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Thursday 29 May 2014

Sara Shantelle's Birthday 2014 worth more than SGD$40,000 of sponsorship at latest, newest and hottest Club Altimate by 1-Altitude Level 61. (Constantly Updated - Real Time)

Sara Shantelle's Birthday Bash 2014
worth more than SGD$40,000 of sponsorship
Club Altimate @ 1-Altitude (1 Raffles Place)
8-10PM. Cut Cake 9.30PM. 

Firstly, I'll like to thank The New Paper, for putting up my press release on their Online Digital New Paper -> (Click Here). It has generated over 30,000 views on my blog yesterday. Thank you! Just to clarify, in their initial report, they have invited everyone to join me in my party, that was misreported and has been removed/edited last night. I would love to have everyone to come party with me, but this club has its space limitations. Hence, this is a closed-door private event for my business partners, official sponsors, family members and personal close friends only
(Please note that if you were planning to come down to this private event and if you have any inquiries, you may call The New Paper Digital Editor, Mei Lin, for clarification due to their very misleading initial report, you may call them at 18007334455.

P.S: Dear unethical reporters (who will do and write anything just to cause an unnecessary and unprofessional controversy, it does not reflect well on your paper's credibility), please stop calling and harassing my sponsors and friends. My friends have been pushed to their limits to say "anything" just to get you off their backs. Every big event have their own sponsorships - football world cup, olympics, fashion shows, charity gala dinners, even for my very own business, I sponsor other bloggers too. So what's the big deal? My sponsors chose to support my event.. Obviously, it is due to a win-win situation to both of us. Its purely a business mutual agreement

Some unprofessional news reporter, who did not even dare to put her/his name to his/her report, have deliberately tried to make my press release looked like, I've name-dropped a friend, on purpose. But as you can see from my press release below, I've named every single one of my sponsors and people who have inspired me in my life. These are friends whom I cherish and I take them as my personal role models. Its a disgrace to our Singapore's standards of journalism, that a "rare handful" of you, are trying to instigate people's personal friendship, on national newspapers. I believe that Singapore's journalism should try to focus on the good side of people, to promote social entrepreneurship, instead of trying to create "drama" just to sell their newspapers. Make peace, not war. hmm.. I forgive you... #JustSaying :) 

This press release was meant to be publicized in good faith with good intentions - to share my story on how a normal ex air stewardess like me can end up where I am today - a social entrepreneur, with a strong business network, etc. Sponsors do not come for free, a good proposal is what get you sponsors/investors in all businesses/events. I guess, I'm just willing to try new things? Hence, this press release - this is new to me too. Little did I know, there's still a lot for me to learn: Good press? Bad press? Truth worthiness of media? Unscrupulous reporters? Unprofessional Journalism?  I will blog about this topic soon. I think its a really intriguing marketing topic that a lot of business students would be interested in. Stay tune. 

Omg! I'm on The New Paper, FRONT PAGE!! :)
On 30 May 2014. 
Thank you Reporter Jocelyn Lee for putting me on front page. 
Good Media? Bad Media? Is "SHAMELESS" the only word to use on all your reports?

This is an example of how some reporters "catches" reader's attention to sell their name and good/bad reputation as Singapore's professional journalism on our national papers. Well, I guess this is the only way to make the papers - JUICY enough for people to buy and read. Please buy their newspapers, they are obviously, desperate to sell it, by basically, putting the word "Shameless" on all their front page articles. On 29 May 2014, an article also on the front page, shows a "shameless starlet" was slammed for public of display of intimacy with Oxide Pang, also written by Jocelyn Lee - Today, 30 May 2014, apparently, I'm also "shameless and a show off"

Well, I'm definitely not shy to hide it. I have good business proposals and convincing power, topped up with a strong network of "GOOD FRIENDS". Get over it. Most importantly, thank you for putting me on the front page. I guess, my new blog (started only last January 2013) is getting pretty famous now? Thank you. That's right, I just started using Instagram, how does it work? Follow me at #sarashantellelim or @sarashantellelim ? Hmm.. I promise, I'll get a hang of it real soon.

