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Thursday 3 April 2014

SEOUL, KOREA - Sara Shantelle and DJ Nicole Chen Visit to Seoul, Korea, Part 2

Visiting Seoul, Korea with DJ Nicole Chen
1 Week Trip
Leisure & Business 

Visiting Seoul, KOREA with DJ Nicole Chen - Korea is freezing cold. I was shivering most of the time despite wearing a thick Zara coat. In such cold weather, nothing is better than a Korean Spicy Hot Pot. Nicole and I had some delicious spicy hot pot the moment we woke up. The cold was making us super hungry all the time. We ate like gluttons in Korea. Guess I have to go on diet after this trip!

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle - After we were done with our hearty meal, we went for a little shopping. We stunbled acrossed this Yankee Candle shop. Everything smells so good that you would just want to lick it like a sweet lollipop. The entire shop was so colorful and pretty. I think I smell delicious and fragrant too!

Cafe Wall a Dog Cafe

CAFE WALL Dog Cafe - Seoul is a huge city but many locals live in tiny apartments and do not have the luxury to own a pet. There is growing popularity of Pet Cafes as they allow animal lovers to play with animals. A lot of pet owners would choose to hang out in this place, to let their dogs play and mingle with other dogs too.

All you need to do is to buy 1 drink from their cafe to enter the dog cafe area to play with pets. 

It was so fun meeting and playing with all the different dogs. I miss my Prince Royale already!

I really like it that they had all kinds of dogs, of many different breed and sizes. 

They even serve food in this cafe, don't be alarm if the big black dogs, jump onto your seat beside you, to try to steal your sandwiches. They do!

Korean BBQ
Pork & Beef

Korean BBQ - This is my ultimate favorite! Their marinated Chicken, Beef and Pork were all so delicious. We had dinner together with Nicole Chen's cousin - Kyan who works at Cartier. After dinner, we went KTV and enjoyed singing the night away.

Korean Steam Boat

The next day, I spent my day with my new Korean friend, Jessie. She brought me for a fantastic buffet style steamboat. I was spoilt for choice and I ordered almost everything on the menu to try.

Shopping at Dongdaemum - Jessie brought me to Dongdaemum to shop. An area filled with reasonably priced factory designs and outlets. We enjoyed a huge shopping spree.

Korean Chicken Baldi

Before, we ended our night, we had dinner at Dongdae mum. I like this particular food. Its a little like BBQ, but at the end of the meal, you get to add white rice into your BBQ pot, to cook some fried rice with the last bits of your BBQ food.

The Vault
Underground Whiskey Bar

THE VAULT - Nicole Chen, Amy Hayashi and I went to check out The Vault. It was really old school. The menu was huge and the people were mostly business executives who were dressed stylisly in their business suit and ties. We had the honor of having our own private room, where the owner served us some food and a bottle of red wine personally. We enjoyed a private dinner in the comfort of a private room and later went outside to soak in the crowd.

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This Korea trip was fun-filled and I had fruitful success for all my business meetings too!

Sara Shantelle Lim
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