuit is renowned to motor enthusiasts all around the world. More info at their website

Lamborghini Squadra Course - A specialist team within Lamborghini's R&D department dedicated to motorsport which includes the GT3, the super Trofeo series and a customer driving program. Lamborghini has booked the circuit exclusively for the Lamborghini Esperienza 2014 event where world renowned racing instructors which includes the Lamborghini Factory Drivers from Italy were specially flown down to teach guests unique Lamborghini Driving Experiences. Before we hit the tracks, we attended a presentation and briefing by the highly skilled Lamborghini driving instructors.

While being adventurous is the key ingredient to achieve great driving experiences, safety is of utmost importance and we were advised to put on the cool-looking Lamborghini Helmets and to wear covered shoes. We were advised to keep within the speed limits and not to over steer too much.

Putting on the Lamborghini Helmets 

Driving in the circuit in a Lamborghini Aventador - Believe it or not, the driving instructor Marco specially flown down from Italy was able to drive above the speeds of 240 km/h only using 1 hand on the steering wheel, while his other hand was holding on to the radio to communicate with the guests following behind him. Everyone thought Marco's driving skills were impressive if not incredible! He was extremely calm and professional! Talk about grappling the "beast", Marco was the man!

Marco took the lead in the front in a silver Lamborghini Aventador with 2 other cars who followed closely behind. Guests were invited to take turns to sit beside Marco as a passenger while he provided clear instructions on how to drive on the racing tracks. Other guests were also invited to drive in a Lamborghini Aventador alone in the circuit following Marco's lead.

The Lamborghini Aventador is an incredible super car which is undoubtedly one of the very best in the super car hall of fame. Guests took turns to drive on the tracks to experience the true wonder of the Lamborghini Aventador in full action on the Corsa mode. I love how the interiors felt like an airplane's cockpit with its stunning control console and how the START/STOP button was hidden underneath a red flip cover. With a V12 engine, the Aventador is able to reach 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph) which highlights its aerodynamic strength. It also has an intelligent rear wing which extends only when needed at mid-range to high speeds. I learned that when driving on the racing track, it is important to identify the exact right time to hit the brakes (braking point) when taking sharp corners then to accelerate in a straight line at an angle to speed up (apex point).

Guests were also encouraged and invited to take part in a variety of driving exercises which includes full track laps, lane changing, dynamic handling, slalom, turning sharp bends, driving through obstacle courses which includes wet road surfaces. I was screaming in the car when I was invited to be the passenger while the instructor demonstrated his drifting skills. We were spinning in circles on the wet and slippery road surfaces. Very thrilling and exhilarating indeed! What an experience!

Overall, I was delighted and overwhelmed by the adrenalin-pumping racing experience. Nothing defines power, beauty and speed quite like a Lamborghini Aventador as it is my ultimate dream car. Drivers of the Aventador will be impressed by its superbly powerful engine, accurate steering, excellent stability, overall balance, performance and handling.  I wish to conclude that the Lamborghini Aventador is a masterpiece of sheer magnificence and driving pleasure. Thank you Autosports Lamborghini Sydney for this amazing experience!

Autosports Lamborghini Sydney
Address: 563 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, NSW 2040
Opening hours: 8:30am-5:30pm Mon to Sat / Sun by appointment
Phone: 02-9509-0666
Brand Manager: Yvonne Buchreiter (Italy)

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