To all Business Students: this publicity stunt (please do not try this, if you have a weak heart #JustForLaugh) is deemed as "Effective Marketing" response. My blog is going viral now. Seems like, I've hit the Malaysian newspapers too. By the way, I have quite a lot of Americans as my blog viewers, how do you think my story can reach there? 
P.S: Dear Paparazzi, for your information, I've named every sponsor as my "good friend" in my press release. Stop harassing my NEW "Acquaintance", she's getting really annoyed by this paparazzi stunt you've pull. I repeat, its just purely a mutual business agreement. That's life.. Cheers~

Also, a big thank you to 98.7FM - DJ Sonia Chew and DJ Joakim Gomez, I'm currently looking for your email address to invite both of you down to my birthday party! Please dress up in CANDYLICIOUS colours! (Or if you see this, your names are on my guestlist!) It seems like 98.7fm DJ Sonia Chew and DJ Joakim Gomez, have received my formal invitation, hope to see you guys tonight! 

DJ Sonia Chew & DJ Joakim Gomez
A funny and highly hilarious conversation on 98.7fm Mediacorp Radio this morning.. 
29 May 2014 #JustForLaugh


I just did a video interview with Yahoo! News Singapore today, at 8pm on 29 May 2014.
Stay tune, to see the video and news updates on Yahoo! News, or on my blog.. 

There's good and bad in everything in life. I don't blame you for hating me or flaming me. I believe in Christ, and Pastor Prince has taught me to be forgiving. I'm sorry, I can't please everyone. I just do what I think its right and I lead my life with passion for my business, pride and dignity in my life. Who are you to say, how I should lead my life? I work hard, I play harder, and I spend my money on what I want. I don't owe anyone a living. If you like my blog, come back, if you hate my blog, just leave. 

Blogging is just a hobby/past time/alternative stream of income for me. Don't have to get so personal about it. I don't blog on personal thoughts, I only blog on events, cars, travels, etc. On my normal day, I'm usually stuck in my office, eating oatmeal and vegetables in front of my laptop, figuring out, how to make more money. I just want to be financially free! 

On other days, I go for internet marketing classes, to learn how to improve my businesses and internet marketing skills. For new entrepreneurs/bloggers who would like to learn more about Internet Income Intensive, you may read more about my lesson with famous passive income blogger, Peng Joon.

Eventually, just like every other girl, I'm just another girl who wants to be a full-time mother one day. I just simply love kids! That's why I'm just exploring different ways on how to get more passive income. Seems like blogging, is one good and easy passive income. I'm just trying....


Dear Public

I know that some of you have said, that I should have donated this SGD$40,000 to charity. I would love to if I could, trust me on that, but do kindly, hear me out. This SGD$40,000 worth of birthday sponsorship are sponsorships in value, not SGD$40,000 in cold hard cash. Sponsorships value is not cash. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the sponsorships as I can share this with all my invited guests. Spread the love and happiness on my very special birthday :) Thank you!

Since we are at this topic on Charity, I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know that I have always believed in giving back to Society, and I have always love children - My company, has always been taking part in donating to Singapore's Children Society
(To Donate to Singapore's Children Society: CLICK HERE).

These are some examples, of how SaraShantelle Skincare. Bodycare. Haircare. have been supporting Singapore's Children Society, since years ago. Trust me, there's plenty more examples, but I don't want to bore you. Real Charity does not require boasting... it should come sincerely from the heart. 

Charity to Singapore's Children Society
Interviewed by Vanessa E on 6 September
Mission Driven Entrepreneur, Model & Novelist is no other than Sara Shantelle Lim who aspires to build and brand her innovative beauty line products as the next Victoria Secrets of Singapore. 6 words to sum you up: Novelist. Entrepreneurial. Charitable. Sociable. Creative. Approachable. Tell us more about your amazing skin care products from SaraShantelle. SaraShantelle SkinCare. HairCare. BodyCare. is a charitable brand that was founded in 2010. It started with just a simple, Day and Night Cream. It is the basic necessity that everyone should have in their daily skin care regime. It was selling so well in Indonesia that we’ve decided to expand the range of products into a complete skin, hair and body care range.

Marcellie Runway 2012

Written On 9 August 2012 Sara Shantelle as an Official Charity Sponsor
Incorporating rad fashion into a charity event organised by youths for youths proving to the masses that dreams are never too big. The event was hosted by celebrity couple, Linda Black and Oli Pettigrew, in photo above. The Marcellie Runway 2012: Emerge! celebrates a marriage of charity and fashion which seeks to compel youths to recognize and reach out to the wider community, offering a fresh perspective into the local youth social movement. At this Charity Fashion Runway show, with sponsors like Sara Shantelle, provided a platform for emerging young designers to showcase their works, while raising $10, 000 and 100kg of pre-loved clothes for its designated beneficiaries.
Read More:

Written on 14 May 2013 

I believe in giving back to society not just by "using money" as donation, I also believe in giving back, by sacrificing my time and putting in real efforts too. I have volunteered to give numerous motivational and inspiration speeches to Business Students in local universities and polytechnics. This is one example of an Social Entrepreneur Talk to Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU) Business School

Social Entrepreneurship Talk at NTU Business School

Recently, I was invited down to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to give a talk to their bright Business Students. It was a great experience as I enjoyed doing my part by contributing back to society and community. The invitation was an opportunity for me to promote creativity and innovation as well as to inspire youth to be social entrepreneurs like myself. 

This is the MOST RECENT INTERVIEW done by 
TEENS Magazine JUNE ISSUE 2014
(You may buy a copy of TEENS magazine at any news stand)

Anyways, I hope that you all will understand, that I do strongly believe in giving back to the society, and I do walk my talk. I practice it. I love children, so I've always focused my charitable acts to Singapore's Children Society. I am still a striving entrepreneur, there's still a lot of things for me to learn. I constantly go for marketing and business classes, conducted by professionals to upgrade myself. I think everyone should too! :)

I am who I am today, by years of hard work, brains, blood and perspiration. I am not just another blogger, I'm proud to be a Social Entrepreneur of Singapore and I will still continue to be a positive role model to our aspiring youths who may also one day, choose to be a business owner, just like me. 

Also the GOOD NEWS for all the charitable people out there, do take note that there will be a PRIVATE DONATION DRIVE at my birthday party. The donations would be made to my usual and favourite charity foundation. So dear friends, if you have been invited to my birthday party, and you are on my guest list, please feel generous to donate as much money as you can. After all, the children of today, would be the future of Singapore one day. 

Alright, enough for that.... now......... 


Sara Shantelle Lim, co-owner of Luxury Blog:, who is turning 27 years old this year, is having the biggest “Candylicious Neon” themed party in Singapore that costs more than SGD$40,000 worth of sponsorships. It is held at the latest, newest and hottest Club Altimate by 1-Altitude, which is located at 1 Raffles Place. It costs more than SGD$20,000 to book the whole level 61, for her birthday, on Friday, 30 May 2014, from 8-10pm. It is fully sponsored and complimented with their outstanding service staffs, free alcohol mixers, venue hire and sound system.

Sara Shantelle’s birthday is also provided complimentary bottles of alcohol such as, Jim Beam infused with real honey, Auchentoshan 12 years old Single Malt Whiskey, Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne, Pinnacle Vodka, Courvoisier VSOP Cognac and Galliano L’autentico Liqueur.

Sara Shantelle's good friend, Kim Lim, director of Brewerks, will be sponsoring Sara beer from their own famous and delicious microbreweries, with over SGD$1,500 worth of beer. Brewerks is located at Clarke Quay Riverside. Sara loves their beer.

Sara Shantelle's other good friend, International Model DJ, Nicole Chen, would be her guest DJ for the night, and she will be spinning for her at Club Altimate. Nicole Chen, usually charges, around SGD$3000, for spinning at a club.

Another huge sponsor, Candylicious Singapore will be setting up a 2 metres huge candy buffet spread, worth SGD$1,800. Candylicious is known for their signature colourful lollipops which you can see decorated all over Resorts World Sentosa, they have another shop located at Takashimaya. Her birthday dresses and heels, are sponsored by LIST Roma, located at Takashimaya, with the total cost of over SGD$1,000.

The highlight of the birthday bash is Sara’s 5kgs, 3 tiers, 8inches wide, custom-made birthday cake and bite size colourful cupcakes which are sponsored by Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes, and it is worth over SGD$1,250. Her cake is custom-made to match her Candylicious birthday theme. Everyone who is going for her birthday party have to dress up to the strict Candylicious NEON/Colourful dress code.

Delcie's Desserts & Cakes
Healthy Egg Free & Dairy Free Cake

Delcie's Desserts & Cakes, sponsored me, as I was looking for a cake brand that promotes good health for my guests and friends. Their mission is to change people's misconception that cakes are fattening or unhealthy. I am happy to let all my guests know that my Birthday Cake and bite size cupcakes, from Delcie's Desserts & Cakes, is made - healthy, so please dig in on my special day! Yummy! Stay tune for the big surprise tomorrow.. 

This is a sneak preview of my delicious, beautiful, colourful, yet HEALTHY birthday cake.. Stay tune, for updates on how the real, final, healthy, edible art masterpiece would look like at my Birthday Party! I'm so excited. I can tell that this cake was made with a lot of passion and effort. I would like to thank Delcie Lam, for being such an outstanding entrepreneur too. To learn more about Delcie's inspiring business entrepreneur story. (CLICK HERE).

The fun part of her birthday bash, is a La Novella Studio photobooth, which is sponsored by 2 other younger entrepreneurs, Vilvian Toh and Teo Gui Jie, who are only 23 years old. They will be providing her with a 3M wide, 2.5M tall, hard wood backdrop placed at her grand entrance, for her high society guests to take photos with fun props, and to let her guests keep their photos as memories of her special day. La Novella Studio photobooth sponsorship, costs approximately SGD$3,500.

DAN TAKEDA Flower & Design

Outstanding Japanese flower arrangement artist, Dan Takeda, is also sponsoring Sara with flowers worth over SGD$2000. Dan is known to do flower arrangements for Louis Vuitton boutique store at Takashimaya, Orchard Road.

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist at Pacific Plaza Level 3, which is known as the most luxurious eyebrow & lash bar in Asia, by The Aesthetic & Beauty Magazine Singapore & Indonesia, is sponsoring Sara with over SGD$3000, worth of lucky draw prizes for the night. Sara’s “Mink Eyelash Extension” and “Eyebrow Embroidery Colouring” is done here. The Prestige has done eyebrow and lashes services for many celebrities, like socialite Kim Lim, Blogger Dawn Yang, Model Naomi Liu, etc. Their pictures may be found at

ORRO Private Collections, located at Pacific Plaza is sponsoring Sara with 3 diamond rings as “Best Dressed Award” for her birthday party. Owner of Orro, who is also a very outstanding entrepreneur is in his early 30s, and is also Sara’s good friend, who is currently running a few businesses.

ORRO Private Collections

Sara also has many other sponsors like, The Scene Hair Suite at Robinsons Orchard, Bio Beauty Aromatic Spa, Pimodi Photography, SaraShantelle Skincare products, Australian Ecocare organic products, Ling Lola sexy lingerie, Inter Rice Asia sake, Asia Elite, Objet d’ Art, etc, all of which, are mostly, Sara’s personal friends. Most of them, are young entrepreneurs, just like her.

Robinsons Orchard Level 3

Quote "Sara Shantelle" to enjoy 10% discount on all services.

(Art Director - Michel Ng and Sara Shantelle Lim)

Sara's birthday event will also be featured in Aesthetic & Beauty Magazine Singapore July's issue, under the "Out & About" section.

Who is Sara Shantelle Lim?

Sara Shantelle Lim, who was an ex air-stewardess with one of the best international airlines in the world, left the airlines, 2 years ago, and went full time into her beauty business. She flew for an international airlines at a tender age of 19. That was when, she was exposed to the world of riches, heritages and many business ideas. She has always wondered what did the passengers in business class and first class do, in order to be able to afford such fine luxury. Even as a cabin crew, Sara Shantelle Lim, was awarded an outstanding - "CEO TCS Award" for excellent "Service in the Air", which is a very big deal in the airlines industry. The award was given out by the CEO of the company, at a very grandeur dinner, which was held at Marina Bay Sands Ballroom in 2010.

At age, 20, she started her own skincare line called, SaraShantelle SkinCare. BodyCare. HairCare. Today, SaraShantelle products are being sold at SaSa cosmetics, Clariancy outlets, SuperberryMe, professional beauty parlours, and several online shops such as Her range of beauty products has also penetrated into Indonesia, Australia, Shanghai, etc. Her website, donates 10% of all her online sales to Singapore's Children Society.

Sara is currently running 7 businesses and is currently working on another 3 businesses. She has given quite a number of motivational speeches to business students in our local universities and polytechnics. Sara have been interviewed and featured in several newspapers, magazines, and online platforms, about her story from being an air stewardess to a young entrepreneur. She was recently, featured in Teens Magazine, June issue about her flying days.

During, her flying days, Sara was very focused on wanting to build her own business empire. When other cabin crew, were out partying, she would be in her hotel room, working on business ideas and proposals. Her ultimate dream is to become a full time mother, one day. Sara wishes to have 2 to 4 children. She is working so hard now, just so that she can build a passive income and be able to be a retired full time mother, who can spend quality time with her children at home. Today, she is still single, but she is putting effort in her dating life.

So why is Sara getting so much sponsorships from all these big players?

Sara has a really strong network and social connections. Her personal close friends are mainly young entrepreneurs just like her. She believes in mixing around with business-minded people, who can motivate and guide her in building her business empire. She was inspired by her good friend, Christopher Chong, who is the founder of Beeconomics Groupon. When Chris first came to Singapore, Sara and Chris used to hang out a lot together. Sara watched Chris, launched Beeconomics with his and his brother’s entire savings of $50,000 and then was bought over by US company, Groupon at $24 million.

Most of the sponsors she has today, are mainly her close friends, who wants to throw Sara an amazing birthday party. Some other sponsors, believe that she can help them to promote their brand well on her luxury blog, called The Singaporean Sisters ( Some of them, would also like to tap into her strong network of contacts, to synergize and grow a stronger network.

Who are The Singaporean Sisters? 

The Singaporean Sisters Blog is founded by Sara and her elder sister, Lora Christelle Lim, in January 2013. They co-share this blog, to share about their sparkling lives with their friends and family. Lora is now located in Sydney, and she owns a Ferrari, Lamborghini, 2 Mercedes, and she is looking to buy a McLaren soon. The two sisters, lead a high life, of attending many high society gala dinners, high couture fashion shows, and boutique shops openings, fine dining restaurants around the world.

The Singaporean Sisters are the only bloggers in Singapore that writes about luxury lifestyle. The blog covers first class and business class travels on Singapore Airlines, and staying in the world’s best hotels. 

Read about my Singapore Airline's First Class Travel to Sydney to visit my beloved sister:

They blog about their luxury stay in the world’s tallest building - The Armani Hotel in The Burj Khalifa (Dubai), their memorable stay at the world’s most expensive hotel - The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, their luxurious hotel stay at Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Suite in New York’s Columbus Circle, St Regis Hotel Suite at San Francisco and The Capella Hotel Suite in New York. 

Read about Lora's stay at the Most Expensive Hotel in the World

Read about Lora's exotic leisure visit to Russia The Kremlin & Red Square

They also blog about traveling to exotic destinations such as, visiting the Red Square and Kremlin in Moscow, Russia,  the Santa Claus Village in Finland, the Hobbits original movie set in New Zealand, camel riding in Dubai, quad ATV biking in Boracay, etc. They also blog about exotic supercars, such as attending the Top Gear festival in Sydney, visiting the Auto Italia Canberra 2014, and most recently the Lamborghini Esperienza 2014 in Melbourne, etc. 

Hence, despite being very NEW (founded in Jan 2013) to the blogger society, their blog is probably one of the fastest growing blog in Singapore.

The Singaporean Sisters Blog ( charges SGD$1800, for a blog post and SGD$500 for a side banner for 1 month. You may contact Sara at for advertising enquiries. But do take note that, they only blog for luxury brands, 5 stars hotels and fine food.

Sara Shantelle Lim and her sister, Lora, has been very entrepreneurial since they were young. They organized, the 1st Lingerie Fashion Club Show in Singapore at CLUB DXO, when Sara was only 18 years old. They had sponsors like L'Oreal, KAI, Bio Beauty and Romance d'Amour.
Read More:

1st Lingerie Fashion Show Party in Singapore
Sara's Entrepreneurial spirit since she was a Teenager
12 March 2006


Blogger Sara Shantelle Lim's S$40,000 Birthday Bash
Club Altimate at 1-Altitude
Featured on 2 June 2014

Thank you!! YAHOO! NEWS SINGAPORE, for covering my Birthday Party!
This video looks damn awesome!! Cheers!!

Sara Shantelle Lim's SGD$40,000 Birthday Bash
Club Altimate at 1-Altitude

This video is made by Billy Yuen by Vzuall Studio Productions
Billy Yuen -

Thank you to my talented Friend - Billy Yuen for creating and sponsoring this cool and amazing video taken on the night of my Birthday Party held at Club Altimate. It is definitely an excellent video to capture the wonderful memories I had with all my family, relatives, friends and sponsors. If any of you need videos for events,corporate,campaigns,viral videos or wedding, I would highly recommend that you contact Billy Yuen :)

Thank you. 
I will be posting a lot about my Birthday in the next few weeks. Please stay tune! :)
*P.S: My sponsors, do not do sponsorships for bloggers in general, please do not approach them to request for it. Most of my sponsors are personal friends who are helping me out as a personal favour, not because I am a blogger. 

*P.S: is having some technical problems, probably due to high traffic, my website designer is fixing this problem now, it will be up really soon! At the mean time, please go to ~ Cheers!

Oh 1 last thing, I just started using Instagram not long ago, I'm not all that familiar with it yet.. But do follow me? @sarashantellelim or is it #sarashantellelim ?????

Almost every year I throw pretty big and memorable Birthday Parties to celebrate this special day with my family, relatives, business partners and close friends. Click here to read more about "Sara Shantelle Lim's 26th Birthday Bash @ Bazin (Marina Bay Sands)" :) - CLICK HERE.

Read More about Sara Shantelle's SGD$40,000 Birthday Party (OFFICIAL FULL STORY): CLICK HERE.
Sara Shantelle's Interviewed by YAHOO! News Singapore on her Birthday: CLICK HERE.
Read Sara Shantelle's SGD$40,000 Birthday Bash (PART 1): CLICK HERE.
Read Sara Shantelle's SGD$40,000 Birthday Bash (PART 2): CLICK HERE.
Read Sara Shantelle's SGD$40,000 Birthday Bash (PART 3): CLICK HERE.


SaraShantelle Magnetic Russian Diamond 
Faux Mink & Silk Lashes (SGD$33) Now only $14.90+
50% OFF Clearance Sale
Re-usable up to 50 times @SaraShantelleOfficial

Video on how to use SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelashes
So easy to use that many models and celebrities love using it!
Beauty Make Up Celebrity Violin Tiara showing how to use SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelash

Everyone is going crazy over the latest and newest trend on how to wear Magnetic Eyelashes.
I love it! It's so easy to use that I can wear it in just 5 seconds!

Russian Magnetic Faux Mink Eyelashes
Singapore HSA certified. Reuse up to 50x!
High quality 6 magnets lashes.
Glitter Box - $19.90 (8mm to 12mm) $39
Pink Chrome Box - $16.90 (8mm to 11mm) $33
Silver Chrome Box - $14.90 (13mm to 15mm) $33

Suitable for:
Glitter Box - Everyone, perfect as a gift.
Pink Chrome - Everyday use for Office Ladies.
Silver Chrome - Models, Actresses, Instagram, Photography, Stage Use, Wedding Videos, etc.
What's in the Box?
- 3 pairs of high quality magnetic lashes.
- 1 magnetic eyeliner.
- 1 lash applicator.
Why are our magnetic lashes so lasting?
- We have 6 magnets on our lashes.
How many times can we use the magnetic lashes for?
- re usable up to 50 times when used gently and cleaned well.
How many times can we apply this magnetic eyeliner?
- up to 30 times, extra magnetic eyeliner bottles may be purchase separately.
How long are our Glitter lashes?
Glitter Box - 3 designs and lengths.
- 8mm Natural, 10mm Barbie, 12mm Diva.
WhatsApp 87770609 to order.
QDELIVERY to ur doorstep in 3 working days.

Video of What is in the Box of SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelashes
The boxes are so pretty that its perfect as a gift for your girlfriends!

The material of the lashes are so soft and nice.
It is made with faux mink, faux silk or faux fur material, it is 100% cruelty free. 
It is not tested on animals and it is approved by Singapore HSA (Health Sciences Authority).

So if you are wondering, what is Magnetic Lashes and Magnetic Eyeliner?
Why is everyone raving over these high-tech Magnetic Lashes

Well, some genius, decided that traditional glue is just too evasive! People who uses glue to stick their falsie lashes on, will without fail, experience the "pulling" of their own lashes off, when they are removing the false lash from their eyes.  No matter how careful you are, the glue will always go onto your own lashes, and removing it can be a hassle, and even painful to some people.

Hence, the latest new method that just changed the entire eyelash market now, is using Magnetic Eyelashes. This latest technology magnetic lashes just completely disrupted the entire falsie lash industry. It is just too easy to use, no one will want to use glue ever again.

Anyone that have tried using magnetic lashes, will never go back to using GLUE. Glue is simply just too evasive, too sticky, too wet, too difficult to use. You need so much time and effort to put the glue on the lash, not too much or not to little, or it does not stick at all. Use too much glue, and then it might even enter your eyes. Oh my.. There is just simply so many reasons I can think of, that made this genius think out of the box and come up with something better. 
Everyone I know around me uses either falsie lashes, or eyelash extensions. 

Girls wearing falsie lashes or eyelash extensions its the "new normal".
What's mascara seriously? In future, no one will use mascara anymore. 
Its just too sticky and wet, and troublesome. Too much effort!

Who does't want to look prettier? 
We ALL do! 
So read on, to understand this new beauty trend.

So what am I holding here? It is a CHROME BOX of miracle! This is my latest range of beauty products. I used to only supply skincare, haircare, and bodycare to aesthetic doctors and spa owners (B2B Business to Business), but due to covid-19, I've decided to start selling some of my selective range of products to direct consumers (B2C Business to Consumers)

Supplying beauty products and machines have been my family business for over 20++ years.
We are a PIONEER in the Beauty Industry in Singapore. 

I'm holding a box of Magnetic Diamond Mink Lashes in my hands. 
Magnetic Lashes are so easy to use that you only need 5 seconds to put them on.
Let's talk about what is inside this beautiful box, and I will share with you on how you can apply it and put them on in awhile. Yes, we also have videos to show you, how easy it is, to wear these beautiful magnetic lashes.

SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelashes Tested and Sold
by Malaysia's Top Facebook Live Celebrity DRIFT PRINCESS 飘移公主
Watch Drift Princess showing how to use SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelashes

Other HAPPY Customers using SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelashes
Cyber Security Office Lady Sufi 
SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelash

Video on how to use SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelashes
So easy to use that many models and celebrities love using it!

Professional Eyebrow Specialist Jocelyn Wang 
using SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelash

Video on how to use SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelashes
So easy to use that many beauty professionals models and celebrities love using it!

Singapore Airlines Air Stewardess Cabin Crew Rachel Ho SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelash

Mummy Lifestyle Blogger Nicole SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelash

Mrs Singapore Chinatown Celestia Faith Chong using SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelash

SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Faux Mink & Silk Lashes (SGD$33)
Re-usable up to 50 times!
#Cruelty-Free Not made from Animal

- 3 pairs of high quality magnetic diamond faux mink lashes
- 1 magnetic eyeliner
- 1 applicator 

2 Simple Steps:
Step 1 - Draw 1mm-2mm SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyeliner onto your eyelids.
Step 2 - Gently use applicator to stick Magnetic lashes onto the Magnetic Eyeliner drawn on your eyelids. The Magnetic Lashes will be attracted to the Magnetic Liner easily. 

Why do you need to apply 1mm to 2mm magnetic eyeliner on your eyelids? 

The magnetic lashes will need to be attracted by the magnetic eyeliner. Please ensure that the magnetic eyeliner line that you draw on your eyelids is thick enough for sufficient surface area to attract the lashes magnets, so that the magnetic force will work. 

Well, that's pretty common sense. The magnet on the lashes is already around 0.7mm thick, if you are going to draw a 0.3mm THIN eyeliner line on your lids, is it going to stick? NO, obviously not

Logicallyyou need to draw a magnetic line whereby the surface area of the magnets from the lashes, is able to be attracted to, to stick well. 

hehe~ don't be a clown okay? Don't try to stick the magnetic lashes to "non existent magnetic eyeliner". Silly.. I don't even know why I would need to explain this, but yeah, SOME people do ask.. *Faints*

My girlfriend, Rachel (@rachieboo84), did an awesome instructional video on how to put on SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Lashes. It is so easy to use. If you have any questions about how to use the lashes, please feel free to PM her on her Instagram and Facebook page to find out more. If you want to order, please also PM her to order too.
Rachel is one of SaraShantelle Beauty Products trusted Diamond Distributor. 

- Simply gently tuck on it, pull off the magnetic lashes from the magnetic eyeliner.

- It is much easier to use a oil-based eye makeup removal, to remove the eyeliner.
- Our magnetic eyeliner is waterproof, hence, an eye makeup removal would work better.
- Normal water based makeup removal, will work too, but oil-based removal, works more efficiently.

@rachieboo84 showing us the 3 different lashes from our Silver Chrome #VAVAVOOM Series

- You may use SaraShantelle Magnetic Lashes up to 50 times, if you use it gently and clean it well.
- Do not use oil based products on the lashes.
- Clean magnetic lashes with clean damp cotton tips, after every use.
- Like all other beauty equipment you use, keeping your lashes clean is extremely important.
Hygiene is really important, most of all when you use any items near your sensitive eyes.
- Ensure, you clean it well, to avoid getting any previous make up residue.

- SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyeliner Bottle - 5ml.
- If you use our SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyeliner wisely, it can last up to 30 times or more.

- Yes, you can purchase a bottle of Magnetic Eyeliner 5ml bottle on its own.
- It is SGD$14 for 1 bottle of magnetic eyeliner.

SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Mink Lashes Box
Silver Chrome Box Set - #VAVAVOOM Series
(13mm 14mm 15mm)

This Silver Chrome Box Set #VAVAVOOM Series Lashes - our LONG lashes. It is most suitable for clubbing use, night use, influencers who are filming YouTube videos and Instagram stories, etc. #VAVAVOOM lashes are obvious from afar. These #VAVAVOOM series is suitable for models, actors and actress stage use. It is very good for female DJs who are spinning in a club too! 

If you would like to have shorter ones, we have them too! 
I'll blog about them soon! 

8mm to 11mm
Our PINK CHROME BOX Set - #SULTRY Series will arrive in mid July 2020
PM our our distributors to Order

SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Lashes Faux Mink Faux Silk Faux Fur

Okay, so before I continue, rest assured that all SaraShantelle beauty products are not tested on animals and it is 100% animal cruelty free. We do not test our products on animals.

- SaraShantelle Diamond Lashes are all 100% cruelty free. 
- We DO NOT use real animal mink, fur or silk.
- SaraShantelle lashes are made of faux mink, faux silk and faux fur.
- This means that it LOOK and FEEL like real mink, fur, silk, but its NOT from animal.

Rest assured that MOST FALSIE Lashes are NOT MADE FROM ANIMALS
In fact, I honestly, do not know of any lash maker, using real animal mink or fur.
Stop reading nonsense from the internet and believing every nonsense you read.

Its POFMA! Fake News!
If it is made from real animal - it would COST YOU A BOMB! 
GIRL~ Pleasee...... *faints*

SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Lashes @SaraShantelleOfficial 

Rachel @Rachieboo84 wearing SaraShantelle Magnetic Lashes
#VAVAVOOM Series - 13mm to 15mm 

If you like a dramatic box set - you got to try SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond SILVER CHROME Series. It has lashes from 13mm to 15mm. If you want more natural and shorter lashes, its coming soon! It will be in mid July 2020. It is in a PRETTY PINK CHROME Box - SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Pink Chrome #SULTRY Box Set - 8mm to 11mm. 

Sufi @sufilaw wearing SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Lashes
PM @sufilaw to Order

@SufiLaw show you the simple steps of putting on SaraShantelle Magnetic Lashes

Vivian Tan @vivarynn wearing SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Lashes
PM @vivarynn to Order

Vivian's Video on how to put on SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Lashes

Look at how well it STICKS! 
 It is strong, it will not fly off easily. It will be able to hold well, even with strong wind.

SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyelashes comes in a very pretty SaraShantelle Paperbag
Suitable for a GIFT to surprise your friends!
Qdelivery right to your Doorstep

If you have any more Questions or would like to ORDER!
Feel free to PM any of my listed distributors above.


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